1. G

    Thinking of buying an E62 estate, some advice please

    Sorry about the title of the thread!! Hi, I am looking to get back in to an E63. I have read that there is a hefty service that includes spark plugs and transmission oil (£1,000+). Can you tell me when this normally occurs please. I am looking for a 2014 E63 estate with about 20k to 35k miles...
  2. M

    Airmatic advice appreciated

    Hi all, My 2005 W220 has airmatic suspension, which whilst driving works just fine in all settings comfort, sport 1 and sport 2 (no malfunction messages on dash) The problem I am having is that when I park the car up I notice the r/o/s lowers by about 2-3" where as the r/n/s only lowers...
  3. M

    Proud owner of a w211 E55, advice needed after health check

    Found a very good example e55 so I purchased it. Took it to a mb specialist to get the breather re sealed on both sides as it was leaking oil, while there I asked for a health check so now I am looking for parts and advice. The double ribbed pulley needs replacing due to play which is tearing...
  4. RickyBurrows

    tyre size advice?

    Ok I'm having some issues with the correct tyre wall size to match front to back without any rubbing issues, I currently have a 245 35 19 front on 8.5j and rear is 275 35 19 on a 9.5j, my problem if you haven't already guessed is the huge tyre wall on the rear its terrible and ugly! So my...
  5. D

    W124 ECU refurbishment advice

    After a fairly intense trouble shooting episode I have isolated the cause of the misfire on my E320 to the engine ECU I now need to get my ecu repaired, it apparently needs the transistors that fire the coil packs (another language to me) replacing , common fault. I have found a guy on the...
  6. S

    New car advice

    Hi New to Mercedes , but I'm running a grand Cherokee 27crd auto overland that has a 2.7 merc engine in, anyway I'm looking at getting a 05 c220 cdi est with 120k on and my question is what should I look out for if anything, Your advice would be well appreciated
  7. Druk

    Care Home financial advice reqd.

    The story so far... Mother is in a care home (in their rules apply) and is currently 'fully funded'. This situation may/is likely to change come the next revue in Sept. Her current financial state is that all her assets are in cash, over which I have LPOA. There are insufficient...
  8. C

    Help... Advice required E320 CDI 2004

    Hi anyone in or near Dudley West Midlands with good knowledge of E320 CDI 2004. Had to leave my Merc there last week as the key fob not recognised by the ignition. I am fairly certain it is either a fuse in the boot or the key itself as it is cracked & just may require cleaning out. I can not...
  9. P

    CLK 55 AMG convertible advice

    Hi all, It's my 1st post so be gentle with me guys. I'm considering my 1st MB buys and its a CLK 55 AMG convertible. Its a 2 owner car with 184,000 KM's 2003 W209. It has full my history to 154k the the current owner (a mechanical engineer with 2 other a S600 and an ML AMG) did the last...
  10. D

    Looking to move to an SL55 - advice needed

    Hi everyone, joined here to get some real world advice and experience. Currently have an e46 M3 which I enjoy, but haven't really gelled with it. So looking around at other alternatives, have done the modded jap cars to death, and have got the fast Audi's out of my system as well...
  11. W

    C63 AMG New Owner ( Exhaust Advice )

    Hi, Recently picked up a 13 Plate White C63 Amg Coupe after months of viewing bad examples :thumb: Had the car 2 weeks and it is the best car I have ever owned however the exhaust is so quiet in stock form. Gone through dozens of threads & posts but after some clarity on modding the...
  12. rockits

    CLS55 vs SL55 Advice or Opinions?

    Well it looks like my search for an R129 SL60 AMG is nearing its end as not been able to find anything other than silly price stuff. I'm not going to pay 30-50k for one as although rare are not worth that to me. They are a modded SL500 at the end of the day and not thatuch better. Certainly...
  13. M

    I'm thinking about a W211 estate - advice?

    Hello all. I currently run a BMW 320d estate but as the children are getting older I could do with more space. The obvious would be to move up to 5 series, but while I like the way the BMW drives I've not been totally happy with the ownership/reliability thing. So I'm wondering about a...
  14. R

    C class advice.

    I still haven't found the car I want. I've seen a few C class mercs now and wondered what the differences are, other than size between the C and E class estates.
  15. Zonergem

    R129 500SL - Brake Booster Hose problem - your advice please

    Newly-acquired project car - 1992 129.066 500SL, RHD, M119.960 engine, 113k miles. Trying to remove the airbox assembly for inspection yesterday and even though I tried to be careful I had a mishap.:fail See video It's the check valve, isn't it? Could...
  16. Iddy112

    Exhaust Advice Please

    New owner of a 5.5 w212 E63 S. As with a few of the chaps on here looking to get a bit more noise out of it. Have spoke to acid at MSL and recommended the resonator and cat delete through Torqueflow. Has anyone had that specific thing done? Any feedback? Happy with noise? And importantly any...
  17. M

    2015 E350CDI buying advice...

    Hi guys. Are there any common major (expensive) problems/reliability issues with these? I tend to think not as you see so many of them being used as taxis. Are there any optional extras that you would deem as must haves? Is the sport better for standard options/ generally a nicer place to...
  18. Baldbloke

    Brake pipe renewal. Front to back on 211. Advice please.

    It is a 2007 E class 320 cdi estate. The longest pipe is heavily corroded at the rear O/S and needs replaced. I have taken off the covers and see that it is only the last two feet of pipe that has any corrosion. The rest is as new but appears to be one piece from the flexi-hose at the rear...
  19. R

    Clk black series advice

    Evening all, new member as of 5 mins ago looking for input & advice. I test drove a 2007 clk63 amg black series today and subject to sorting an issue with the ppf with the dealer I am intending on buying it. Just wondered if any body could offer any buying advice or knows any of the cars...
  20. IBN

    Advice Please

    Hi Everyone I'm looking for a cheap, reliable, and comfortable second-hand car with an auto box and have seen a few 2004/2005 Mercedes C180s which I quite like. I'd be grateful if someone could tell me if there any particular faults I should be looking out for. Thanks Ian
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