1. C

    1993 320CE (124 Cabriolet) For Sale

    This is a rare and impressive car, in a really smart and distinctive colour combination of Almandine metallic with cream leather interior. It has a comprehensive history of routine and preventative maintenance, with past restoration work and all the common problem areas addressed. Mileage is...
  2. M

    1993 s124 320te

    1993 320TE, Malachite Green, Mushroom Leather, 5 speed Looks awesome from 20 ft away when its soaking wet. Looks a bit S*%t up close when its dry. Decent spec which includes, AC Cruise Control Electric drivers and passenger seats Heated front seats Electric steering wheel adjustment...
  3. WDB124066

    1993 Mercedes-Benz 190 E

    A nice low miler for somebody who wants a rust free car. Mercedes-Benz 190 E 52,000km 1993 | Trade Me
  4. DaleB

    1993 500e build sheet

    Hello all, I've just bought a 500e which has a great history folder with all you could ask for except the original build sheet. Does anyone know if they would be still available from anywhere or if a MB dealer would have access to historic documents such as this? Cheers Dale
  5. Levismerc

    W124 E220 1993 Harrogate £1200

    Mercedes w124 E220 1993 2.2 Auto Malachite Green with Palomino / Java interior Mot until end of July 2017 97822 miles – may increase slightly due to use. Alloy wheels. M111 2.2litre 16v engine. Antilock brakes. Electric sunroof. Electric windows x 4. Central locking – 3 keys...
  6. D

    mercedes w124 early 1993 facelift e320 convertible

    on copart finishing tomorrow MERZ E320 AUTO
  7. N

    First 1993 SL500? - chassis numbers

    Have been doing a bit of research on my 1993 R129 SL500 and was interested to see from Wiki that starting in 1993 for the 1994 model year, R129 were re-designated so 500SL became SL500. I am interested to find out what the chassis number of the first 1993 SL500 would have been. For sake of...
  8. grahamcjones

    1993 500SL Bracing bars?

    Hi I am in process of getting my 1993 500SL on the road for summer having been last used in 2010. When I put it up on my restoration ramps last week to change brake pipes I noticed a large amount flaking paint / surface rust had appeared on the attached Brace / Bar, question is what is this...
  9. Kris1

    W124 Lotec Turbo 1993 for sale

    Used 1993 Mercedes-Benz AMG E for sale in Surrey | Pistonheads For sale, any further enqueries just drop me PM plc.
  10. M

    Mercedes 1993 220ce 70,000 miles.

    Here is the opportunity to own a very low millage well presented w124 coupe. Appreciating classic late model and last of the W124 chassis line. Low millage. Just 70,000!! This is the 4th w124 coupe i have owned and is everything i expect from this iconic era or Mercedes build quality and...
  11. W

    1993 AMG S class 6.0

    Not something you see every day. Not sure if good price or not but thought worth sharing. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/322138034679
  12. S

    Power Steering Pump for S124 E300 diesel estate (1993)

    Hi, It was leaking badly. Took it apart to see if it was worth getting a refurb kit and the spindle and inside case was so badly scored that it was obviously beyond repairing. I guess I can't complain for 23 years of great service. New one costs £720+VAT and they don't do an exchange...
  13. J

    1993 R129 Inner Windscreen Pillar Trim Removal

    Hi, I don't have a workshop manual and I can't find anything on the web. I'd like to remove the inside pillar trim so that I can re glue the vinyl which is now lifting (and cut) following a windscreen replacement. It looks as if the header rail needs to be removed but I can't be sure...
  14. Makdissy

    Owners manual book for 320 ce cabriolet 1993??

    Hi there Anyone knows where I can find the owners manual for Mercedes 320ce cabriolet 1993 ??? I called Mercedes dealership and they said the car is too old they don't have any in stock I tried eBay but no luck too. Thanks Peter
  15. I

    1993 Mercedes-Benz 320 E Lotec Turbo

    Not ebay but I think this looks like a nice car 1993 Mercedes-Benz 320 E Lotec Turbo For Sale by Auction on Car And Classic UK [C698231] How do these compare to the 500E in terms of price?
  16. tromppost

    1993 sl 300

    Saw this and thought it could be a cheap summer run around...
  17. merc85

    engine wiring 1993 ish??

    Ok peeps what years did the Wiring loom issues appear with w140 / r129's ?
  18. WDB124066

    Mercedes-Benz E320 1993

    Mercedes-Benz E320 1993 | Trade Me
  19. C

    Tips on selling 1993 300SL?

    After owning for a year and barely being used I have decided to sell my 1993 300SL. Wasted too much time and money on Autotrader with downright rude people and ridiculous offers. Car is clean and rust free, everything works and I have the original hardtop so I refuse to give the old girl away...
  20. D

    1993 190e Almandine front left wing

    I was wondering if anyone had a clean front left wing for 190e in Almandine paint code 512? It's a 1993 model if that helps? Ideally South East London for easy pick up?? :)
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