1. M

    GLC centre armrest storage accessory

    I ordered one from this ebay seller: It doesn't fit. Not sure what to do with it. Can I be bothered to return an item to China when I have to pay the cost of shipping? I have the Off Road Pack and I wonder if that makes a difference...
  2. M

    Rear accessory battery S Class 2007

    I have a 2007 Mercedes S320 CDI Various warning lights are coming on for no reason, according to Mercs. It has been suggested I might need to replace the rear battery for accessories as it hasn't been changed since new. Can that cause the warning lights issue? What are the details of the rear...
  3. X

    Accessory sockets

    Hi Does anyone know if its possible to retrofit accessory cigar sockets to the boot and to back of the centre console (for back seat use)? Are part numbers available? This is for a 2015 w204 coupe Thank you
  4. G

    mercedes parts accessory's

    do mercedes have a website for parts accessory's and gifts ?
  5. V

    12v boot accessory

    I have a trickle charger which I use but on this SL it looks like I can't use it. It looks to be a switched positive rather than permanent live. Has anyone altered this? What's the alternative as it has a cigar fitting. Don't really want to use crocodile clips on the battery.
  6. WDB124066

    The ultimate MB accessory...??

    I just decided to bless myself with one of these - quite possibly the ultimate MB accessory in the in thoughtfulness category?? Had a very difficult journey in the 124 early one morning on a windy mountain road in the dark on the way to pick somebody up from the airport after a very bad...
  7. M

    Latest must have accessory !

    Does anyone know where these can be purchase ?
  8. Mr Fixit

    Ultimate amg accessory

    for my new C55
  9. S

    W211 cup holder accessory + phone mount advice

    Hi All I've just recently aquired a W211 2008 Avantgarde and was surprised to see theres no cup holders at the front, looks like its about £35 on ebay which i'll probably get however after doing a quick search on this forum it looks like theres a lot of complaints. I normally take my coffee...
  10. moonloops

    Must have accessory for mercs? wow - just wow...
  11. M

    The ideal winter accessory for a LHD w124

    I wish I could find a set for a RHD car Rubber floor mats carpets Mercedes w124 | eBay
  12. del320

    Is Sat Nav a vital accessory?

    On our wanderings in the Borders today I came across this genuine Borders Council sign. Never seen one before. I was reminded that a recent AA survey found most motorists - and especially older drivers - still prefer printed maps to sat navs when planning car journeys. I can appreciate that...
  13. Gareth

    W211 - E-Class Saloon - Full set of genuine MB rear accessory blinds

    W211 - E-Class Saloon - Full set of genuine MB rear accessory blinds Only for sale due to having the windows tinted instead, everything included, great condition. (Rear window and 2 x side windows with all fixings) £110 posted, or £100 collected from Staines, Middlesex I can provide...
  14. Tan

    Accessory socket

    Hi Does a W140 S-Class have any accessory sockets that remain live when the ignition is off? I have a Porsche badged CTEK battery conditioner that I would like to use on the S, but my unit only has a cigarette plug on it. If there is no live accessory socket, can one of the ones that bolts...
  15. John

    Remote control / Accessory wire in W211 boot?

    Is there an easily-accessible remote control / accessory wire in the boot of a W211 E55?
  16. G

    W211 cup holder accessory - is it any good?

    I was surprised to find our car didn't have a cup holder in the front but have just seen you can get a natty looking, fold out MB item that fits in the centre console cubby hole that can hold two cups. I can find them on eBay but they are ~£60. Can anyone who has one say whether they are any...
  17. neilz

    Oh. Dear. God. (not a car but an "accessory")

  18. grufflybear

    Useful accessory to protect paintwork

    Just thought I would share this useful accessory - found it advertised in Telegraph motoring supplement - my car is only 2 years old and rear bumper at tailgate was already looking a bit scruffy from dog claws etc - MB offer nothing to protect the paint from such scuffing so this usefully...
  19. chriswt

    Mercedes accessory shops! Where are they all?

    BMW, Saab, Jaguar, Ford et al seem to have plenty of online accessory shops where you can by genuine and aftermarket accessories but I can't find any for Mercs. I'm after a new gear knob for my CLK preferably in grey leather with birdseye maple but I can't find a thing in the uk! Do I...
  20. PJayUK

    How do I hard wire a 12V accessory

    Getting close now with my IPOD integration project. The Harman and Kardon unit has three wires for power. a Red marked ACC/Ignition Switch, Yellow marked +12V dc and black marked GND. The yellow and black seem straightforward but I am unsure what the red one is for. My plan was to take the...
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