1. 5

    Help: MY CLS 55 wont up shift to 5th

    Hi was wondering what might be the problem. I just bought the car and it won't change up to 5th when using the buttons on the steering wheel. all other gears are fine. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Mo2312

    New w220 s500 owner - no 5th gear

    Hi All Ive just purchased a nice w220 S500 amg sport with 94k on the clock, but need some help as the car wont shift into 5th gear. When at 70 was sitting at just over 3k rpm, kickdown does not work and unable to select gears manually through gearstick. Ive had the codes read and got p2502...
  3. Bryan Allman

    MB World - Sunday 5th June 11:00

    It's back to the usual routine again after a string of great events round the country. That means turn up in what you like - other marques welcome. The usual programme of meet in the car park at 11:00. Chat about cars and put the world to rights until time for coffee and the obligatory tour of...
  4. MissyD

    North Weald Drag Racing Sunday 5th June 2016

    All welcome at North Weald Drag Strip, Essex, CM16 6HR on Sunday 5th June 2016. Come along to race or just spectate. Always a great day out. A few of the guys on here are going and some from MBO.
  5. N

    Vito W638 3000rpm in 5th gear

    Hi folks My 2001 Vito's been suffering from a loss of power in 5th gear. After 5 mins on the motorway, it seemed like it was going into limp mode. I got a new MAP sensor, but no joy. Anyway, I took it Merc Commercial last week and they did a few checks and decided it was the Turbo Boost...
  6. grober

    RIP George Martin the 5th BEATLE

    The death announced today of George Martin the legendary Beatles record producer aged 90 . Produced their first hit single and the rest is popular musical history RIP. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/George_Martin...
  7. sjmaxwell

    Terminal Velocity 4 - 5th June 2016

    Hi All Terminal Velocity 4 5th June 2016 RAF Woodbridge I've booked this and a few others may be coming as well. Really enjoyed the first one, was a great day out and I got a trophy! :bannana:. Thought I'd spread the word and see if anyone would be interested in attending! If...
  8. M

    w124 722.5 has lost 5th gear

    My w124 has lost its 5th gear, and the cruise control has also stopped working (Not bothered by the cruise control, but they may be connected). I've removed the micro switch from the gear shifter and it appears to be working. Continuity tests ok between the 2 pins, and continuity breaks when...
  9. JamesRan

    5th July - AMG Meet Up In London

    Hi All There is a large group of us meeting in London on the 5th July. We are planning on meeting at somewhere in central (details nearer the time). There are all types of AMG's attending, with owners coming from all over the country. Currently 30+cars have confirmed attendance. The...
  10. c32andy

    my car on 5th gear

    I was watching an old 5th gear last night and tiff and plato were comparing the c63 ppp against bmws m3 with pp and I thought wow that's the same spec as mine even the same colour, then I noticed the reg was similar to mine (b4 my personalised plate) so I went in my draw to find sales purchase...
  11. KillerHERTZ

    Cambridge meet - The Belfry, Cambourne THIS SUNDAY 5th OCT 12pm+

    Been a couple of months since the last (quiet successful) meet. Cambourne again? 1) KillerHERTZ - Karl - CLS55 AMG
  12. C

    Goodwood Breakfast Club Hot Hatch Sunday 5th October

    Anybody going? My car has been accepted as part of the display on the motor circuit. Irony not lost on me:)
  13. babaroga

    GL Stuck in 5th then in 1st gear

    Hi All, Yesterday, as we have been driving along and got onto motorway, car got stuck in 5th gear. Noticed that on the rev counter, that we have been doing 75mph on 2200rpm or so. Stopped the car on the hard shoulder, turned it off, started again, and then it stuck in the 1st gear. Had to...
  14. bob6600

    Alex's E55 AMG on 5th Gear right now

    Comparing it with a new model (not AMG)
  15. KillerHERTZ

    Heads up: 5th gear now on discovery - G65 AMG + AMG buyers guide

    Just starting now...
  16. KillerHERTZ

    Heads up: 5th gear now on discovery - A-class feature

    As title...
  17. Sp!ke

    Wanted 190 Cosworth for 5th gear

    This came in via the contact us route - PM me for the contact details if you are interested.
  18. brucemillar

    Ipod Touch 5th Generation help

    Folks My daughter has forgotten her password for ipod touch 5th generation (not sure if the 5th thing makes a difference) How can I restore it so she can use it again and stop killing me. She does not want to lose data (if possible)
  19. 38FP

    5th puncture in 8 months of ownership

  20. highland lad


    Does any one know if you can get a connection using the lighting to 30 pin connector ,as media interface does not recognise i pod touch 5th gen simon
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