1. toolman1954

    A 150 no front wipers.

    Hi, Re .... A150, 2007, VIN WDD1690312J449506 The wipers have stopped working on the O/H's little A150. Her local garage was able to check the fuse and to test the wiper motor and confirm it works ok, but not rectify the fault. So at the moment she has no wipers till I go back up...
  2. jdrrco

    Comand DVD APS 2013/2015 Version 15.0

    For sale on eBay, DVD for Comand NTG2 v 15.0 http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/162185454685
  3. jdrrco

    Comand DVD APS 2013/2015 Version 15.0

    For sale on eBay, DVD for Comand NTG2 v 15.0 http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/162185454685
  4. B

    Mercedes SLK 230, Genuine Low 35k miles with FMBSH, 150+ pics

    My SLK230 is for sale on Ebay with 150 pics and a 6 page description! If anyone fancies a look here is a link . . . Mercedes SLK 230, Genuine Low 35k miles with FMBSH, 150+ pics | eBay Looking for £6000 ono.
  5. stwat

    500K and ultra rare mid engined 150

    1930's Mercedes porn Video | Quest TV Sorry, the link doesn't go to the correct Chasing Classic Cars video. The vis is on the second page,
  6. developer

    Malcolm (Television) Hits 150,000 Posts

    Obviously on the other forum, which many of us frequent. I thought this may be of some interest to those that remember him from here (a bit before my time). Not meant to be a controversial post - I'm merely sharing that at 80 years old he's still going strong online, as well as attending...
  7. T

    150,000 Miles on a V8 5 Litre

    Hello folks, Looking for some opinions please?. 150,000 miles on a MB Serviced V8 5 litre. Too high or a hundred or so left? Any suggestions welcome? Trev
  8. GSD

    2007 RENAULT LAGUNA 2.0 dCi 150 Dynamique Navigation

    Selling as I do not need two cars (barely do 5k per year in one!). This was supposed to be the replacement for my 210 which I could not bring myself to sell in the end :wallbash: It is genuinely a lot of car for the money; there can't be a lot of cars that offer something similar in terms of...
  9. m2287

    Bought car from trader and engine has gone in less than 150 miles

    OK so Last Monday (03/12/12) I px'd my c200kompressor with £130 cash for an auto bmw 320d compact (was up for sale for £2500). I did this with someone who had taken the car in trade and took my car in as trade. He operates from his home, and gave me a hand written invoice. I have done less...
  10. J

    Merc 150 sport trouble

    I am having loads of trouble with my Vito 150 sport,I have a engine management light on. The engine sounds fine,but have loss of power?does any one have any ideas .
  11. A

    2005 Ford Mondeo ST220 3.0 V6 for sale - £6,150 ono

    Funds for new car needed now, so looking for a quick sell and I'm up on Autotrader this time: 2005 FORD MONDEO 3.0 V6 ST220 5dr Hatchback If you're interested, please let me know you're from MB Club and we'll sort out a good deal. Panther Black 43,750 miles Full Ford service history Tax...
  12. P

    Vito Sport 150 SWB not as ordered

    Hi There, I have taken delivery of a new Vito Sport 150, SWB Van. When i collected it we found that the steel bulk head was not fitted. The dealer is looking into it. But what i am trying to find out is :- If the bulk head has not been fitted at the factory does this mean other options may...
  13. W

    Brian James Trailer Less Than 150 Miles

    Brian James Clubman Trailer (2100) 13ft Bed 6ft 1 wide Gross Cap. 2,600kg Twin Axel 4 Wheel Auto Reverse Brakes Hinged Mudguards 13" Wheels 2 Months old less than 150 miles Extra's Include : Spare Wheel and Hanger Winch (not fitted) need metal plate to secure Coupling Lock...
  14. J

    W169 "a" Class 150 Spark Plugs??

    Hi, I am new to this forum and so far very impressed. My question is does anyone have any info on how to remove spark plugs on W169 A class 150? Only just seen where they are today when changing oil and filter on my wifes car, looks a nightmare trying to get access!!!! any help appreciated...
  15. lynall

    OBD fault codes P0130, 150, 443

    Following on from my mpg cold weather post i dug out my code tester and plugged the old girl in and the 3 faults listed above came up, P1030 and P0150 which are to do with both pre cat oxygen sensors. I think the last one was 0443 (im getting old) and was to do with emissions vac valve which...
  16. T

    A Class 150 SE when stuck in the traffic the temperature increases from 80 to 100

    Hi guys I did a quick search on the forum, unfortunately I could not find the answer to my questions. My sister recently bought an A Class 150 SE car and she noticed that when stuck in the traffic the temperature increases from 80 to 100 once the car picks up the speed then...
  17. KillerHERTZ

    Photos from the Britsh Motor Show '08 - (150+ photos 56k Killer!)

    Here are my Photos from this years Britsh Motorshow @ ExCeL: Overall an enjoyable day, wasnt as big as I'd have imagined. Was a shame that BMW, Audi, Porsche, Ferrari etc werent there though :( Some of the shots are off-centre, im suprised so many turned out with 100's of kids running past...
  18. rajinder_1

    Fisker Tramonto no. 10 of 150 exclusive supercar SL55

    Now that is unique: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Fisker-Tramonto-no-10-of-150-exclusive-supercar-SL55_W0QQitemZ170142516210QQihZ007QQcategoryZ9855QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem Raj
  19. S

    C220 Cdi 150 or 170hp???

    Hi Guys, I am looking to buy my first mercedes, currently considering a C220 Cdi of approx 12 months old, I went to see my local main dealer who told me that from a 56 plate onwards the bhp was increased from 150 to 170, but I cant find any documented evidence of this on the mercedes web site...
  20. nothantsw124

    Astra Sport hatch 1.9 cdti 150

    Hi All Didin really have any choice i have just been given a business needs car and couldnt really use the W124 300e for the sort of mileage my company are expecting , i have only had my 300 for 5 months and she has been perferct for commuting , but looks like i will have to pass her on , with...
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