1. T

    Low price oil at Asda

    £13 for 5lts. MB229.31 and 229.51 spec, fully synthetic. Fill your boots. Well, maybe not your boots.
  2. B

    Asda fuel mix-up hits Birmingham motorists

    Asda fuel mix-up hits Birmingham motorists - BBC News Seems that the tanker driver was having a bad day
  3. F2ED W

    ASDA Fuel

    Hello all. Just a quick one. I am PXing my C250d Coupé and I came out of the dealership after completing paper work and my fuel light came on. I could only see an ASDA so decided to fill up there. Luckily I only put in 20£ as I'm giving the car in this week. As I drove I noticed that the...
  4. camerafodder

    ASDA home delivery...a warning

    Interestingly when/if you order stuff from ASDA for home delivery, the price you pay is the price of the goods on the day of delivery NOT necessarily the price advertised when you place your order. I wonder how many people have been caught out by this little trick?
  5. S

    USB car charger - spotted in ASDA

    Hi, Not sure whether it's the correct place but wanted to share a bargain. I'm using Nexus 4 for navigation and if you do so you'll probably know that it requires 2.1A. I was looking to buy this one from Amazon for £18 but for my luck it became out of stock: 2.1 Volt dual USB Car Lighter...
  6. Dash1

    Man bailed over fatal Biggleswade Asda parking fight

    This is a really sad story this morning on the BBC News web site. Early investigations by the Police are ongoing (seeking witnesses) at the moment but it appears that a man has died as a result of an argument following a disabled car parking space in an Asda car park. What is the world coming...
  7. trapperjohn

    Horlicks at Asda. Click and Not Collect.

    So SWMBO ordered some toys off Asda last Sunday via the good old internet (A week ago for readers of old threads as this one comes round again) The general gist of the promotion by Asda is - Order today and get the goods tomorrow or the day after. You are to be contacted by text or/and email...
  8. The _Don

    Jack Daniels cheap at asda

    £18 for 1 litre - might be of use to some here, i got 10 litres today and will get 10 more tomorrow which will last a good few months.
  9. L

    Asda Car Park Fine?

    Recently I had the misfortune to use an Asda carpark. It was less than a quarter full and I parked in a far off corner. When I returned, there was a parking ticket for £60 (£30 if paid within a certain time) . My 'crime' apparently was I didn't park exactly within the designated box. While there...
  10. O

    Castrol Magnatec engine oil, 4 litres at 10 pounds, ASDA

    As we all do our shopping to ASDA I just like to point out not to forget to get some engine oil as well. There is the 10W40 rated 229.1 for MB, 10 pounds 4 litres is a good price :thumb: Castrol Magnatec 4 litres for £10 - Both fully/semi synthetic! Asda instore - HotUKDeals
  11. proser

    Catrol GTX 15W40 Semi Synth @ Asda

    Currently at £10 / 4ltr :thumb: and meets MB229.1 Just purchased 16ltr :bannana:
  12. AANDYY

    Todays wacky deal by Asda!

    I was in Asda today, I don't normally shop there as I start to itch when I've been in there a while :p but mi Dad needed to go as his car is off the road at the moment. But this deal! do they think Asda customers are mouth breathing morons! :D
  13. Ted

    ASDA Synthetic oil

    ASDA sell their fully synthetic oil at under £20 (18.50 IIRC) Bargain! After all, it IS synthetic. So from now on all of my oil changes will be done using this oil. Can't do any harm can it? :devil:
  14. G

    Asda to reduce fuel prices by 2p from tomorrow

    "Every little helps"
  15. W

    Cheap Mobil 1 ESP oil at ASDA ;)

    5L Mobil 1 ESP at £32. Also the non-ESP full synth version is the same price. The ESP one meets 229.51 for the long-service interval for the latest diesels inc those with DPF. Costco is (was) £19.99 for 4L plus VAT = equiv of £29.36 for 5L inc VAT so still a bit cheaper if you are a member and...
  16. coupe deville

    odd oil offer at ASDA

    ASDA is selling Mobil S 10-40 semi synthetic 5 ltr pack £22 1 ltr pack special offer reduced from £4 to £3 even at £4 its still cheaper :confused:
  17. E

    Asda Complaint
  18. Rob77

    Cheap PC at Asda

    I was in Asda the other day and saw this PC for £349: Comes with a 17" Viewsonic monitor and looks like a bargain if anyone needs a new one.
  19. P

    Mobil 1 ASDA

    Bought some Mobil 1 full synth today £4.65 for a 1 Litre bottle reduced from £9.85 Thats Asda price. Wonder if all Asda stores will be the same, mine is Asda at boldon Tyne and Wear, worth checking if your out with wife doin the weekly shop.
  20. T

    Panic At Asda Tonight

    Just got back,God iam glad i got home,......Before i mention what happened, make sure you don't make the same mistake. Here goes - parked at the parking bay, mrs went in for the shopping,leaving me and son (asleep),and iam totally knackered.About half hour later she got back with the...
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