1. crockers

    Please accept my apologies for asking

    It is embarrassing to be posting this, but if anyone can help or point us in directions I would be verso grateful. Team Jess ? Help Jessica Kill raise money for life saving neurosurgery I have known Jessica since she was 10, a lovely child, one who has helped others all her life. She...
  2. babyblueCE

    Car Audio Security messed up won't accept liability

    Hello all. My bro in law recently purchased a 3 series BMW coupe 10 plate and gave it into Car Audio Security, who are based in west London, to do a professional audio installation in his car. They advised would take 3 hours costing £240 in labour charges. In their care the lighting module...
  3. Jay2512

    MB accept S205 rejection

    Well after 6 months of ownership, several visits to the dealer with no fix found I had little choice left but to exercise my right under sale of goods act that the car supplied was not to satisfactory quality. I was advised this morning that MB and supplying dealer accepted my position and have...
  4. DSM10000

    Is it possible to make a non internet TV accept a wi-fi signal?

    I have carried out a quick search and the results seem to come up with a lot of "solutions" most of which seem to me to sit firmly in the "Geek" category i.e. I do not understand them!:rolleyes: What I would like to do is be able to stream programs from a laptop or other device wirelessly to...
  5. MB-BTurbo

    To accept or not to accept. That is the question.

    I have heard back from Mercedes Germany regarding a corrosion claim on my tailgate. They are willing to pay 70% of the cost leaving me with a bill of £220. However it is not for replacing the tailgate but merely stripping it, sand blasting it, retreating it and painting it. I have been led to...
  6. N

    W211 Ignition switch wont accept key!!

    Hi all, I bought a 2002 E270 CDI AG a week ago that wouldnt start. Always accepted the key, turned to stage 2 ignition but wouldnt crank. Had the starter motor changed yesterday and it started and drove fine. The mechanic noticed the ignition switch was a bit sticky, so decided to spray WD40...
  7. Goldfish11

    MB cannot accept responsibility if you use Summer Tyres below +7C

    See below - Extract from the new C Class manual - It seems mercedes are not taking any responsibility if you are silly and drive on summers and the temperature is below +7 C Interactive Owner's Manual [w204] Does this mean now we all have to invest in Winter Tyres for our Cars. As a fan...
  8. christopherwk

    Any (small) business owners on here accept card payments? - advice needed!

    Nowadays, it is getting more common for people to pay for their goods and services by debit/credit card, instead of cash, and is probably expected to rise with contactless technology becoming more common, also cheques are being phased out (my bank is not going to issue debit cards with a cheque...
  9. S

    Selling L200 on finance, how do I accept cash payment?

    I've got a keen chap coming to see my L200 tomorrow, and he's bringing cash with him. Have told him it's on finance, which he's fine with, but he wants assurance that the finance is cleared before he drives off, which is fair enough. The finance company is Bank of Scotland, but there...
  10. BarryS

    Don't accept insurance renewel

    Just a reminder to check for new quotes at insurance renewel time. Esure quoted me 360 renewal but I got so annoyed at the endless security questions when I was trying to pay that I checked alternates with and saved 140-pounds going with Privilige. I think they all quote lower...
  11. Satch

    Police Accept Toys in Exchange for Payment of Speeding Tickets

    Try telling that to Gordon Brown. Police Accepting Toys in Exchange for Payment of Tickets RANSON, West Virginia- If you have a speeding ticket in Ranson, you may want to head to the toy store. As a part of their program `Slow Down for the Holidays,` Ranson Police are dismissing...
  12. M

    Making a comand accept MY01 twice ?

    Does anyone know how to make the MY01 update load twice ? The COMAND refuses to update the unit again with the same verison.
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