1. reflexboy

    Worst badged Mercedes?

    Currently on holiday in Mallorca and spotted this whilst visiting Cala Millor. For those of you whom are not familiar with this model, it's an "0222 CLK", W202!!!
  2. PurpleDog

    SL73 badged as SL70 (R129)?

    Hi all, Am curious about my SL70 (R129) and hope someone can help with the following queries: - My SL70 has a 7.291 engine with stated 510 bhp. Apparently, this was the “rare” version with only 5-10 made. - SL73 is spec as 510 bhp (sometimes reported as effective 525 bhp) as well, with...
  3. richard300

    W124 Estate (E7 Badged) - anyone know the car?

    Traveling home from work the other evening two W124's (A coupe and an estate) were waiting to pull out of a side street - The coupe was just a 300e with a manual gearbox that i have seen on ebay recently BUT the estate seemed like something really special, and i wondered if anyone knew more...
  4. Dizwen

    Do real AMGs punish AMG badged up cars?

    I was driving home the other day and as I approached a crossroads in my home town and a c-class w203 coupe pulled out from the right and caused me to brake, not hard, but enough to make me think "what a to$er" As I got closer to the boot of the car I saw C220 AMG on the boot lid. it had...
  5. sidporsche

    E55 badged E200

    Mercedes E200 as E55 AMG | eBay:doh:
  6. AA55HEY

    W208 plain (de badged) grill

    Hi Does anyone know where i can buy a plain (de badged) W208 grill? I intend to 3M carbon wrap it like the one in the photo attached. Thank you.
  7. Gucci

    "Cheap" 280SL badged as 300SL...iffy? £6k looks a tad steep?
  8. Barryh

    Badged or De-Badged

    The SLK 350 has arrived but debadged.Not my choice. A.should I get it badged so as others do not think it is a 200,especially with my wife`s plate on it? B.Keep it as a wolf in sheeps clothing? C.Get it badged so as to show its strength? Vain I know,but.....:D
  9. F

    De Badged.

    Following on from the other thread. reply with your model and with details of whether or not its debadged. C270 CDI - Badged.
  10. Goldfish11

    Badged or Debadged, that is the question??

    I am considering debadging my E220CDI for looks. I decided to take a photo and then do a bit of photo shop work to see what would look best. The problem is I can not make up my mind, so thought it worth getting a poll going and asking the experts at the MBClub. I would really appreciate...
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