1. T

    Automatic Gearbox for a W124 E300D 24V

    I'm looking to replace the auto gearbox in my W124 E300D 24V engined estate. Call me on 07961045260
  2. D

    W124 300 24v advice

    Morning Is there anything specific I should be aware of ref the 24v engine when buying these cars? I know my way around a w124, but have no direct experience of this engine Is the auto box the same as in a 12v? Thanks a lot
  3. J

    First Mercedes 300ce 24v Manual

    Hi Guys, I've recently purchase a 1992 300ce 24v Manual LHD as I recently moved to Barcelona. I'm looking to do all the necessary upgrades to make this into a great driving car. I've read many posts on Mercedes forums but lack of a garage at present is stopping progress... I'm looking...
  4. merc85

    s124 wide body te 24v

    I really really like this Mercedes Benz W124 (S124) 300TE-24 Estate (500E/E500 Widearch Conversion) | eBay Am i mad ? lol
  5. tintinmt

    W124 300TE 24v Auto Gear Adjustment

    Had a replacement automatic transmission fitted a couple of weeks back. It came back to me changing up too late with the advice to run it for a couple of hundred miles to see if it settled down. Cutting things short, it is now fairly consistently shifting up too early. To save going back to...
  6. gunning

    300ce C124 24V with huge history for sale.

    Well this is the longest I've owned a car and I haven't barely driven it. So now I'm putting it up for sale. It has 115,000 miles with full history including every MOT, invoice and receipts from new. The car has recently had a new exhuast, new windscreen, wipers (headlights too), seatbelt...
  7. gunning

    Fresh photos of my 300ce 24v

    So already had the arches cleaned out but I wanted to get all the tar spots off. The arches are like new now with no rust! Also gave it the usual quick wash and polish and took it out for some photos. The car will be going up for sale soon so if you're interested give me a shout. Also have...
  8. trapperjohn

    Haynes Manual for 24v D 124

    Has anyone got one of these please. If so could you tell me if it covers the S124 300d 24v engine its from a 94 plate car. Haynes Manual 3253 Mercedes E-Class 200D 250D 300D Diesel NEW | eBay CHEERS
  9. trapperjohn

    S124 300D 24v Not starting when hot.

    Perhaps not hot but lets just say is up to normal temp after a bit of a run. Car a 21 year old diesel car suffer from CPS issues? Car runs absolutely spot on from cold (after a bit of air works its way through the system) either on the move or in say a traffic queue. but will not start again...
  10. tintinmt

    W124 300 24v HT Lead

    Hi all, It was brought to my attention that the HT lead on my car has suffered some damage to the insulation and been repaired with insulating tape. I fear that I will only be able to buy a full set of leads. Anyone have an HT lead looking for a home? M.
  11. jamesfuller

    Breaking W124 300D 24v

    My poorly 1994 300d multivalve OM606. It has a few problems... Lost drive, think diff or halfshaft! Knocking from engine again. I am keeping some of the bits that will fit our S124 petrol but still a fair few useful parts and grey leather interior in reasonable condition. I work away...
  12. poormansporsche

    Interesting TE 24v

    MERCEDES W124 300TE 24V AUTO ESTATE 1992 | eBay i like it, could do with some better pics though !
  13. R

    W124 230ce 24v rough running (sometimes)

    Hello everyone, had my W124 for a few months now, it's just about run in at 146000 miles. I have two issues one an inconvenience the other an almighty pain. The car only gets used at the weekend but it's every weekend. She starts on the button ticks over and pulls away fine. When the problem...
  14. DanMorgan

    R129 300SL 24v - Starts then immediately dies

    Not having much luck at the moment, got a W124 300 thats not starting and now my R129 is starting to play up :wallbash: It takes a while to start, with my foot hard to the floor and once it eventually starts, it dies straight away. I had a rare occassion where it stayed on and I went on a...
  15. I

    W124 300D 24V Oil Pressure/Temp/RPM after trip image.

    Hi All, I took this image on Sunday morning a couple of minutes after I stopped following 200 miles at about 80 mph. Sweet as a nut. I’ve another at 300k with the oil just under two after the same run. They are the real thing, those om606’s. My wife drove the car from Bolton to Belgium...
  16. F

    Upgrading a W201 2.6 to 3.2 24v

    Hi. I'm new to this forum, so I still don't know very well how search for things, or even if I'm in the right sub forum. I live in Portugal and I'm planing to "build" a track car usable or the road as well. To do so, I was planing to start with a m103 2.6 W201 and upgrading it with a m104 3.2...
  17. DanMorgan

    R129 300SL 24v

    Bought my W124 CE a play mate, finally can get the SL out in the sun
  18. DanMorgan

    R129 300SL 24v - Stalling & Misfiring

    Hi, I've been having issues with my 300 24v SL recently, it would run fine on startup and then stall or misfire once warmed up. I changed the distributor cap and it seemed to sort it out, which did work, but ive now bought it out again and it has started to play up again. However, now it wont...
  19. boomtings

    300 24v turbo technics breather , crankcase ventalation

    Hi all. The breather setup in my m104 3.0 estate is looking old, pipes are aged and the mio filter is also not looking in good condition. I've found a thread on a Audi forum about their breather setup and was thinking of using their one way valve and pcv valve to rebuild my system...
  20. E

    1993 A124 300ce 24v

    Hi guys, new to your forum, hoping someone can help. I bought my car 18 months ago as a project and have repaired quite a few things. Went out early this morning and all four indicators were lit, no flashing though. I thought I must have knocked the hazard switch last night, but switch...
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