1. GreetMe

    Leasehold service charge advice

    I'd really appreciate some advice on this... Six months ago I sold my leasehold property. Shortly after completion I was told that there was a shortfall in the service charge payments that I'd made (because the payments are only estimates until the management company do their year-end...
  2. MB-tex

    w124 rear hubs - advice needed

    Hi All About to begin swapping out rear subframe on '96 e280 estate. I am looking to buy a couple of used rear hubs to clean up and attach to the new frame. Are rear hubs standard across the years/range or do I need to buy a specific hub for my car/year? I have seen a good one on ebay from...
  3. R

    Looking for advice

    Ok. I'm still undecided. I'm torn between a Merc E350 sport 2010, BMW 530D Msport and the Audi A6 3 litre diesel All are 3 litre diesel estates. I've driven the Merc and enjoyed it apart from the placement of the gear lever and brakes. I also tested the BMW but it was a 520d. The only...
  4. D

    Should I order a new C63S Coupe?

    Hi all, Just about to pull the trigger and order a C63S Coupe, new. Swapping my 2016 M4. Before I do, does anyone have any advice or warnings/comments etc for me? I've never owned a Merc but can't resist that sound any longer! What are the current factory lead times also? Not what...
  5. D

    C63S advice and facelift talk

    Hi all, my first post so apologies if I made any mistakes. I'm hoping the forum can help me. I currently own a 2016 M4 and am just approaching being in a financial situation to be able to swap it for a C63S coupe. I will be ordering one new. Two parts to the help request really. 1. I...
  6. M

    Can anyone share there advice before I purchase w124

    hey guys I'm looking to purchase a W124 estate and have come across this one on eBay and I was just wondering if you guys noticed anything about it or if it's a good deal? I'm looking to run one as a daily driver so I want to buy the right one . Is there anything I should be looking out for on...
  7. I

    Electronics Advice Needed!

    Hi, I have been having issues with my power boot opener/closer on my CLS 500. Everything appears fine on STAR, boot normalised, no faults recorded. I did some investigation and I have I believe that the problem lies within the control unit. In particular the motor control relay. I have come...
  8. M

    SRS light on, seat belt presenter not working, some advice please!

    Hi, some advice please folks, my seat belt presenter on the drivers side has stopped working, it puts the SRS warning on, but when I get moving it goes out but the seat belt not fastened warning flickers on and off, any ideas?
  9. reflexboy

    W211 Purchase Advice

    Morning fellow forum fellows and ladies. My neighbour is looking for a W211 Estate, E200 Petrol, around MY2006-MY2008. He is not worried about gizmos like Comand etc. He just wants a roomy, reliable estate car. He has asked me what to look out for with regard to common issues with W211s. Any...
  10. dervdoc

    s210 SLS DELETE? advice

    hi all been a while seen i have been on here. so my latest predicament is my s210. all an all the self leveling suspension what pretty shot. rotten pipes, leaking shocks and shot sphere's. so pulled all out of her. i have searched for what springs an shocks can be used but results usually throw...
  11. ray d

    MAIN CATS REMOVAL advice re sensors

    Hi all I am sure this has been talked about before but I cant find anything but I am thinking of removing the main cats on slk 55 R172 but am not sure what will the sensors pick up and are they going to show up faults. Has anyone done this and had they any problems. Thanks Ray
  12. Gaz-M

    VITO W447- New Van Points, and Some Mods Advice..?

    After buying my new Vito 116 a few months ago Im still loving it. A few minor things Ive noticed though and wondered if any other owners have the same thing... 1: I get a static shock nearly every time I get out the van- very obvious! 2: Whirring noise from brakes if braking hard at...
  13. J

    W203 C200 Cdi issues...been on STAR..need advice?

    So firstly the car is a 2005 C200 Cdi auto with 88000 miles and full MB History. I brought the car 2 weeks ago, private seller who had the car 6 years, was last serviced 1k mile ago at main dealer. Test drove the car from cold for a good 15 mins and drove perfectly, noticed the temp gauge had...
  14. P

    Advice best options to fix scratches and scuffs

    Hi , This is my back driver side bumper after reversing slightly to a corner. Screenshot by Lightshot The car is brand new and those are the only marks really annoyed :wallbash:, took it to the local MB dealer and they want £240 to repair, and it would be ready the same day they would not...
  15. F

    Air con advice.

    Hi All, I've noticed that while my A/C does get seem to be working it doesn't seem as cold as other cars I've previously owned which got really ice cold. My car is two and half years old I've had it six months and make sure I regularly run the A/C whatever the weather as am aware of the...
  16. T

    W212 tyres advice

    Hi guys, I am not sure if this has been covered before... I will soon need to change the rear tyres on my W212 saloon but I'm not sure what to do. Their size is 245/45/17 and I have Hankooks MO in 95W. I am of the opinion that they haven't lasted too long (around 25-26,000 km) and I am...
  17. Taff814

    Dash cam advice

    Morning all, I'm thinking about installing dash cams front and rear (can the rear one be called a dash cam????) in my C204 2013. Anybody have any recommendations as to the best ones? I plan to have an auto sparks do the installation so I have no visible wires and I know it'll work. (I'm an...
  18. T

    Tyre advice W212 saloon 220 CDI

    Hi guys, I am not sure if this has been covered before... I will soon need to change the rear tyres on my W212 saloon but I'm not sure what to do. Their size is 245/45/17 and I have Hankooks MO in 95W. I am of the opinion that they haven't lasted too long (around 25-26,000 km) and I am...
  19. D

    Advice on replacing timing chain CLK320

    Hi Everyone, Hope you can advise concerning when and if I should replace Timing Chain on my 2005 CLK 3.2 coupe. It is approaching 120K miles and there are as yet no problems with the chain currently. I have read advice from a number of forums some saying leave well alone and others saying...
  20. ray d

    PRIMARY / SECONDARY CAT REMOVAL need advice who has done it

    Hi I bought the front pipes to take out the secondary cat and opened it up today and I thought the car had sucked in a pussy cat as all is in it is hair. I am doing it to get a bit more of V8 noise but am now wondering if I have wasted my money. Is there anyone who has removed the "cat hair" and...
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