1. rossy

    1st issue cls55 amg glove box wires

    Hey well, as some may know collected my CLS55 AMG yesterday... Few Niggles...one is no gps signal....says "off map" and shows me in the SEA somewhere... Ordered and new GPS aireal complete... Anyway gone in the glove box and there are two IDENTICLE wires...comming out of a hole as you look in...
  2. R

    1st Benz W203 - Sheffield

    Hey Up All, Bought a W203 270 cdi so thought i would join up. I have just replaced the HU in the car and fitted some OSRam Nightbreaker Lasers. I am looking at bigger wheels bigger brakes and a remap. Hopefully find some more info on here :-). Zaff
  3. gr1nch

    Mercedes Me : new services on some existing cars from 1st June

    Just got this email today. Will be interesting to see if the services catch up with the latest E class, is from the new 2018 S Class or something else. Sent from my XT1032 using Tapatalk
  4. gigdesigns

    New Services Coming 1st June 2017 - Mercedes Me

    I've had an email come through this morning advising of an update to the Mercedes Me terms and conditions. The email states it's in response to new services available from the 1st of June. Just wondering if anybody has any details on what these services might be? I'm really hoping they're...
  5. petey300dLWB

    T1 307d lost 1st gear. Parts advice. gear link/selector rod bush and clip perished.

    Hi there I am wondering if anyone can help me source parts: I have a T1 motorhome import, 307d 1979 2.4 OM616.934(i think) with a 4 speed box. I recently lost 1st gear on a busy hill which was rather hairy. Managed to roll her back onto the embankment and got underneath to discover one of the...
  6. D

    Happy 1st of March..

    ...AMGers... :D
  7. A

    1st time owner from South Africa

    1st time owner lifetime admirer 1st Mercedes i ever had the opportunity to drive in was a 380 SEC i was probably around 14 years old and from then my love for the brand started and never stopped Financially i could never ever afford one. now nearing the age of 50 with the kids out the house...
  8. Peter103

    Am I the 1st this year?

    Today I fired up my petrol mower and cut the lawn in the back garden, don't think I've ever done this in February before, just wondering if any on the forum had cut theirs this year yet, am I the first? :thumb:
  9. gr1nch

    Experiences picking up a new car on 1st March? At Grimsby?

    The dealer in buying from were keen to point out said they'll be very busy. They've back-to-back 30 minute pickup slots all day and I picked one. Curious on members experiences getting a new car on this day. * Do all the things happen that you would get when normally buying a new car at a...
  10. cinek

    New tax rate from 1st of April

    Not sure if this has been posted already, so... http://http://www.mercedes-benz.co.uk/content/unitedkingdom/mpc/mpc_unitedkingdom_website/en/home_mpc/passengercars/home/new_cars/ved-rates.html?csref=EML1702080002_PCEML06363_VED-email_find-out-more_national-email_CTA_030217 This bit in...
  11. Spice52

    My 1st Merc

    Been looking, thinking about getting a Merc for a about a year now, struggled to find what I wanted, thought about BMW but really did not want to buy one after working with them, but was starting to give up as I could not get what I was after---until 2 weeks ago Was after a c250 cdi sport or...
  12. Cabb

    My C63 507 Coupe 1st MOT

    As above got my car MOTd this morning At MB Giffnock in Glasgow no problems what so ever ready for another year
  13. bert301

    W203 C320 autobox lurching into 1st

    My engine management light has just come on. It has also gone into some sort of limp mode. Speed is not restricted but high revs (giving it the beans) is. When I slow to a stop it seems to select what I guess is first gear either too early or before the car has stopped giving that slight lurch...
  14. Norte23

    My 1st MB

    Hi people in the know. I have just bought my first Mercedes. I would like to say hello & thanks for the add.
  15. M

    Hello from a new member with 1st MB

    Hi everyone. OK so after owning 39 cars and almost buying a Mercedes twice I bit the bullet and car number 40 is a C220 CDi W204 Elegance. Got to say I love it and it's probably the best car I've had owned. Doesn't have satnav and don't fancy retro fitting NTG4 if it doesn't have full...
  16. S

    1st MB AMG GLA45

    Hi All, New to Mercedes ownership, just got this: AMG 45 Premium pack, still running it in, but seems good so far:thumb: Replaced my RS6 V8 bus. Dave.
  17. C

    1st time Mercedes owner

    Hi all, thought I'd Say hello here before making any posts. Hello! Just bought myself an '02 S210 320cdi, 144k on the clock in what I believe is Capri blue. Part ex'd my '06 Mondeo ST TDCi saloon with 176k. Gave me £1k for that which I was OK with. It meant all a I had to pay was £940 for the...
  18. janner

    W124 AMG Skirts 1st Gen

    I have some very, very early AMG side skirts for a 124 saloon/estate. They're the round hole ones designed for cars without side mouldings. Brand new, unused and with the rear 'spats' (but not jack covers) Tide mark is where they got wet in the garage hence original box destroyed. What are...
  19. T

    My 1st Merc

    An AMG A 45 4MATIC, pick it up at the end of this month, good to be part of the community .. :thumb:
  20. M

    1st service W202 C250

    Ordering some bits to do a service on my "new" car. Not sure when the last one was done, but the oil looks fairly nasty. 1: Which oil? It's done 167000 miles. 10W40 or heavier? Haynes recommends 10W40 up to 15W50. Leaning towards shell HX5 15W40 - fairly cheap at Euro. 2: Will the oil drain OK...
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