1. B

    4 x 225 55 r16 wintertyres. Avon Ice Touring ST. 99xl

    Ideal for W/S211. 6mm all round, no repairs or damage. Only used one season. £140 the lot. A no brainer at this price, , save the wear on your summer tyres, enjoy better tyre performance at under 7degrees c, and if the ice/ snow arrives, they'll keep you mobile, and may just save your...
  2. B

    4 x Avon Touring Ice ST 225 55 r16 99h

    Winter tyres ideal for W/S211, I used them last year only (3 months use), bought new in March (drove down to Alps skiing). No longer needed, no punctures, repairs, or sidewall damage. £260 ono, collected from South Oxfordshire, or you pay courier charge.
  3. B

    4 x 16 inch Avon Touring Ice tyres £240

    New in March, done 3,000 miles only, excellent condition and very well reviewed tyres. 225 55 16, were fitted to my W211. £240 for the four (two thirds of the new price, I feel is extremely reasonable, considering then are probably less than 10% used). Tyres are in Cholsey, OX10.
  4. ash59fifty-uk

    Stratford Upon Avon

    Nice day out today over here, ended nicely seeing a lovely example of a white C63 facelift in the car park, this anybody's on here? I'd take a picture of it but have been staring at it long enough, people might ask questions! Missus is starting to get jealous of the attention it's getting
  5. G

    Stratford Upon Avon?

    Hi folks, I'm new to the forum and just wondered if there are any local meets or forum members in or near Stratford Upon Avon? Cheers, Giles
  6. A

    Continental V Avon

    Anyone who has seen my woes over uneven tyre wear will have picked up I now need 4 new tyres! Not a happy bunny! (may have solved this with a purchase of a fellow MBClub member) Anyway. I have been quoted: REAR CONTINENTAL 265/35 X 18 - £175.66 AVON...
  7. Howard

    Avon ZV5

    Anyone have any comments or have used them ? Camskill have them quite cheap at the mo , before I have always used Falken 452's , I see they are now 453 , but seem expensive ? The last set of 452's I bought were £80 each , these are £111 each now ! I need a pair of rears in the not too distant...
  8. N

    4 x Avon ZV5 215 45 ZR17 91W tyres. Made 4110, 6mm tread..

    Selling for a friend, a v. good matching set of premium Avon ZV5 215 45 ZR17 91W tyres, manufactured in the 41st week of 2010. New, these tyres are about £95 per wheel. We checked the depth across all 4 today & the gauge read 6mm in each & every 'channel' except for one reading which was 5mm...
  9. mr tibbs

    Avon ZV5 tyres?

    Hi all I have just ordered a couple of new Avon ZV5 tyres to replace the worn out fronts on my 210 E320. Has anyone got any comments, good or bad, about these tyres? I am hoping that they are a good tyre, I can't find any negative comments on the web and they seem to be a reasonable price, I...
  10. F

    Decent specialist near Stratford upon Avon?

    First post so be patient with me...! Just bought a 210 and need a decent and reasonable value indy to look after it for me. I live in Stratford upon Avon... Any suggestions?
  11. D

    Avon ZZ3's £339.90 for 4

    Hello Currently have really sh1ty tryes on the car which have no grip in the wet. National can supply and fit Avon ZZ3's for £340 (buy 3 get 4th free) I think thats a good deal. Anyone got any thoughts on the matter? Anyone using or have used them? Derek
  12. L

    Avon Tyres on R230

    Has anyone any experience of Avon tyres ZZ3's on a R230? The reason for asking is that 4 tyres ( 2@ 245x40x18 and 2@ 275x35x18) are coming out at under £500 including delivery to N. Ireland. This seems vey reasonable.
  13. aka$h

    Opinions of avon ZZ3's

    I need to get a new set of tyres, not really sure what to go for, the zz3's are £80 each which is pretty good for 225\45\17's. I just wanted to know if any one has used these, or if there is website which shows tyre tests? Cheers Guys!
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