1. Mactech

    Bent Saga

    As some of you may recall, I have had a an involvement with Bentley’s quicker cars for some time, and I confess, to building a silborn super SUV. However, this takes the ‘challenging’ Bentayga to whole new level of aesthetic and cultural beauty…..:rolleyes: Bentley Bentayga 4.0 (AWD) 5dr...
  2. zenman63

    M156 rebuild after bent conrod

    As above I have stripped down a 2011 engine after it bent a conrod jamming the crank solid. All very good inside and has the revised SLS tappets and head bolts. New rod from MB parts £154 so not to bad. I have a couple of questions that I cannot find clear on my Wis. The bolts in the...
  3. JOHNO978

    Bent Tie Rod

    Good day to you all, A few weeks ago I had to have my C280 (w202) brought home on a recovery truck after the immobiliser decided to freeze...there are no visible towing hooks/eyes on my car as it has the body kit was fitted when I bought it 7yrs ago and never noticed the towing hooks...
  4. Marku

    Bent alloys

    Never had it happen before but in the last six weeks I have had to have the rims of two wheels straightened. Is it my driving or are the roads getting that bad?
  5. Sp!ke

    How to fix a bent iphone 6

  6. simon1966

    Straightening a bent steering wheel?

    Hi All I wanted to change the steering wheel on my E55 for the later type with paddle shifts from E63. I bought one online, but it has been badly damaged in transit:mad: It has come complete with full steering column, switches etc so is quite heavy and has clearly been dropped from a great...
  7. ringway

    Breaking News - Liverpool Sign Bent.

    Sorry, I couldn't resist it... Again! :D:D:D
  8. A

    R239 Rear pillar bent - help!!

    Hi Guys, Having a massive panic attack here - tried to put the roof down on my 04 SL55 earlier this week and it got stuck half way. Wasn't entirely sure what the problem was but I eventually realised someone had put a solid object on the right shoulder of the boot separator and the mechanism...
  9. carnut

    Bent Wheel rim

    Ive just had 2 new tyres fitted on the rear of my R230 Sl ( Homan rims) and have been told that I have a very slightly buckled rim probably due to our wonderful potholes; Balanced ok but with a quite a few weights Can this be fixed by a wheel refurbishment company ( Net search has suggested it...
  10. ngenius1

    Bent AMG wheel !

    Having hit a pothole at the side of a speed hump, resulting in a puncture and a bent wheel. Just had the two front tyres replaced, can anyone recommend a good wheel straightener in the NW London area ? Thanks.
  11. ringway

    Breaking News. Liverpool Sign Bent.

    Liverpool Sign Bent.
  12. T

    help rear arms bent

    hi all i need some help, i bent one /two rear suspension arms on the n/s/r, reversed and hit a very high kurb with the wheel low speed , wheel has gone forward in the arch, its not jammed or rubbing , has anyone got a diagram of the rear suspension many thanks tony ps great forum oh car is...
  13. O

    Boot catch broken

    Hi all! Happy New Year!! My w202 (1998) has a major boot lid problem. The catch has bent right over and it wont close. I managed to bend it back in place but not a great fix.. it now closes but I dare not open it again! :crazy: Does anyone know where I can buy a replacement? ebay...
  14. babyblueCE

    Bent spoiler.

    Does anyone know why the spolier on the 300 CE dips down in the middle or is it meant to be that way?
  15. T

    Another bent Merc

    Without wishing to sound too self-indulgent, it's been a slightly sh*t few weeks - and today the icing was put on my cake of woes. A suicidal pheasant stepped out in front of the W204 C-Class hire car I've been using since my accident. Travelling at 60-ish I wasn't about to swerve into oncoming...
  16. adilhk84

    Potholes bent my alloy - advice!

    Hi everyone Well I was driving along the m25 and went over a huge pothole, couldn't swerve to avoid as that would have meant going into another car, however after that the car was not smooth to drive above 50mph and steering vibrates, also when driving I find the rear of the car moving...
  17. kps70

    w140 bonnet flew up and bent whilst driving

    Hi - I am in Cheltenham and looking for a place nearby that might be able to help. My wife was driving today and the bonnet flew up and bent. I think it's also bent the hinges as the bonnet is all misaligned and won't close. The bonnet is bent beyond repair so I'm going to need to locate a...
  18. amwebby

    Arrgh! Bent two wheels!

    Hit a kerb last week, swerving to avoid a grouse. Both offside wheels are damaged beyond repair and will need replacing. I have two options, besides stumping up £700 for replacement Difda wheels. 1. Is replacing all four with these. 18 AMG GENUINE ALLOY WHEELS on eBay, also, Wheel Rims, Car...
  19. ecossebev

    Bent suspension?

    At the start of the year, somebody in a Mondeo tried to write my car off by driving into the side of it. Car wasn't written off and I got a satisfactory settlement from the insurance company, however........I had a sideways moment outside my work on Monday in the snow at slow speed (10-15MPH)...
  20. P

    Bent tie-rods

    While my W215 (CL500) was having its tracking done it was pointed out that both tie-rods were bent. I was surprised, so was the chap doing the work. Any clues as to how something so substantial got bent? For clarity the tie-rod is connected to the steering rack at one end and to the...
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