Wearing Breaks

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    Wearing Brakes

    Guys i have had My W203 for about 6months and done around 4000miles (now up to 39K miles from MB dealership.

    The brakes are now feeling spongy and you can feel a lip on the disks themselves. I spoke to the saleperson that i purchased it from and he said if it gets worst bring it in. But as it is still under the 3years old an im going to be expected to pay for these to be sorted? as when i looked on the mercedes servicing set price's Im looking at laying out nearly £500 less than 7months after buying the car.
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  2. dokalj

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    Mercedes may give you a good will gesture, so you could have to contribute a little.

    Remember brakes/ discs are wear and tear items.
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    I would measure the disc thickness with a micrometer and compare the readings to the recommended minimum thickness. If they are below the recommended wear limits I would say you have a strong case since you would not expect them to wear that much in 4,000 miles. This implies they were pretty worn when the car was retailed and as such it means the car was not up to Mercedes Benz Approved Used standard. Ask to see the multi point check sheet for the pre retail inspection which should have been done and you should have received?? As has been said discs and pads are regarded are wear items and as such will not be covered by warranty. However if the discs were almost " worn out" when the car was sold then you are on stronger ground. The most you can realistically hope for is say a 50% reduction in replacement cost but if you don't ask??
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    I doubt that they replaced the discs, more likely just the pads so the wear lip was probably already there. As long as the disc is not at or below the minimum thickness stated in the handbook then the discs should be OK.

    Has the brake fluid been changed? If not then it should be and then assess the brakes. If they were new pads I cannot imagine that you could wear them out in 4000 miles.
  5. peapod

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    drive calmly 60k on a set of pads is quite feasible

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