1. Adamccc

    19" Genuine Mercedes AMG Alloy Wheels [RRP £5,610.39] - £0.99 Starting bid!

    19" Genuine Mercedes AMG Alloy Wheels in Satin Black Listed these on eBay with a 99p starting bid - so grab a bargain if you fancy EBAY LINK ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- These came from the factory on my CLS63 AMG and have only...
  2. clk320x

    20 min left.. S320CDI £5k bid Bidding at £5k , 06 S class, 120k miles
  3. AMGeed

    Worth a bid?

    Don't all rush to bid:doh: MK1 ESCORT ESTATE, ESCORT MK1 1300 | eBay
  4. biturbo

    anyone registered to bid on dvla auction this week?

    Hi, Anyone registered to bid on the dvla auction this week. I am after a plate.
  5. alanuk400

    ebay bid

    I put a highest bid on something on ebay for £367.85, it has come back that I have won it at £495, how can I check to see what my highest bid was please. Alan
  6. D

    C32 bid up to £16k???

    Something wrong here I think!!!:eek::eek: 2001 MERCEDES C32 AMG SILVER on eBay (end time 28-Jan-11 23:17:22 GMT)
  7. E CLASS

    Russia win World Cup bid.

    You heard it before anyone else!
  8. E CLASS

    England Lose World Cup Bid.

    Looks like we have not won it. Real shame if proved right.
  9. I

    500SEC, Thinking of a bid, what are the wheels worth?

    Hi, I'm thinking of a bid on this 126. I wouldn't keep the wheels, though. Are they an easy sell-on, and if so, what would they make, are they desirable? They're too young for me! Any...
  10. EDZ649

    10k start bid on 04 W211 E55

    2004 MERCEDES E55 AMG AUTO WHITE on eBay (end time 04-Aug-10 00:00:35 BST)
  11. C

    Bid for a drive with Mika Hakkinenenen at MB World!

    LINK Was about to bid then realised Im in frankfurt that day, shame looks like a great lot, lunch and a drive/ photo with an F1 champion! An in aid of a great cause as well.
  12. 6CylinderMerc

    OK, so I bid on & missed out on a set of AMG alloys

    They were on ebay. A used set of 4 x AMG Style IV in 17" with tyres. Looked in pretty good condition & they sold for £355 + £40 postage. Got outbid at the last minute & this damn work comp was too slow to get another bid in. :mad: Wonder if this is a blessing in disguise as I can't help...
  13. A

    Should I bid... To be honest I don't like the colour and anyway that sort if money for 1 car....
  14. panason1c

    Advice needed....How much should i bid on this?
  15. High-Lo

    Who has got the bottle to bid on this? If you win and don't like it you'll get 'roughed up' :D
  16. Spinal

    You'de be nuts to bid on this....

    Makes an interesting read... Then makes one wonder... WTF? eBay item: 5630929857 Michele
  17. big x

    A classic case of bid shilling

    The seller sdvspartexchanges has repeated winning bids on no reserve sales from islandmagicjim who only bids on this dealers cars.If you check islandmagicjim's bidding history the cars he wins are still listed on the dealers website at higher prices and he of course has zero feedback...
  18. KillerHERTZ

    Worth a bid?

    C-Class lowering springs? Seller doesnt know Jack about them though:
  19. OGiii

    Hit and run driver in payout bid

    WTF? And who is paying this ar5eh01e's legal fees I wonder. I truly despair at the country we live in.
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