1. S

    mercedes 190 2.3 16v cossie 1986

    restoring my cossie...need parts exhaust camshaft gear inlet camshaft gear timing chain timing chain tensioner timing chain guide rails crankshaft gear oil pump intermediate sprocket idler sprocket anyone get a good discount at the stealers??????
  2. 0

    w124 coupe 2.3 1986

    hi all hope somebody can help me my car starts fine but when a load is put on it (lights / heater / stereo) ect the car cuts out and all electrical power is lost..the car will restart after a short time. battery shows 12.4 volts with engine running at 2000 revs. i suspect the alternator...
  3. rusty55

    R129 preview found in old Autocarjuly 1986

    Very interesting images in ink and old school write up Will have to see if a sharper image can be sent
  4. I

    300D 1986 Low Miles - High Price

    1986 Mercedes-Benz 300D 3.0D Diesel - Immaculate Car with Very Low Miles | eBay~ I'm fond of these, but that's never going to be a horny car - even to me. Is it worth 5k?
  5. C

    1986 parts list (high idle issue)

    Hi As a newbie, advance apologies for asking question previously discussed. I have a high idle issue with my 1986 420sl. I've changed the OVP made no difference :-( I'm now thinking the ICV is perhaps the wrong part mine is 0001411225 and on searching I've come up with 0001411265 which...
  6. 219

    Doune Classic Weekend 1986

    Going through some old VHS video tapes , I came across this gem I shot when attending the above event . Besides footage of The Mercedes-Benz Club stand , there is also footage of the Aston Martin OC and Porsche OC stands , a concours within our own club , the overall concours ( watch to the...
  7. A

    1986 300SL running lumpy

    1986 300SL running lumpy changed plug leads distributor cap and rota arm still lumpy ; help needed please, or does anyone know a good old Merc mechanic in the Hainault Essex area
  8. F

    R107 - 1986 500 SL offside lower wishbone

    All Trying to source an offside lower wishbone for a 1986 500 SL. Car is off the road, and Mercedes have just quit making the part, so the pattern parts makers aren't up to speed yet. Car is not driveable. Anyone know of someone breaking or a dedicated breakers yard I could try ?
  9. F

    R107 - 1986 500 SL indicators and hazards

    All Had a tyre blow go yesterday on the M25, and stuck the hazards on while I was replacing the wheel. Driving into work later, noticed I was getting some honks and a couple of nice hand gestures and realized the indicators were not working. Quick check of the fuse map, and everything else on...
  10. M

    1986 Mercedes 190E 2.3-16 Cosworth-tuned with only 55k Miles

    This is an amazing car with super low miles, wish I was in the position to buy it. More powerful European-specification unit with 185PS (182hp) at 6,200 rpm and 240Nm (177 lb-ft) at 4,500 rpm 25 pictures and details .
  11. M

    1986 W124 230E Cruise control question..?..

    Hello guys, i would like to ask a few things about the cruise control in an`86 230E sedan. It has factory fitted cruise which is located under the intake manifold. The problem is that it wont turn on and to be honest i would like a few tips to what to check to see why...on my E220 coupe i have...
  12. 300CE

    1986 Jaguar XJ6 Series III 3.4 Auto In White 31,000 Miles Aug 2013 MOT - £1495

    OK, OK, I know I've posted up two Jags on the forum, but this looked like a bargain & I know there are few chaps who, like me, have a soft spot for a series 3! 1986 Jaguar XJ6 Series III 3.4 Auto In White Low Mileage of 31,000 | eBay
  13. 300CE

    1986 MERCEDES 190E 2.3 16 SILVER COSWORTH not evo or AMG

    1986 MERCEDES 190E 2.3 16 SILVER COSWORTH not evo or AMG | eBay
  14. J

    1986 500 SEC for sale

    Mercedes-Benz 500 SEC 163,000miles. The best and most desirable colour combination: 040 Black with 265 Cream/Beige leather upholstery. Extraordinary service history, complete from the order form to the most recent service. Mechanically A1 with all equipment fully operational...
  15. S

    1986 500 SEC, Zender, Borbet...

    Canna Di Fucile grey 16" Borbet A Zender Kit Palamino Tan Leather I love her...
  16. syfaphonetic

    1986 300 SL Indicator Stalk :(

    :doh: My friends car is being completely renovated. It is done. It looks beautiful.... Chassis up. Really chuffed. Except. They broke the indicator stalk while working on the car!!! Obviously being a classic parts are going to be harder to get hold of - but we cant find a...
  17. 300CE

    1986 mercedes 190e 2.3 16 silver cosworth

    Nice looking beast: 1986 MERCEDES 190E 2.3 16 SILVER COSWORTH | eBay Also a 2.5 Cossie too: Mercedes 190e 2.5 Cosworth 16v Rally Car Road Version | eBay
  18. L

    Original set of rims for a W107 500SL 1986

    Anyone out there got a spare set of rims in good condition ? Mexican hat or he flat alloys ? I have a set of Lorinser alloys which are heavily pitted and it seems like a good tome to restore to the original rims. Shaun +33 68832708
  19. 300CE

    1986 mercedes g wagen black 4500cc v8 special order

  20. J

    1986 MERCEDES 300 TE AUTO GOLD W124 ONLY 56,000 miles

    I wonder how much it will go for and what it is worth? 1986 MERCEDES 300 TE AUTO GOLD W124 (not W123) ONLY 56,000 miles | eBay
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