1. S

    Is the S124 aerial + motor assembly same as w124?

    Hello, The motor's gone on my aerial, but before I get all ebay happy, does anyone know if it's the same piece of kit for the estate as the saloon? Some one told me it was different, but I've also read it's the same. I've searched the threads and can't find a definitive answer. Might...
  2. M

    2018 Mercedes S Class Drives Off Assembly Line With Autopilot - Video

    2018 Mercedes S Class Drives Off Assembly Line With Autopilot [YOUTUBE HD]pF69r5cBTCU[/YOUTUBE HD]
  3. O

    Brake disc assembly torque settings - W204

    Hi, I'm about to do some DIY maintenance on my 2011 W204; changing front and rear discs and pads. Does anyone have the recommended torque settings for: 1) Brake slider bolts, front and rear, 2) Caliper bolts, front and rear. Any other useful advice would be greatly appreciated. Cheers
  4. Justin1600

    Complete sunroof assembly W202 / C43 AMG

    A complete sunroof assembly removed from a 1999 C43 AMG. Comes as in the pictures with the motor and glass. £200
  5. M

    Mercedes S Class W222 Factory Assembly Plant - Video

    Mercedes S Class W222 Factory Assembly Plant hL0nl4i5jSU
  6. M

    2016/2017 Mercedes E Class Factory Assembly Plant - Video

    2016/2017 Mercedes E Class Factory Assembly Plant _fO-WM4U_nw
  7. smurgewurfler

    W124 drivers door mirror assembly needed - HELP!

    My W124 estate drivers door mirror had a clout in a carpark over the weekend which has damaged the main frame. The paintwork has survived as has the mirror glass and all the electrical bits. This is car is due to be loaned to Mercedes Benz Stratford in 10 days or so for the launch of the new E...
  8. MB James

    W639 2011 Viano o/s headlamp assembly

    Pheasant hit the headlamp and smashed the glass, so I need a new assembly. Tried a Hella unit but it doesn't have the LEDs.
  9. MB James

    Replacing a 2011 Viano Headamp assembly

    My local mercedes just quoted me £500 for a driver side headlamp assembly. Euro car parts say £150. Can anyone recommend a good OEM make or where I can get one asap (this weekend). Cheers, James
  10. coalville126

    W126 single fuel pump assembly

    Wanted as in the title for an early W126. I'm after the complete single pump assembly with bracket, accumulator, pump & pipes. Tested the FPR and confirmed that it was the pump that's failed. Upon getting under and looking at it, I was shocked to see how corroded the bracket & rigid pipe...
  11. D

    W203 exhaust assembly

    Hi, Can any tell me if there's a gasket or sealing ring that goes between the center exhaust section and the CAT on a W203 or point me towards a diagram or list of exhaust parts? The back box is blowing at one of the welds so I need to remove the rear exhaust section, investigate and then...
  12. J

    WANTED - Mercedes W124 COUPE Driver Side Mirror Assembly

    I am looking for the driver side electric outside mirror assembly for a Mercedes W124 Coupe. Preferably in Almond Red color, but can be also different color.
  13. E

    W211 Rear Dome Light Assembly

    Anyone know how it comes off or has a pic/video showing how its done? the little part that comes down sounds like a machine gun when opening/closing:confused:
  14. spuggets

    W203 AMG C32 drive shaft and hub assembly

    Put the car in for a wheel bearing today, the call came back that the drive shaft is seized in the hub... And Merc want £1500 for these parts :O Can anyone advise: - good places to source used parts (no joy on eBay) - what the correct part is for a 2004 car as I understand they are...
  15. M

    Oil pooling in oil/filler/separator/breather assembly.

    Hi, brand new to the site (and forums in general). I am having trouble with my 05 plate c220 CDI, an oil leak that is pooling in the channels just under the oil filler cap (oil drip pan? Oil separator housing?). After a while the pooling oil spills onto the hot engine (exhaust manifold?)...
  16. KoFidee

    Vito assembly

    Where is the vito van made factory built. Is the sports model assembly finished over here if so where Chrome bits put on etc?
  17. P

    w211 rear cigarette assembly

    Need the lighter itself along with the housing it sits in, see pic below
  18. karozza

    Complete Dashboard assembly removal!?

    Has anyone had their dash taken out at MB; if so, what was the experience?? Better still does anyone know where to get the procedure how to remove the complete dash of an SL??
  19. J

    W203 Throttle Pedal Assembly

    Would anyone happen to have the part number handy for the throttle/accelerator pedal assembly to fit a 2004 W203 270 CDI C Class? I'm getting intermittent P0123 issues and would like to replace the throttle pot before a trip to Germany in the next few weeks.. I tried using the search and keep...
  20. Somebody

    Benz jargon: Whats 'major assembly'?

    I wasn't sure where to post this so I posted it in tech, since it is kinda a tech question, sort of. So, I bought that really cool manual that costs like 9.99 and looks like somebody stole it straight from MB's own office, and its excellent, but there is something I can't figure out. For some...
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