1. I

    adjustable steering wheel height.

    Should the steering wheel have adjustment to get it closer and nearer (away from instrument cluster or further away) on the A180 (w169) the leaver under steering will move but if I pull/ push on steering wheel its absolutely solid.
  2. M

    Adjustable Camber Bolts

    Hi Folks, I am currently enjoying the 2010 C63 AMG PP which I bought last week, as the 15.8mpg testifies! I have been reading some of the posts about premature and uneven tyre wear and am currently looking into purchasing adjustable (after market - K-Mac) toe / camber bolts and having the...
  3. Sonny Burnett

    JOM Adjustable set

    Hi everyone, Anyone used JOM suspension at all, information is a plenty in the bmw world, just wanted to know if anyone has used them on a mercedes.
  4. M.A.94

    W210 Auto adjustable xenon headlights

    OK before I start I know this has been discussed on the forum before, Ive searched and searched but cant seem to find the thread. Anyways my headlights on my w210 are out of alignment, the cause for this is the little rod which is by the diff has snapped off. Could someone tell me what this...
  5. C

    Yellowspeed Full Adjustable Coilover Suspension for Mercedes CLS w219

    as above, This will be coming off my car sometime soon and be up for sale (along with the wheels) Bought this brand new, its still under manufacturers warranty and has been on my car for about 5000 miles, these suspension components come very highly regarded, it is used in the BDC (British...
  6. astamir

    Adjustable rear Camber arms for w208

    Hi guys! After lowering my car the rear and the front are out of alignment. Today at wheels in motion been told that we can sort out the front with adjuster bolts from dealer, but to sort the rear I would need the adjustable camber rear arms for clk55 w208. So I'm after the adjustable rear...
  7. A

    Tracking was a little out - question about rear camber adjustment

    After driving the car for a week it didn't feel as planted as i hoped it would, a quick trip to my nearest tyre place (A1 Tyres) confirmed my suspicions. Before After Apparently the W204 doesn't have adjustable rear camber which i find hard to believe, if this is the case i'm a...
  8. H

    Wanted: CLK W209 adjustable coilovers

    Exactly what the title says, aslong as they are in usable condition. Contact me on 07949947665 Thanks
  9. M

    W221 Adding electrically adjustable rear seats

    Hello everyone, I have a question about adding electrically adjustable rear seat, if it is a complex operation, which will be needed for the processing, the approximate cost?
  10. BIG_G_1979

    adjustable front shocks w211

    Hi guys so I have found out that the front shocks can be adjusted to alter ride height of the car via a locking ring under the spring cup. Can I assume the higher you raise the cup the lower the car will be? Ie shortening the length of spring? I understand that the spring and shock will need...
  11. J

    Wanted: 126 adjustable steering column

    Hi I'm looking for the steering column, including the cowling, from a 126 with the electrically adjustable column. Cheers John
  12. M

    S210 adjustable rear toe arm

    Hi Guys, does anyone know where I can get a fully adjustable rear toe arm or track control arm for the S210, have an issue with the rear passenger side being 7mm out and wont come in any more, have replaced all the arms, hub and subframe bushes to no avail, so can't be bothered changing anymore...
  13. T

    camber adjustable ?

    is the camber /toe adjustable on the rear of a c220 estate 2004 ? thanks
  14. M

    S210 adjustable rear toe arm

    Does anyone know where I can get a fully adjustable rear toe control arm for an S210 e320cdi, I have seen them for stupid money on ebay but just looking something that ain't going to break the bank
  15. WDB124066

    Ohlins Adjustable Shocks for 124's

    Anybody ever heard of anyone doing this?
  16. jimmymidnight

    Adjustable Lowering Links

    Hello, I had a set of those lowering links for my CL500 delivered today - I plan on getting them fitted over at my mates garage tonight but before I get it all done, has anyone on here used them before and are there anythings i need to look out for? Many thanks!
  17. R

    Is the level of Variable Power Sterring Assistance Adjustable?

    May seem a daft question, but I am new to my W211, and am 'disappointed' to find the car feels still feels heavy despite the dealers being unable to find anything wrong. The reason for the question is that I know that Skoda Octavia VRSs for example, have 'hidden menus' in their ECUs that allow...
  18. N

    My new adjustable rear camber arms

    What ya think, will it be a great mod to get longer life from my tires? I haven't installed them yet. Anyone on this forum have something like this on your Benz? What was the best camber specs from 4 wheel alignment after installing adjustable camber arms on your car, getting numbers as...
  19. N

    My new adjustable rear camber arms

    sorry dubble post
  20. E

    Adjustable rear camber arms W211, W219, and R230

    Adjustable rear camber arms E W211, CLS W219, SL R230 Cost nearly £600 to import these into the Uk and then they never got installed. Sensible offers please.
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