1. ioweddie

    I need to buy a new bed so much choice Help

    Its easier to choose a new Mercedes than pick a suitable bed, so much choice, I think I want a pocket sprung divan 4ft 6inch with a faux leather headboard and 4 drawer storage, but then should I get a 5ft, what about individual mattresses on a double/king size. Any advice please. :dk:
  2. P

    Vito 638 lowering springs / rock roll bed (scotland)

    As per title please
  3. B

    Brenderrup tilt bed trailer for sale

    Brenderrup trailer for sale. Tilt bed, four-wheel trailer with a max load of 2600 Kg. This is a decent-sized trailer - it'll take a W124 estate car on the back without overhanging the end of the trailer Galvanised steel construction with an Indespension tow hitch and Alko brakes. Uses 15" 112...
  4. BillyW124

    15 Bed house for sale

    The detached garage seals the deal... 15 bedroom detached for sale in The Bishops Avenue, Hampstead Garden Suburb, London N2 - 28679290 - Zoopla
  5. A

    Made a cat bed.... the iBed

    Working in IT we go through an awful lot of kit that gets recycled. An old eMac caught my eye one day as I passed the disposal store... so I had an idea... Little be scary taking the old CRT tube out when getting to the 'shell' but amazed at how well built and designed the unit was as a...
  6. ioweddie

    How long have you had your bed?

    Was thinking of changing ours but bought a mattress topper instead last year and its soooo! comfortable. Just wondered how long people keep their bed before buying a new one. Eddie.:dk:
  7. poormansporsche

    Top of the Range Mamas & Papas Ocean Cot Bed

    alright peeps, before i bung on ebay Mamas and Papas "Ocean" Cot Bed in Oak VCG Cost 750 quid new ! and takes 2 months for delivery !! Looking for £250 will bung in a Mamas and Papas Memory foam mattress - spotless (cost 150 quid) In kent by Bluewater though will deliver in the van...
  8. Alscoob

    Pine Bed

    I have an good quality antique pine Kind Size bed for sale if anyone is interested. It is waxed and not a laquered finish, excellent condition. Comes apart for easy transportation. I'll get some pictures up soon, open to offers.
  9. R

    Double bunk bed, 2 mattresses, wardrobe, chest of drawers...

    I love this car!! ... Got some strange looks when we walked towards it pushing two full trolleys :-)
  10. W210 Fan

    get me my bed

    some of you guys may think its sacrilege to do this to a 115 but I like it Mercedes Bed is the Racing Car Bed for Adults | Craziest Gadgets
  11. T

    Child's Bed: wooden frame and slats

    For sale due to growing children. Unbranded but sturdy pine bed, about 1.85m long and 75cm wide. Very clean. £25. Collection from Twickenham area. Can deliver locally.
  12. EDZ649

    Kids Cabin Bed for sale

    My son has outgrown his current bed so it is up for sale. I bought this about 4-5 years ago from Benson's Beds at a cost of £400. It is a quality bed, very solid, sturdy and very heavy and definately not to be confused with cheaper makes. There is plenty of storage in the cupboard, shelves...
  13. Darrell

    Bed size

    I am building a studio for a client and need to make up a scale drawing to fax to the client in South Africa. Does anyone know the average size for a single bed?
  14. C240Sport97

    Recommendation for new bed

    Anyone has any suggestions for a new bed? Tried a top of the range duxiana bed today in London .. very comfortable BUT about £8000 (yes, eight thousand pounds) for 6' wide bed.
  15. kwakdonut

    Cot Bed - Brand New

    We have a brand new cot bed for sale. It is an East Coast Angelina - in white and unused in its box! These retail for at least £130. We want £80 - we're in Swindon and will happily deliver a reasonable distance for cost of fuel. Pics here -...
  16. robert.saunders

    Don't forget - extra hour in bed tonight

    Clocks go back 1 hour at 0200 Sunday morning :bannana:
  17. merc180k

    Wife Hit Car Off a Flat Bed Lorry!!!

    Got home tonight after a s*** day and was greeted with the sight of the wife trying to fix her car! I have been informed that she "bumped" the Fiesta while pulling up to a round about - the lorry having stopped in front of her. damage is minimal - front grille cracked, bonnet has moved so...
  18. jpskiller

    Mercedes BED???????

    Anyone like the back seat, well now you can have a bed the same Sorry if posted before
  19. ArtistsRifles

    E320 Estate - bad water leak in load bed area

    Whilst loading up the estate ready for a trip down to France last week I found, under some loose waterproofs, a patch of fungus growing. Further exploration revealed the whole O/S of the load bed was soaking as were the fold up rear seat back and the foot well of the foldup rear seat. The water...
  20. glojo

    Best Positions In Bed

    Perhaps not what you were thinking? A big hate of mine. Pets near babies faces, particularly young pets, but still a big ahhhh I found loads, but tried to keep the files to a reasonable size John
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