1. wu56Shoozz

    A New Heavy Metal Tribute Band ..

    "Twisted F***** Seat Belts" Is it me or Mercedes make crap seat belts.. both my Vito and C Class suffer this and it gets annoying, whereby you unclip the belt go to get out the vehicle and..there's a pool of belt lying in the floorwell, but its twisted up at the pillar and jammed in the...
  2. developer

    Name That Band

    We're looking for a new band name. The lads play classic rock and blues covers - the type of stuff that's instantly recognisable by the Friday/Saturday night pub crowd - Lizzy, ACDC, Free, Stones, ZZ Top etc etc. Ideally it needs to be a name that sets out what type of music the band play...
  3. ringway

    Juzzie Smith - One Man Band.

    I got this by text from Big Un a while ago. :) RcrujO7lKsA&nohtml5=False
  4. P

    Netgear D6200 dual band wifi router/modem

    3 month old NETGEAR D6200 dual band wifi modem/router for sale. Top of the range router ideal for BT ADSL/ADSL2 lines and a much better replacement for standard home hubs. Cost me £110... Looking for £30.. It's boxed with all the bits good to go. Will not work on fibre/infinity Internet hence...
  5. MD5

    Ladyboys - The Band. Sky ch172 NOW!

    Not the sort of thing I'd normally watch or plug, but Barry Upton is a mate of mine, so this is a shameless plug!
  6. P

    VED band?

    Didn't know which section to put this in but... My VED on my recently acquired CLK270 CDI is showing on my V5 as 249G/KM but I can not find reference to emissions this high anywhere else parkers is giving a figure of 183G/KM and the government website 188G/KM. Has anyone else got an emissions...
  7. mat8n

    Red band?

    Thinking of putting a red band/line on the rim of my wheels? Good or gash?
  8. bob6600

    Loom Band Bargain....

    If you hurry, there is still time to get your bids in :wallbash: Loom Band Dress | eBay
  9. LTD

    The 'One Band/Artist Only' thread.

    Bit of amusement. We all have different tastes. Let's say you only have one band or artist (solo only) to listen to for the rest of your life. Who do you choose ? I've had this decision many times in my head and with friends over a few beers - or maybe more :D Sometimes Floyd...
  10. jonnyMercUK

    Looking for a band...

    I'm looking for a band to play at our wedding, just wondered if anyone knew of any. Primarily want the band to play motown stuff with some current songs also. I've trawled the internet for hours and still not found any I like :( None of the singers seem to have any soul in them!
  11. LTD

    One band, one album, one concert.

    Original line up as recorded. No encores, straight on, play it all, leave. What's your choice of an evening ? For me it would have to be Pink Floyd and 'The Wall' but there are so many fantastic choices ..............
  12. J

    My experience with the Police today (not the band!)

    I thought that I would share with you my experience with the police today. This morning I woke up to find the rear number plate missing off my Passat. One of those things I thought, and I just couldn't be bothered to be upset. So I thought before someone starts filling fuel and driving off...
  13. LTD

    Wireless n/g dual band router recommendations ...

    Anybody got any favourites ? Currently using a Belkin G spec router but both the new iMac and iPad2 are 'n' compatible. Kids lappies are still 'g' spec so dual band seems the no-brainer. Open to suggestion ... :eek:
  14. J

    Anyone in to The Cure (band) on here?

    Went to see them last night at the Royal Albert Hall, absolutely amazing. Have some pics and videos to share if anyone is interested?
  15. grober

    Clarence Clemons passes to that Big Band in the sky

    The death of Clarence Clemons sax player late of Springsteens E street band has been announced as a result of a stroke suffered last year. Bruce Springsteen said of Clarence Clemons: "Clarence lived a wonderful life. He carried within him a love of people that made them love him. He created...
  16. tpwuk

    Band Taste ML Interior

    2002 02 Mercedes-Benz ML 320 ELEGANCE LPG 7 SEAT silver on eBay (end time 15-Dec-10 21:06:58 GMT) :eek:
  17. grober

    New Boy Band??

    Came across this press release for a New Boy Band. Simon Cowell will surely snap them up unless Mercedes gets there first?:rolleyes:
  18. S

    My big brother and his band are on the BBC News! He's the beardy on the right :)
  19. grober

    Band of Brothers-tonight

    This award winning series is being repeated on BBC 2 STARTING TONIGHT at 12.20a.m. If you havn't caught this series before set your video. Forget all the Playstation , Xbox "cartoons" you won't get closer to WW2 front line combat than this. The first and last programmes are slow paced but...
  20. grober

    Save on your band G car tax

    No doubt some folks will have thought of this already but if not this was posted on a subaru site recently:- I'm sure those of you unlucky enough to own Band G cars are already quite p1ssed off at the latest plans to rob your money come March 2009 What's been less publicised is that in...
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