1. A

    E63 "nicked" at 140 on the M11

    https://twitter.com/pcmikebignell/status/848483253912838144 So.... own up who was it?
  2. flat6buster

    126, 140, 220 or 124?

    So having 4 cars between 2 of us is a bit excessive. Fortunately the 212 is a lease car so that goes back to Merc next year. That will leave me with a G Wagen and an SL. I was going to flog the G but with this being an el nino year I am not going to because sod's law suggests the minute I...
  3. M

    Steering wheel dark gray leather/walnut for 124, 140, 129, 210, 202

    Originally from a W140 S600, and was fitted to my w124. It is a genuine MB item. It's dark gray, but doesn't look wildly out of place in leiu of the same wheel in black leather. Comes with matching gray airbag. It will need a contact ring which can be swapped over from your existing wheel. In...
  4. d w124

    124 129 140 202 210 wood&leather steering wheel

    Brand new with airbag included The leather is dark grey but with a matching airbag it wouldn't look out of place,here a picture of one with the same color fitted to my 124 Price:£400 collected from SE23 London
  5. DSLiverpool

    New Electric B Class 140 mile range

    Just spotted this now, seems good value at £27k after grant and the range is just enough to be better than others if the claim us true. A excellent perk company car I think and a 0-60 of 7.9 is impressive
  6. M

    1997 140 CL electric interior has lost its memory

    Afternoon everyone. I hoping the learned folk of MBClub could help me solve a mystery. A few months ago my parents' CL420 appeared to lose its driver seat memory for the mirrors and steering wheel. The seat is as it should be, but both doors just move down to their maximum and the...
  7. Lee C63

    Eescaped prison sentence for 140+mph

    Drivers Caught At 144mph On A19 Spared Prison Not only were they driving at crazy illegal speeds but look how close the Evo is to the RS. 21 year old driver of the RS???? Very lucky not to be locked up.
  8. C

    A 140 non starter.

    Just got this a 140 classic year 2000 80,000 miles. Wife drove home 100 miles. no probs -- but noticed dash display not working. Car would not start later-- but did start 10 mins after this.Next morn no start -- but started 15 mins later. Wife drove all day ( she is a nurse so many stops...
  9. AnilS

    Audi A4 Convertible (S Line 140 bhp)

    Selling this on behalf of my sister. She is the first (and only) owner. Bought from Audi Nottingham. Lovely car in great condition. Tax will be renewed for 6 months, and as it's in daily mileage will slowly creep up. As you can see, it's not high mileage. She is not a commute queen. She gets...
  10. d w124

    Immobiliser problem with a 140

    If someone could share their knowledge here would be great As ^ I`m having a bit of a problem starting the C140 I all started with a flat battery and been having trouble starting ever since I`ve the green light flashing on the mirror and the car refuses to start.The central locking...
  11. WDB124066

    Nice Rust Free 140.

    Mercedes-Benz S500 NZ New 1994 | Trade Me
  12. WDB124066

    Nice W140 LWB!

    How many l/100 km's out of one of these could you expect Gents; no cat....... Mercedes-Benz S500 LWB 1994 | Trade Me
  13. BillyW124

    Late 90's Merc Leather steering wheel for w124, 210, 140, 202, 129..

    I think its rather nice.:thumb: Mercedes W124 W140 W210 W202 Custom Steering Wheel NEW Perforated leather | eBay
  14. M

    M119 4.2 starting issue (140 CL)

    Good evening everyone. I'm hopeful you knowledgable guys and girls will be able to point me in the direction of what could be going wrong here. I have been driving my mother's CL420 for the past few days and have discovered a starting problem under very unique parking conditions. The engine...
  15. AJA

    VW Passat estate Highline CR TDi 140

    With me bouncing round three different sites due to us sponsoring London 2012 Olympics I've been given a VW Passat Estate Highline company car to abuse run around in. We've got support, networks, and infrastructure staff permanently based in London at our adi Hub looking after all adidas staff...
  16. I

    Dirt Cheap 140 runabout

    1995 Mercedes-Benz S280 W140 S-CLASS **SUPERB LOW MILEAGE EXAMPLE** | eBay Could this be bad news at 1750? I do like the no warranty due to complexity, superb!
  17. mazza

    Eibach pro kit lowering springs E2504 140

    Hi I have an Eibach pro kit lowering springs for sale. The kit is practically new, it was fitted and removed within weeks as it was not suitable for the vehicle. Details Eibach pro kit E2504 140 Lowers Car by: Front - 35-40 mm / Rear: 30-35 mm Mercedes-Benz E-Klasse (124C) Coupé 220CE...
  18. James Rothwell

    Cl600 (140)

    You guys might like THIS I've driven this car quite a bit over the last week and it drives spot on about from a very faint bump/knock when going over speed bumps. I'm not the seller but I know him very well hence why I was driving his car around. He knew I'd appreciate it. Unusual colour...
  19. M

    a class 140 steering union

    hi has any one had a new steering union fitted .ive been told its a 500 quid job to fit and needs a whole new colum to solve the problem but the play is only on :dk: the union joint?? so is this correct way or just mb policy
  20. T

    140 clock light

    Hi everybody, On my 140 the clock light has blown & so makes it difficult to read at night. What is it like to replace the said bulb? Dream or nightmare? Thanks all :dk:
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