1. graeme73s

    Beautiful 1959 300SL Roadster

    http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/1959-Mercedes-Benz-300SL_W0QQitemZ4622871645QQcategoryZ31360QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem what a stunning looking car. The chap I bought my 6.3 from had a 1955 Gullwing and a 1957 300 SL roadster in ivory white. I had never seen a roadster in the flesh before. I could have sat...
  2. tinkypot

    He's got the 300SL woody

    This guy has got some serious wood for the 300SL ;) Here
  3. classicsl

    my red 300SL featured in this months classic cars mag

    in the main feature, few pics of it look really good and described as immaculate!! will use that when come to sell it, shame i look such a porker in the picture of me!!
  4. classicsl

    300sl burning oil

    Had my 107 300sl serviced at end of august, oil light flickered on last week and upon checking its now touching the min level, a lot of ouil burnt in about 1500 miles, from what i can tell there are no leaks, so what could be causing this? thanks in advance for any advice
  5. G

    Fuse for 1988 300SL (107)

    Hi, Which fuse do I use for the dash lights and the rear right parking light on my 1988 300SL(107) Greg
  6. classicsl

    My r107 300SL

    Many thanks for Brian WH in helping me post these :)
  7. L

    300sl- for sale

    300 SL 1989 - One of last built. In signal Red with Black hard and soft Top(s). 57,000 genuine milage. Petrol/Automatic. Lots of History, receipts/MOTs etc. Cream leather interior. In outstanding showroom condtion inside and out.13 months MOT. Taxed. I can email pictures to you directly...
  8. Flyer

    Mark's 300SL

    Mark: *much* prefer your SL now; I think it looks really classy. Hit and run a blessing in disguise? :bigthumbsup: Cheers Andrew
  9. D

    Buying an early 90s 300SL

    Hi, I am looking into buying an early '90s (probably a 1992-1994) 300SL. I have decided that the 300 will be more than enough power and better on fuel etc. than the 500 and I have heard a few things about the head gasket and wiring loom needing expensive replacements. What should I look...
  10. M

    Considering selling my 300SL !

    Hi Guys I am seriosly considering selling my 12/92 300SL to aid the purchase of a very nice R plate Green/Black 320SL :D I bought the car about a year ago - and it has been great! - If I dont get the newer car I wont worry :D,l but the lure of a low mileage late model is getting to...
  11. Paul

    Mark 300SL

    Where are you mate, we havent heard from you for a while. Hope all is well.:confused:
  12. PeterG

    Criuse control 300sl

    How simple/hard is it to fit cruise control to my 1992 300sl is there a port I can just plug into or would i have to link up everything. cheers Pete:D
  13. B

    300SL M103 (Head Job)

    Hello, My buddy has a 300SL with the M103 engine. Front seal is leaking and it burns oil. We're gonna take the head off for a valve job. Need some expert advise: 1. He thinks he wants to skim/shave off the cylinder head while it's off to get some extra compression. He's thinking 1-1.5...
  14. PeterG

    Hissing sound 300sl ????

    Hi Guys I have a hissing sound which comes from the front drivers footwell area when i ease off the accelerator from 30mph. It sounds like a vacum of some type if anyone can advise me as to what it is would be most obliged. 1992 300SL Pete
  15. M

    Marks 300SL

    Heres my baby 2 Tone Silver metallic. 2 Tone Blue/Grey  Leather Retrim 1998 Mille Miglia Rims with 245/45/17's Clear indicators and repeaters Kenwood PS971R auto D-mask minidisk 58k miles with FMBSH Mark
  16. PeterG

    Windsrcreen wiper 1992 300sl w129

    Hello guys a while back I posted a problem I was having with my wiper in that it was erratic in operation . Well last night during our usual downpours the wiper only worked on full speed initially and then when warmed up it would work on the slower speed but not intermittent. It also tens to...
  17. M

    1988 300SL

    Blue-black metallic Black leather Standard except for: Wind deflector Modern audio (head/changer/speakers) 2 x Ecotek Aftermarket alarm & immobiliser 75k miles Original exhaust (except for a couple of bits I got welded in)
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