1. M

    W169 2006 a160 cdi se cvt

    Dear All My first since purchaing my A class. I have one slight issue which has reduced by repalcing worn our front new tyres. The steering squeaks now and htne when I turn, i can hear this inside. Also when you do a near full lock it stiffness, but otherwise you can turn the steering...

    W168 a160. Auto. No reverse!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Having decided to get rid of the A160 , I thought I would try to cure the "F"ing display fault . Removed handbrake console, took the pcb out of the PRND unit and sprayed it with electrical contact cleaner . Made sure it was totally dry , reassembled the unit and started up. Dash indicated P...

    w168 a160 gremlins have struck

    My wifes A160 has been well and truly attacked by the gremlins . On a couple of recent (short ) journeys , the car has gone into limp mode , with the "f" (appropriate code) light on the dash. After stopping and restarting the car runs normally for a while , then does a repeat performance. Put an...
  4. A

    2011/2012 A160 or Hyundai i20 Style

    Looking for one or the other, but with reasonable spec (thus the Style option for i20). Don't like plain red colour. Have driven an A160 with zero extras and it was a bit too boring along with small signs of careless ownership. The drive was yawny in that the steering was too light and...
  5. R

    A160 boot not locking

    No idea whats happened, but boot won't lock when using central locking or the key. Any ideas? Its a 1999 A160. When it opens the alarm does sound, if that helps Thanks
  6. B

    A160 cdi 2006

    Hi all, new to forum so just testing the water. I wonder if anyone can help, I have a A class 160 cdi 2006 and on tick over the engine speed fluctuates between 700 and 900 rpm and get a slight vibration from engine. This only happens if under load, I with lights and or heater on. When I switch...
  7. M

    A160 automatic transmission fault

    Hi I have a 1999 A class 160 and the gear box keeps going into F mode so times this juts sticks in what ever gear it is and other times it stays in 2nd gear, there's no rime or reason to this just random but seams to be worse when using lots of electric stuff lights ,heater, radio ect I had the...
  8. J

    Sunroof (or something) soaking left front pillar A160 2010

    Hi. I hope there is someone really clever who can help: sunroof of (or something else) A160 2010 leaking inside on the left front pillar. Been to garage twice - checked it myself but cant find the reason. It only leaks in when car is not level and leaning forward (our street). Lowered the...
  9. M

    My mum and dad are looking at a 1.5 A160 CVT, are they good cars?

    Hi, just want a little advice on the 1.5 A160 CVT. My mum and dad currently have a nice mk 5 golf with the DSG box but they are thinking of buying a smaller car and have been and looked at this car at our local garage Mercedes-Benz A Class 1.5 A160 Avantgarde SE CVT 5dr As I have read...
  10. Piff

    A160 Blue Effiency

    Number 1 son now has a company car & he needs to move on his A Class. Black metalic, black cloth interior. 2009 - 09 50,100 miles Full service history - all independant. Latest service today as service indicator said service due in 60 miles! MOT - 6 months remaining Bluetooth Aux input...
  11. C

    2004 A160 Ignition Barrel Removal

    Hi All I am new to the site and I hope someone can help me. I have recently bought a 2004 A160 elegance for my wife, it had a few issues but all are sorted now. When I bought the car it had a broken key blade in the ignition, the car has been starting ok but I now have a new blade and want...
  12. M

    2002 A160 f fault code po758 HELP PLS!

    hi guys my partners a160 2002 100k miles has developed the dredded f fault with auto box i pluged it in and it gave the code po758 which is shift soleniod b fault looked causes up which said ,, low oil level ,, dirty oil ,, solenoid faulty ,, solenoid harness and po758 comes up when ecm...
  13. M

    2001 Mercedes-Benz A160L w168 Automatic Transmission fluid

    Hello friends, I need help finding 2001 Mercedes-Benz A160 w168 Owners/Service Manual in PDF or whatever format it does not matter, my car did not have one. I'm interested in which Automatic Transmission fluid should I use for my car? also which spark plugs are recommended for this car...
  14. D

    A Class 1.6 A160 "1999"

    This car is a full automatic, but does it still have a clutch. Have the chance of one really cheap, and it would be ideal for my daughter. But on a test drive the car jerka and sounds/feels like a clutch is slipping
  15. L

    W168 A160 Auto

    Hi guys As usual the long time lurker has to eventually beg for help/assistance from all the knowledgeable people here.......................... I am stumped with the Assyst on this vehicle (W168 033) - I have quite successfully been fault-finding and servicing the thing myself for a long...
  16. churchy

    A160 starting problem

    Hi All and greetings from Sunny North Queensland, AUSTRALIA For those of you technically inclined I have the following problem : • Bought as a non goer / project • W 168 A160 , 1999 Avantgarde , ACS , 182,000Klms • Serviced by MB dealers until recently • Service book does not display 049...
  17. churchy

    Aussie a160 no start

    Hi All and G'day from sunny Australia . I have a 1998 W168 A160 ACS bought as a non goer as a project and would greatly appreciate any advise . At this stage I am awaiting some wiring diagrams . · W 168 A160 , 1999 Avantgarde , ACS , 182,000Klms · Serviced by MB dealers...
  18. G

    W168 A160 Engine Noise - Timing Chain / Tensioner?

    Hi everyone, For a little while now our semiauto / funshift A160 has been making a little whirring sound. Sort of like a very slow helicopter, but the sound speeds up with the revs. It happens when in neutral or in gear. It is a whirring sound that is steady at idle and increases with...
  19. H

    A160 CDI W169 Problems with codes

    Hi All, Go easy on me first time posting. My car was running fine now it does not accelerate past 70mph. Runs rough and the exhaust brings a 'tear to the eye'. Have a few problems with codes to see if anyone can shed more light: I have the following codes with the error descriptions...
  20. P

    OBD2 socket - Merc A160 2001

    Any idea where to find? Assume it has one?
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