1. mercmush

    1989 Mercedes Benz W124 300CE Lotec Turbo Wide 382HP

    One for the very brave ? 1989 Mercedes Benz W124 300CE Lotec Turbo Wide 382HP !!! | eBay
  2. P

    Mercedes Benz C126 Tailored Indoor Car Cover, by Covercraft of Europe

    Mercedes Benz C126 Tailored Indoor Car Cover, by Covercraft of Europe Mercedes Benz C126 Tailored Indoor Car Cover, by Covercraft of Europe | eBay
  3. Steve0990

    Mercedes Benz W201 190E Porsche + lows

    Hey all, Haven't really posted on the forum before, so here's my car ... J rag Mercedes Benz W201 190E black over grey late model car , cloth interior fairly basic car when i fist got it which is half the reason i wanted it less electrics means less to go wrong ? so when i picked it...
  4. M

    Mercedes Benz Merak wheels for sale

    Hi all Have just replaced my Merak wheels on the E320CDI with 17inch Sador wheels, hence my Merak wheels are now for sale. Theres 5 wheels, and all would benefit from a refurb. 1 wheels is from a CLK and therefore with the polished lip, and one has has got marks from when I drilled out the bolt...
  5. kam05

    Mercedes Benz Sat Nav DVD Comand APS 2012 (Europe)

    Selling my Comand Sat Nav discs (2012) as they are no longer needed: Mercedes Benz Sat Nav DVD Comand APS 2012 Europe (NTG4 - Violet) | eBay Thanks for looking.
  6. N

    Mercedes Benz Technician

    Hi All New guy on here and looking for advice. Have been a Merc Tech now for 11years and service advisor work, been thinking about and looking into starting up on my own. Just a bit worried to take the leap, rent, customers, the whole idea of working for yourself, is what i have always wanted...
  7. atsa2013

    my benz :))

    Hi all thers a shot of my eclass still not really sure what mods to do { cosmetic} not sure if i should remove the boot lip it came with the car :/ any body have sugetions or opinions :-D thanks
  8. Benzowner

    Ad For Mercedes Benz Body Control

    Apologies if this has been on before Mercedes-Benz TV: MAGIC BODY CONTROL TV commercial "Chicken" - YouTube
  9. D

    My first Benz!

    So here it is! my early present to myself!! Was orignally looking C63 but they actually weren't big enough inside with me driving! and could not afford an E63 of the shape I was after This with high running cost has led me back down the road of a dirty derv! So it's a nice E350 Must say I...
  10. B

    Mercedes Benz Personal Leasing?

    Hi guys, I know there are a lot of leasing companies around, some with pretty good deals at the moment. Having done a search, I can see some members have successfully got Mercedes themselves to match/better some deals. The question is, who did you approach to get this? The local dealer or...
  11. Merty

    Viseeo MB-3 vs Mercedes Benz HFP ??

    Guys which one is better:dk:, basically what i want is to use the buttons on the steering wheel to answer and end, use the dial number on the stereo and also see the contact list on my dial screen which one will give me this option also to feed in my music from my phone at the same time so...
  12. Somebody

    Benz jargon: Whats 'major assembly'?

    I wasn't sure where to post this so I posted it in tech, since it is kinda a tech question, sort of. So, I bought that really cool manual that costs like 9.99 and looks like somebody stole it straight from MB's own office, and its excellent, but there is something I can't figure out. For some...
  13. I

    Mercedes Benz - Cool Brand

    Mercedes has climbed to 11th in the cool brand list, with Aston Martin the only other automotive manufacturer in the top 20. Mercedes Benz climbs the ‘CoolBrands®’ list
  14. T

    Benz no 4 and Joined The V8 Club

    Just Bought this below 89K Designo Interior Designo Paint ( silver with a blue / lilac hue ) Early days but seemed to be well looked after and a lovely Sound Its a 99 on a V its still on Last owners Private Plate...
  15. abecketts

    Mercedes Benz Swindon Parts

    Went to MB Swindon today to get a quote for replacement door mirror glass and the frame it sits on as the clips have failed on both door mirrors. £319 for each door mirror :eek:, I was stunned and will be off down the scrap yard for a complete mirror assembly for about £60.
  16. Y

    was Jap now Benz

    Hi everyone I have just got myself a CLK 230K auto and absolutely love it but I have a few questions because it still seems a bit too good to be true that I paid LESS than 2000, so being the cautious man I am I was wondering if some one could help me out with some things I need to check to get a...
  17. T

    1997 Mercedes Benz C180 Elegance Automatic, Low Miles Tax & MOT!

    Hi guys, selling my Merc as i've got my sights set on another 190e so i need this to go asap, 1997 Mercedes Benz C180 Elegance Automatic Saloon only 93,300 miles which will rise very slightly due to daily use. Tax until 31/10/13 MOT until April 2014 Elegance Model with: Air...
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