1. Abdul

    Alpine single din headunit - UTE92BT

    As above In mint condition pretty much but not in original box. Comes with loom and case. Please bare in mind this is a mechless player so no cd player. £60 collected from ilford Essex or £70 posted. Thanks
  2. L

    Alpine T152 TV Tuner

    Hi Ive pulled the Apline T152 TV tuner from my 270ML. Included is the tuner box, the remote and manual. Ive not removed any other wires. As analogue isn't available where I live I cant test. Make me an offer, seems european's still buy these.
  3. M.A.94

    Alpine CDA-9812RB power supply??

    Hello, been lurking around the forum for a while now but haven't really posted much. I own and drive an w210 E320 and touch wood the car has not given any problems in my time of owning it. I do however have an issue with my stereo, I have the alpine CDA-9812RB. Those of you who have owned any...
  4. D

    W220 Audio 10 Cassette replace with Alpine Double DIN q

    Hello All I am now the proud owner of a 10,000 mile 1999 W220 S320 :) It is in as new condition and the only thing I want to change is the head unit - currently it has an Audio 10 cassette head unit, I want to fit an Alpine W925R double din head unit. Questions: * Does the rear of the Audio 10...
  5. G

    W209 CLK350 and Alpine CarPlay head unit

    Hi folks, I decided I couldn't stand the Audio20 in my CLK and swapped it for an Alpine ILX-700 CarPlay unit at the weekend. I wanted to try installing it myself ready for a few hours driving the following day. I used the Connects2 installation kit for the W209 and the install seemed to go...
  6. J

    FS: Alpine X800D-ML & Rear View Camera

    Hi, Having arranged the trade in of my W164 ML, I now have a few bits and pieces to sell. Firstly the Alpine X800D-ML retrofit Navigation unit. This is boxed, complete and has a brand new DAB aerial and a new GPS antenna as the one that came with it, may not be as sticky as it once was...
  7. D

    Alpine summer destination

    We are planning our summer holiday, and would like any pointers as to where summer snow can be found. Ideally we'd like to stay somewhere near a lake that has a cable car / furnicular access to a mountain with a bit of snow on top for the kids. Any ideas would be most welcome Thank you
  8. T

    Alpine SATNAV for sale

    Hi I am selling my Alpine INE-W970BT. It was taken out professionally from my Mercedes CLK 320 Year 2005 facelift. For specifications go to Alpine website link below for specifications and product description. Alpine - Navigation Systems - INE-W970BT It is only 6 months old and...
  9. AnilS

    Alpine CDE-9880R CD/Tuner/iPod/USB/Aux - £70

    Stunning Reference Alpine model. Sounds stunning as all Alpines do. Std Din E fitting so fits all cars with this aperture. Came out of a Corsa C (2004) so I have the cable harness and console if needed. Otherwise the cables to match your car can be bought for about £10 at Halfords. Still...
  10. S

    Anyone used a Alpine KTP-445 Amp?

    Hi Guys Was just wondering if anyone has any experience of using the Alpine KTP-445 amp, looking at getting a new Alpine double din head unit for my W211, getting a sub with built in amp and wanted to also amp the speakers, want to avoid the associated labour cost of adding an amp so the above...
  11. T


    I have a Alpine INE-W970BT installed in my CLK, is it possible to download speed camera data to the unit. Many Thanks.
  12. T


    Hi, just had an Alpine satnav installed by Cambridge Car Audio, also a reversing camera, all works really well. I didn't want to take the Comand out but at the end of the day there not that good, a bit dated. The Alpine does everything I need.
  13. Alfie

    Apple Car Play - Alpine ILX700

    If any forum members are interested, we have the Alpine Apple Car Play units in stock. Forum discount applies ;)
  14. A

    W211 Audio 20 Replaced by Aftermarket Alpine - SQ issue

    I have this weekend replaced the original Audio 20 headunit for a alpine 9853 headunit which i had on my old car as i have ipod connection. Got it all fitted works fine... But... the sound quality is quite low compared to the audio 20, i assume the audio 20 has a built in amp and runs better...
  15. A

    W219 Alpine MF 2910 nightmare!

    Hi thus is my first post, after a year of indecision I decided to turn my back on the Jag and buy an E Class estate! I was going to fit my pioneer iPod head unit and removed the Alpine unit. After five minutes of realising that the glaring neon pioneer spoilt the ambience of the cabin I put the...
  16. chubbs111

    for sale alpine ida-x311

    for sale alpine ida-x311 mechless player,radio,usb and ipod,as new only a few months old,still under warranty,boxed with instructions £50 +postage
  17. I

    Alpine x800du fitting

    I there i am buying a alpine x800du for my c class 10 plate and was looking to buy the alpine Compact Amplifier 4 X45 RMS 4 X100 Max. Connects to Alpine on Head Unit speaker leads. I have replace all door speakers and twitters and was wondering if and where I could put a self powered sub the...
  18. T

    Alpine Sat Nav

    Hi I have a 2005 facelift CLK with Command NTG 2.0, is there a big problem removing this and installing a double din Sat Nav. I am considering the attached link, any views? I have had Pioneer and Kenwood in the past but understand that Alpine is better choice. Alpine INE-W970BT 6.1"...
  19. gIzzE

    New Alpine Head unit for ML/GL W164...

    This looks amazing... Alpine*-*M-Class W164 Bj. 2006-2011 So nice to see a proper manufacturer do dedicated marque models rather than some cheap Chinese tat.
  20. chubbs111

    for sale alpine head unit

    for sale alpine ida-x311 mechless head unit,purchased in january so still under warranty,lights up green,takes usb,ipod,comes with box,instructions,usb lead and ipod lead,perfect condition,THIS HEAD UNIT DOES NOT PLAY CDS.looking for £65 plus postage.
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