1. Rosso1

    Stone breaks windsceen

    So my wife was a little unlucky today having a stone hit the windscreen of our sl500 no sooner she got home this went from a chip to a crack so we have someone coming out today to replace the screen on our car insurance. Should we be unduly worried with a replacement screen as they are aware...
  2. Jonny...G

    Breaks defective

    Sorry...."Brakes"..........Hi. When I switch my engine on it tells me to visit workshop and malfunction electrical consumers switched off. Then when I drive it keeps bleeping at me telling me to stop and that my battery/alternator not working therefore breaks are defective??? The car still...
  3. ladd220

    Grinding sound when braking/applying breaks at slow speed

    Hi all, The car: w124 e220 coupe, 1996. I have just had new ball joints, idler arm bushes and tie rods put in. Its made a big difference to the ride quality and absorbs the potholes alot better now. However, since i've had them done, i've noticed a kind of rubbing/grinding/creaking noise...
  4. E

    Wearing Breaks

    Wearing Brakes Guys i have had My W203 for about 6months and done around 4000miles (now up to 39K miles from MB dealership. The brakes are now feeling spongy and you can feel a lip on the disks themselves. I spoke to the saleperson that i purchased it from and he said if it gets worst bring...
  5. y13pmc


    hi all just put a new duo valve on had to move break cylinder disconected break pipes with moderate lose of break fluid put all back together topped up with break fluid pummed it through breaks work ok but break service light has come on sbc light comes on with hard breaking and break lights...
  6. Spera

    124 works W211 breaks / discs pulley tensioner etc

    Went to Ian at 124works in Kirkham on wednesday 22/06 as my front breaks were seized and I couldnt get them released, not a problem for chris though and fitted me in presto again.By the time I got there from Wigan parts were waiting to be fitted, front and rear brake pads / front discs ...
  7. corned

    E-Type breaks cover!

    First time out in daylight for a few years. Business/family/money are all enemies of an indulgence such as this, but I thought sod it - it's time to start getting the old girl recommissioned. I bought a new Lucas calcium battery at the weekend so I could make a start (pun intended) and I have...
  8. G

    squealing breaks

    Hi all a few weeks ago i had the discs and pads changed since then the breaks when coming to a stop (a low speed) any suggestions on how to fix it? cheers
  9. theonewhosmokes

    W202 - which breaks please??

    Hello! I have a 1999 C240 Sport autoatic and the break warning light has appeared on the dashboard. I've found a website that will deliver the break discs and pads to me, but I'm not sure which I need to purchase.:wallbash: It's asking for pins for th sensors and I was wondering if any of...
  10. PeterE320Cdi

    Water bomb breaks headlight

    My father in law had a water bomb thrown at his car last night from a Corsa traveling the other direction and it's smashed his passenger side headlight. His car is a 1998 E300 TD S210 Does anyone know if it needs a complete new unit or if you can buy the lens separately? Any recommendations...
  11. butty871

    brakes :( sell or not ??

    hi just sent my c180 w202 to mercedes for a service and im looking at 500 for replacment breaks. im not happy as i payed 1000 GBP for the car. what shal i do sell or pay up ?
  12. verytalldave

    Saudi breaks with US dollar

    Now this, believe it or not, is a BIG BIG news item. This will affect all of us eventually and could see oil prices rise beyond anybodys wildest imagination. At the moment its tucked away on the back business pages. Give it a day or two - maybe slightly longer for some of the tabloids - and it...
  13. splang

    new c class estate breaks cover! The latest estate spotted without camo..
  14. F

    Funny Sounds From The Breaks

    Nicely come back from a long journey and have heard strange noises coming from the wheel / breaks. It sounds like a metalic whining that occured every so often and was relieved by pressing the breaks. Has anyone any idea as to the cause or what can be done to rectify it? Thanks John
  15. D

    Question - Identical breaks? - Pool

    Right, here is a question I thought about for no apparent reason ages ago and still don't know the answer..... ....Your playing a game of Pool and break off into a new pack of balls. Then if you re-racked the balls and left them on the exact same spot as before and broke off from the exact same...
  16. V

    Breakdown service 'breaks down' ?

    I was reading that the newly relaunched breakdown service for UK cars is having 'a few problems' or 'total collapse' depending on who is doing the writing. Any recent experience or is it teething troubles...?
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