1. R

    Irish Banks...

    ...but how true for British banks:
  2. Howard

    Better break open the piggy banks

    There's a 6 litre Hammer coupe for sale ... Mercedes-Benz 300 CE 6.0 AMG Widebody The Hammer als Sportwagen/Coupé in Alkmaar
  3. I

    Tony Banks Leeds....

    Fitted my GS430 with a full exhaust system. Really good work by great blokes. Even though It was a full system, it came in at around £750. Top marks:thumb:
  4. Palfrem

    I hate banks

    How do they do it? Just looking at my Santander current statement on line and there is a debit dated 25.03.13. How can that be?
  5. swannymere

    Let the banks go bust.

    Short clip with the Icelandic President, food for thought? Let the banks go bust
  6. Palfrem

    Greek bail out & haircut for banks

    Ok, The banks have just had to write off 50% of the debt they hold for the bone idle, workshy, tax dodging Greeks. How come their shares have rocketed today then please, anyone?
  7. davethemus

    Are there any sensible economists left in Britain?

    BBC News - Bank of England injects further £75bn into economy
  8. Palfrem

    I hate the banks

    I have a esavings account with Lloyds, with whom I have banked for almost 40 years. The anniversary is up and I am loosing the "bonus" interest rate. Just called their customer service dept to close my existing account and open a new one to qualify for the extra bonus rate. Despite this...
  9. Benzowner

    The Banks

    Is this one of the reasons why the country is continuing to struggle? The current base rate is 0.5% my companies bank phoned me yesterday to renegotiate out overdraft facility which was at 4%, a year old. The new rate.........well, the bank manager said he didn't think it right to charge us the...
  10. 2

    Banks and why i hate them!!!

    Went to transfer some funds from one business account to another. My online account would not allow it, so popped into my local branch, handed over my chequebook and card for the funds to be transfered to. 'I'd like to make a bacs transfer to this account please' 'No problem, that will cost...
  11. Palfrem

    UK Anti terrors laws used on Icelandic banks?

    Can anyone perhaps explain how HMG could apply the anti-terror laws in this case? Icesave is clearly not a subsidiary of Al Quaeda, so how can these laws be used? No wonder the Icelandic PM was miffed. Worryingly, I suppose this means any time the fancy takes them, the UK Authorities can...
  12. Meldrew2

    Japanese banks in trouble

    Following the problems with Lehmann Bros and in the sub-prime lending market in America and the run on Northern Rock, HBOS and Bradford & Bingley in the UK, uncertainty has now hit Japan. In the last 7 days Origami Bank has folded, Sumo Bank has gone belly up and Bonsai Bank announced plans to...
  13. Satch

    Banks really are stupid

    Today I found myself having to try and get some Euros for no.2 son who is off to France for a school holiday study trip. I go to a local bank and try to get Eur.200 off my debit card. This is via chip & PIN terminal on the counter. Passport? No. Driving Licence? No. Other form of photo...
  14. A

    Piggy Banks

    I know it a old story put today was the frist I had heard of it. And people ask why I want out.
  15. grasmere

    aaarrgghh banks !

    Just had a call from, apparently, NatWest, about identity fraud. That of course peaked my interest as I use my NatWest Credit Card on the internet fairly often. The girl wanted me to confirm my identity before she could discuss the account. So I agreed wholehearedly - thats when it started...
  16. grasmere

    Banks - Dont get mad, get even . . .

    Apologies if this is not new but I've just been sent it and I think it is fantastic Subject: BANKS !! : Don't get mad .. get even ..... From the States Dear Sir: I am writing to thank you for bouncing my check with which I endeavoured to pay my plumber last month. By my...
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