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    The UK Politics & Brexit Thread

    Here it seems your making the argument that votes rely somewhat on charisma (handling pressure in public etc) and to some extent I could agree with you. However the very rise of Corbyn may be signalling a new age of politics. People now know a lot more about any given person than ever before...
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    Benz On The Green 2015 on May the 16th. MBClub and PCS anual GTG

    01. The don 02. Sjmaxwell 03. Rashman 04. Noy91 05. St13phil 06. Btb 500 07. Alx 08. Amgeed 09. Dw124+1 10. Kingdave 11. Whitenemesis 12. Developer 13. Ringway 14. Gollom + 1 (may bring big gertie if practical?) 15. Mike walker - currently searching for raffle prize...
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    Scabby Wagon - What to do?!

    The E39 530d is a better car than the E-class however and if you take preventative maintenance measures for the swirlflaps you are left with a very durable engine and an aluminium body which won't rust. Its a tough call, but you also have to think that if you were to have an accident the car...
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    Back in a Mercedes

    The fault you describe may be related to tyre speed sensors. Sounds like a good buy though!
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    Government proposes driving test changes

    Well done on incorrectly judging the countries I have/have not visited. You missed the point I was trying to make. You are comparing apples with pears. The UK is a first world country with proper laws and policies and its inhabitants allegedly care about their country and its laws, whereas...
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    Government proposes driving test changes

    If you've actually been to any of those countries you'd realise they don't have what we could call a motorway. Its just road with tarmac, no lanes, nothing. UK's motorway manners compared to all 1st world countries is just crap.
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    General W202 (Komp or V6) buying advise required.

    C230K is probably the most solid petrol engine in the W202 and also the fastest. It isn't as refined as the 280, but its a more 'fun' engine and consumes slightly less petrol. 280 for smoothness and very linear (and in my opinion, boring) power delivery, or the 230k for a bit of a laugh and...
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    Just put a deposit on a W202 230k :)

    Nice :). I had a 230k for a few years and it was a very understated car, really lively engine and all round fun to drive. I went through 2 differentials while having it, the differentials are just crap on these cars unfortunately since its an open diff. I think mine was a bad example but...
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    Meanwhile , in Russia ....

    Words cannot describe how much I want one of those now
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    Looks like I get to choose a company car, Merc or BMW?

    I didn't have the chance to push either of the 3's I used, but the SE was a much nicer place to be (call me old??) in my opinion My car now handles exceptionally well... but I am still trying to get used to the ride... its hard :(
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    there's a twin turbo V6 CDi

    I took some photos of Taipei 101 while I was there :D What an amazing energy that country had... I could actually see myself living there, which is unusual considering I only spent 2 weeks in Taipei. I thought Taipei101 was more impressive than Dubai's attempt to be honest. I took 1 shot...
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    camskill tyres

    Good shout! I emailed Michelin, as I bought 2 PS3's just 2 days ago off camskills and didn't hear anything about this!
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    there's a twin turbo V6 CDi

    That's probably why they don't want to bring it here! Do you think the 735d (or is it 740d now?) effects the sales of their V8's? I suspect it might
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    E320 Cdi Remap 0-60

    After nuking my first turbo on my first diesel (16k miles after a remap) i did quite a bit of research into what Dieselman has rightly mentioned in the thread he's linked here. The Exhaust Gas Temperature is a way of seeing how hot it gets inside the engine, usually increases dramatically when u...
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    there's a twin turbo V6 CDi

    I'm not sure if this is the same thing, but I saw one while I was out of the country a few years ago. This one was in Taiwan actually:
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