1. H

    Diesel fuel additives

    Hey people, I have a2008 s320 which has done 70000 miles. It is all ok but when I accelerate hard there is a cloud of smoke from the exhaust. Should I use an additive in the fuel to clean the engine. If so which one? Thanks
  2. 320 CLK

    fuel additives

    How many people on here use additives in their diesel. I have a bottle of Miller's diesel additive. Just wondering should I use it in the Merc. Had bought it for the wife's X-trail.
  3. tacho d

    Fuel Additives

    Hi all, is it ok to use certain additives on the 2.3 compressor engines, (m111) to clean the injectors and fuel system? At 67000 it may be time, but I don't know how effective they are and if the manufacturers claims are true. Anybody tried these, and is there a recommendation?
  4. M

    DPF additives info please

    Hi We are currently almost in a done deal with a 2008 S320 CDI, which has a DPF, however before putting the payment down we just want some last minute advise on this topic. i checked with my local indie, and he told me about these additive type products, which aid the regen process, he said...
  5. S

    Petrol Additives

    Do any AMG owners use a petrol cleaning additive in there cars ? I only use Shell V Power in my car and the claim is it has cleaning additives mixed in, not sure how true this is. Does anyone think its worth or safe to use a cleaning additive like redex now and again just to keep things...
  6. ivandraganov

    Oil additives

    Not a great fan of oil additives,but is that any good? Halfords | Extralube ZX1 Micro Oil Treatment 250ml
  7. R

    Petrol Additives (again)

    My car has done 92,000 miles and I thought it's innards might benefit from some pampering. I bought a bottle of STP Petrol Additive and used half a bottle on each of two consecutive tanks of petrol. The result was I think my mpg may have improved a little but the car seems quieter and smoother...
  8. Omega

    General additives - coolant, screenwash etc

    I'm just starting to 'top-up' things on my new baby,,,,, and was wondering if I really need to use Mercedes Brands of Coolant,,,, Screen wash etc etc ? Don't get me wrong, if I do, then so be it. But I rekkon there will be as good products out there that some of you use,,,, at a better cost...
  9. I

    Oil Additives

    OK Folks, really interesting comments about Redex etc, so I thought I’d start a similar tread. I have recently been recommended an engine and auto box treatment called Prolong, ( ). In one test they treated a car with the stuff, then drained all the oil...
  10. E

    diesel additives

    I have a 2 year old E class 220D and wondered if anyone was using additives in the diesel--(such as MILLERS) or would this make the warranty invalid
  11. 1

    Fuel/Engine Additives ? ? ?

    Anyone know if any of those fuel additives that are meant to clean up ya injectors / engine etc actually work and are worth doing ? If so, which are the strongest and most effective that I'll be able to get hold of easily from Halfords or somewhere similar ? Be great to hear some oppinions ...
  12. nigel cross

    Oil Additives

    With all the postings re:- mobil 1 etc, what are your feelings about oil additives? Do they work? and are there any drawbacks? :bannana:
  13. B

    Engine Additives Use

    I wonder if anyone here on the Forum can share their experience regarding the use of engine additives. Does the use of engine additives reduce engine-wear and improve fuel consumption (as it is claimed by additives manufacturers)?
  14. A

    Diesel Additives

    Anyone use any diesel additive/injector cleaners in the new CDI engines? If so which one is recommended and how often should it be used? Thanks
  15. L

    Fuel/Oil additives

    Hi Does anyone use any type of fuel or oil additive to increase mpg or reduce wear? I have used the Wynns oil and fuel treatment on previous cars but wanted to know if anybody has any first hand storys on this or other products in Mercs? Cheers Mark
  16. Jukie

    Fuel additives & engine mods.

    I have a '96 E320 auto (older in-line 6 model) and am looking at a 190 2.6 (manual) and a W124 300D (auto). 1) Are fuel additives worth it and if so, which one(s)? 2) What chipping options would anyone recommend for any or all three of the above? Also, are opinions still split over the...
  17. robert.farmer

    wynns additives

    Anyone had any experience with Wynns engine oil additive?
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