1. E

    Wanted Hardtop Mercedes SL 450 R107 ASAP

    Hi everyone, If you have some information about who wants to sell the hardtop, please let me know. You can reach me at 07376101442 or email me at [email protected]. Thanks mate! cheers!
  2. Gollom

    Advice on R171 SLK asap please

    Going to take a look at a 2005 R171 shortly - what are the main things to look for please? I have the VIN - if I recall the MB service history can be interrogated using it. Anybody have the relevant link please?
  3. P

    STUPID ACCIDENT adice needed ASAP

    hi there guys i got a c63 and i wrecked the drivers door today.just trying to keep this very short: reversed the car,put on the hand brake and left the car in R(stupid i know), spoke to someone,the car didn't move an inch with hand brake on. then decided to turn the ignition off without...
  4. mbenz1977

    Wanted ! Clk and c class saloon asap cash waiying

    WANTED!!! Anyone selling any Mercedes 2004 onwards clk or c class saloons. cash waiting £500-£1500. 07944594949
  5. mbenz1977

    W203 17" avantgarge alloys wanted asap.

    Willing to pay upto £100 for the right set. Please call 07944594949. C class AVANTGAURDE alloys
  6. mbenz1977

    Wanted asap clk w209 & c class w202

    Wanted asap ------- Anyone selling any CLK / C class Mercedes w203 w209 shape 52reg to 09 reg with or without mot £500 -£1000 cash waiting -thanks call 07944594949
  7. Robfen100

    Doh! I want my c350 back asap

    Well...nearly two weeks ago a fellow motorist of inadequate mental capacity or dubious knowledge of the highway code thought nothing of using the wrong lane (i.e on the right side of a keep left bollard) to turn right onto an A road, just at the moment I was pulling off the road at approx 50...
  8. N

    WTB ASAP: Starter motor to fit '98 W202 C250 TD, also used on

    I'm looking for a good used starter motor for the above car. As far as I can see these cars were fitted with either Valeo or Bosch starter motors and I think they are interchangeable - see the screen grab for the particular car in need. Not 100% sure about this so if anyone knows differently...
  9. arfan786

    w126 sec fuel pump realy needed asap

    hi guys i am after a fuel pump relay for mercedes 560 sec anyone have any ideas please let me know.
  10. W

    urgent help please asap

    hi, i have a clk 320 convertible parked outside in the rain with the roof down and windows down ! i had the car parked outside like that went out an hour later, the car started up but when i went to close the roof the car stalled and now wont restart. the key no longer works the central locking...
  11. Majida

    Remap needed in the north west region asap

    Hey folks, I'm after a bit more power from my w211 e320 cdi, runs smooth as silk but I'm wanting more umpff from it, I'm unsure what remaps are available so I need to put in the right hands in getting 1 done, I have a few questions Are there only the chip boxs available for these Mercs I'm...
  12. Lipsylee

    C32 johnson IC30 pump asap please

    Hello I need a IC30 pump ASAP as can't drive the car until I get and fit one , help haha thanks lipsylee
  13. Lipsylee

    Need new intercooler pump and fitted asap

    Hello , savman has just diagnosed my pump as non functional So In need of a new one and fitted and the cost please for my c32 amg . I have a separate or extra cooling tank so will need a decent pump . Let me know your ideas and costs please . Thanks lipsy.
  14. T

    Very Urgent: W211 ABS/SBC Unit to buy ASAP!

    Hi everyone, I have a 2003 Mercedes Benz E220 CDI. It's the W211 model. It keeps popping up on screen that Brakes Defective; Stop Vehicle! Because of this, the gears are jammed and cannot move the car. It's automatic. It's giving me real headache. I took it to a couple of places to clear the...
  15. D

    WANTED boot lock ASAP

    need a boot lock ASAP for a w202 1999 reg if any one has one let me know
  16. developer

    Wheel query - answer needed ASAP please.

    The cls wheels I have won on ebay are: Front A2194011502 B603 1230 Rear A2194011602 B603 1231 both numbers off the wheels themselves and the photos are clearly the correct wheels. But in my MB catalogue and on Alloy Wheel Direct: both the A numbers are the same but Front is B603...
  17. Gollom

    W203 CDi Coupe (02) Wiring colour help asap please

    Decided to pick up power for my SatNav power supply from the back of the cigarette lighter - got blue, brown and yellow/black wires. Which is live and which is ground please? Also, the power supply is 1.2mA @ 5v and the SatNav expects 1.5mA @ 5v. Would it be sensible to add an inline fuse? If...
  18. blaser24nig

    can someone that knows about SL navigation disk call me asap please...

    As per the title... Call needed asap... 07720 619 870
  19. M

    Help needed ASAP guys

    Just got my self a set of ronal pentas in 16 for my w126 420 sec and trying to work out what tyres I need fronts r 7jx16h2e23 and rears r 8jx16h2e11
  20. M

    URGENT!!! 1982 w123 280ce starts but doesn't drive!! Please Help ASAP

    Hello, I've been having a lot of problems with my 280ce, firstly it runs on LPG, unfortunately it ran out of LPG and then when switched back to petrol it didn't work, which in turn meant a 50 quid tow 10 miles home.... It has since been filled up with LPG, half filled with petrol. It does run...
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