1. P

    201 w208 CLK 230K Can't open boot - battery flat!

    Hi all My CLK has a flat battery after being stood still for a few weeks. I can open the driver's door with the metal key insert OK by turning, but I cannot open the boot with the same key. I have tried pushing it in but it doesn't do anything. Is it supposed to be able to turn in the boot...
  2. G

    What media interface I should use for e class 201

    Hi guys can someone help for media interface for my e class 2011 plz and want to know abt dab radio as well how can I know if I hav in my car .thanks
  3. custard

    Will a 202 interiour fit in a 201????

    Have a very clean 190 but the interiour is so so bland. Just bought a c280 with amg interiour and would like to fit the seats. Just wondered how difficult it is?
  4. P

    A Rare Acer Aspire 9815WKHi Laptop with 20.1 inch screen

    Bigger than the ordinary run of the mill laptop and very sought after as these rarely come up for sale anywhere. Its the "beast" of all laptops ! These have been selling for over £270 on Ebay just as spares even when they are broken with no hard drives and other parts missing ! I am a...
  5. WDB124066

    201, 124: M-B Suspension Testing Video...

    @ 22:30. Top Gear, 1983 (Series 11, Episode 2) - YouTube Looks like a place Q would have enjoyed... :):)
  6. d w124

    Late 201

    This must be one of the latest ones,bonus being a 2.6 Mercedes 190E 2.6 AMG Automatic in Glazier White (1994) Low Mileage | eBay Looks lovely :)
  7. d w124

    Cheap 2.5-16v 201

    Ideal for a track car project Mercedes-Benz : Mercedes 190 2.5 16 valve Cosworth Track Car
  8. d w124

    Nice looking 2.6 201

  9. d w124

    Nice 201 2.6

    Just lovely Mercedes : Mercedes 190 2.6 1 owner prior to myself
  10. blue190

    My '94 201 passed its MOT today with very little wrong, I'm made up.

    I don't get on here enough these days, but felt I needed to share this. Only thing needed sorting was n/s track rod end. Total for test,labour,parts and VAT was a shade over £170. Looks like I'm keeping it another 12 months!!
  11. Sp!ke

    Did some more work on the 201 today

    Today I replaced the alternator (rattling), the tensioner damper (also rattling) and the thermostat (which I'd been compensating for by partially blocking the rad). I'm liking working on the old girl - so simple, so easy. She sounds much better and the temperature gauge is stuck at 87 deg...
  12. N

    W124, 201, 123 Zebrano & leather wheel

    Mercedes Zebrano wood steering wheel w123 w201 w124 on eBay (end time 01-May-10 13:25:45 BST)
  13. pupsi

    W124, 201, 202 etc switches

    Am after a few switches, need: An antenna up/down switch Window switch Door locking/window isolator switch Cheers!
  14. Sp!ke

    Spotted abandoned 201 2.3-16

    Yesterday, in a back street near me I spotted a rather nice looking 190 in silver with a full bodykit. Didnt look like it had been moved in a while and it had no number plates fitted and a tax disk expiring end of October. On the windscreen, written in what appeared to be lipstick was a note...
  15. K

    Roland SH 201 Synth New

    Brand new Roland SH 201 Synth. All the box. Warranty. £ 400 or offers :)
  16. Ian B Walker

    201 tacho feed

    Got a bit of a problem here and not being the sharpest knife in the drawer when it comes to electrics, thought I would ask here. Got a 2.6 190E that has no rev counter. Changed the cluster for a known good one, still no rev counter. So, thinking to myself, where is it fed from? Any pointers guys...
  17. Ian B Walker

    Circulation switch for 201

    Heeeeeelp, I am trying to find a recirculation switch for a W201. Tried the dealers and am not prepared to spend over £50 for on. Anyone got a spare they don't need? Thanks in anticipation Ian (tightwad)
  18. F

    190E 201 BUMPER COVER - Free to good home

    201 BUMPER COVER FRONT IMPACT COVER. cost £35 (or there abouts) from ECP. I got this several years ago when a someone hit my 190 outside my house and ran. All I know is that it was a Peugeot 405, as I found some mouldings he lost in the crash. Then a couple of days later a bus turned right...
  19. Ian B Walker

    Track Rod for 201

    I have a brand new Right Hand Trackrod for a 190E, bought in error. I also have an outer Trackrod end for the right hand side too. Both genuine Mb parts. Anyone interested before I Ebay them?
  20. C

    190 201 What is the Timing if Unleaded

    Hi everyone I have a 190 2.0 1989 (210) with a stromberg 175CD Carb. Can anyone tell me what the timing should be as it has been converted to unleaded? Cheers Col
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