1. E

    W166 ML250 DPF (registered in 2015)

    Hi, probably a stupid question.(I am not very good at cars) Our ML250 was showing engine fault on the dashboard, we brought it to the dealer and were told that DPF (diesel particular filter) need replacement. The part is ordered and we are waiting for it. Out of curiosity I attempted to find...
  2. P

    2015 CLS 350d

    22k Miles FSH (serviced in July) Mercedes service plan can be transferred Owned from new Good condition all round Looking for £27.5k Any questions let me know Parvez
  3. N

    C220 B/E Sport. 2015 Saloon. Only 8000 miles.

    I have for sale our Mercedes C220 Diesel Sport Auto. Comes in Diamond Silver metallic with black interior. All the usual Sport model extras. Has covered only 8000 miles with 2 Mercedes services carried out. Great condition. Company car forces sale. £19500. Tel Neil on 07870 210001. Email...
  4. P

    2015 E63 Estate - 1 Week in

    Hi Guys, 1 Week in with my E63 W212 Estate so thought I would put down some thoughts and introduce myself a bit more. I spent many years in Audi's S4 and RS4's (this was the 2.7 days), spent stupid money tuning them (see banana bullet threads on RS246) up to 500 + BHP / 480 lb/ft +, then...
  5. columb

    W212 2015 NTG 5.1 - Android Auto?

    Hello, What do I need to do to have Android Auto enabled in my car? How much would that cost me? Thanks Chris
  6. Paul-NI

    W204 Winter Wheels on a 2015 E Class Coupe?

    Hi I am just about to change my 2014 w204 C250 AMG for a 2015 E250 Coupe. The C250 has standard 17" alloys and I have a spare set of 17" AMG winter alloys and tyres. However, the E250 coupe has 18" alloys. Will the C250 alloys still be ok on the E250? I think there maybe a offset...
  7. M

    2015 E350CDI buying advice...

    Hi guys. Are there any common major (expensive) problems/reliability issues with these? I tend to think not as you see so many of them being used as taxis. Are there any optional extras that you would deem as must haves? Is the sport better for standard options/ generally a nicer place to...
  8. Hectors Dad

    2015 E220 Estate Auto (S212) Rear Disc Removal Help Please

    Greeting All, I would like to dip into the cumalitve knowledge banks for some help please. Last week I had the "Check brake wear" warning come on and so duly had a quick look and ordered a set of MB rear pads from our friendly Newcastle dealer. When fitting them (an easy job by the way) I...
  9. J

    2015 C250 AMG-Line BlueTec - AdBlue Query

    Hi guys, Currently looking at a potential purchase on a 2015 C250 AMG-Line BlueTec. My main query is around the AdBlue tank. The car has currently covered 14k miles. I cover on average approx 8k miles a year. How frequent would I be expected to top-up the system? Thanks,
  10. AnilS

    W218 CLS Shooting brake facelift (2015)

    As titled. Looking for a great spec in a dark colour. Must be the facelift model and 350 CDI bluetec engine. Low owners and mileage less than 25k preferred. Budget dependant on car but I have to be sensible ;)
  11. PaulXC

    Outgoing 2015 CLS 350d Shooting Break

    Well after just 12 months the CLS has gone … so, a few random thoughts and observations. Registered Dec 2014 but was 2015 MY. I bought at 19000 and took it to 34000 miles. Two minor issues so had to call Merc recovery twice. The fuel filler jammed close and the emergency release snapped...
  12. A

    S350D AMG Line 2015 Model door repair

    Being the less than smart person that I am I managed to put a nice sizeable dent in to the rear passenger door of my S class. The door is quite bent, and will need a non trivial amount of service/repair. The door is bent inwards, obviously photos are available for someone who handles this. If...
  13. 46thedoctor

    2015 E63 gearbox issues

    As above has anybody had any issues with this gearbox, my car has covered 5k miles and the gearbox is driving me insane! It's very harsh from cold but the concerning issue is a fault when warm. Occasionally whilst driving along in a 30mph area in 4th gear, the car will literally slam itself into...
  14. A

    2015 W447 Vito Campervan Conversion

    My new campervan W447 wheels - 18s rather than the 16s it came with
  15. MB James

    Two visits to Merc and they cant fix my 2015 WD212

    Last week I took my 2015 E-class in to Mercedes (Sytner) for a major service. £600. (100,000 miles) The next day after driving approx 50 miles, the engine diagnostics light came on and I noticed the car was sluggish uphill and I couldn't select Manual mode. Took the car back in to Merc. and...
  16. S

    2015 E63, very smokey after remap and no SOS warning!

    Since having a decat downpipe and remap my E63 is VERY smokey at idle (even when warm!) , is this normal for a decatted car ? From memory, my decatted GT-R wasnt smokey at idle ! Also , every time I start the car since being mapped I get a warning on the dash saying "no SOS available " Any...
  17. S

    2015 E220 coupe dashboard rattling noise

    Hello everyone. For the last couple of weeks i noticed a strange noise coming from the passenger side. I think it is coming from the dashboard. I tried to push several points but i couldn't find where it is exactly coming from. The rattles is triggered every time i am doing a ''slow...
  18. A

    2015 W447 Vito Campervan Conversion

    Hi all - heres a few pics of my 2015 Vito camper conversion by Key Campers in Hull Mods so far since delivery are 18 inch wheels ilo 16, rear speakers and I plan to fit a DAB Pioneer unit. Hopefully once the warranty is up ill chip it from 134 ps to nearer 190 also
  19. M

    Rear Fog Lights - 2015 E350

    Hi All Quick question. Does the 2015 E350 have one or two rear fog lights? I have owned the car from new but not used the fog lights until the last few days when we had really bad fog. I have one light that comes on at the rear (from memory, passenger side). Could have sworn my last E350...
  20. R

    E class coupe vs C class coupe (2015 models)

    So I'm looking at buying either the c class or e class coupe - 2015 models. I am currently unsure which to get. I am yet to test drive either car so hoping that would make the decision clearer once I have done. I was just wondering what your thoughts were in regards to these 2 models. In regards...
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