1. zenman63

    Nokia 6230 with uhi cradle for sale

    As above I have a Nokia 6230 with unlock and Orange sim card pay as you go with mercedes UHI phone cradle. Good used condition £37 PM me
  2. Brucer

    Nokia 6230 phone craddle!!!!!

    Please help me out with this one. I recently changed my phone to a nokia 6230i & i had to purchase a new cradle for my car. The problem is that the phone doesnt want to work through the radio/cd player. It says in the brochure thats its compatible & ive tried changing everything on the phone by...
  3. M

    Friends Nokia 6230 messed up our UHI Comand interface

    My wife has a December 2004 (facelifted) C-Class Estate. Last week a friend placed his 6230 in the 6230 compatible armrest cradle, despite not being recognised by the Comand it also appears to have messed up the system a little. My wife has used her 6230 without any problems since new but...
  4. R

    Nokia 6230i compatible with 6230 UHI cradle?

    Does anyone know if the newer Nokia 6230i will work in the 6230 UHI cradle. I have not tested it, but I was about to buy a 6230 when I found the new 'i' version is now available with 'Push to talk' function amongst some other improvements. Keen to know if it works correctly and interacts...
  5. scotth_uk

    FS - Nokia 6230

    Before I put it on Ebay.... Boxed Nokia 6230 supplied by Vodafone in Sep 04, unlocked by Vodafone after purchase. Includes original 32mb MMC memory card, battery and charger, headset (unused, as I used bluetooth instead), cd w/software and manual. Also includes genuine Nokia USB cable. Due...
  6. Tan

    Nokia 6230

    Hi Does anyone know if it is possible to change the font colour on the screen. mine is set to black and so does not show up well with the background that is set. I know that the theme colours can be changed but on the main screen these only change the signal strength and battery level...
  7. M

    Nokia 6230

    I've changed my phones over to Nokia 6230 from 6310i and wondered if anyone knows if MB have plans to support these phones with an MB/comand car kit. For now I've bought a nokia advanced car kit + an antenna coupler(on order) to hook up to the roof mount antenna on the ML & a nokia phone...
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