1. MercedesDriver

    Overcharged mobile operator bills

    This morning I was not lazy to check out my utility bills and mobile operator bill took my special attention. For several months now it seemed to me that these bills are somehow too big and have figured out that my basic price plan was overcharged. Luckily I keep all correspondence (texts and...
  2. N

    Comparison shop your utility bills NOW!

    Last year I signed up for Cheap Energy Club - Constantly save on Gas and Electricity & this morning I got an email saying the gas & electricity deal I had taken out 5 months ago could be bettered. I clicked through & found the deal I had taken in August 2014 could be beaten by 25% by the same...
  3. N

    Which? Big Switch plan to cut energy bills. Can this work?

    FAQ What is the Which? Big Switch? Which? and 38 Degrees are calling on consumers to join together to cut energy bills. Using a completely new way for people to buy energy, we’ll be using the combined switching power of thousands of consumers. We’ll negotiate with energy suppliers and...
  4. R

    Big mobile bill; any help or advice...

    I Usually pay about 40£ a month for my mobile use. Just been billed £165.93 because i apparently exceeded my internet usage! (iphone 4 on 12 month contract, (750 mins and 5000 texts and unlimited data.) I queried how this happened and why i received no warning. Also pointed out that I was...
  5. buccal

    E55 with monster bills

    Mercedes : MERCEDES E55 AMG 8k spent it last 10 months:eek: On what????????
  6. Flyer

    Elec & Gas Bills

    Boring I know, but just had a bit of a shock. I'm with Powergen for both electricity and gas on an internet scheme, so I don't get paper bills, just an email telling me that one is available to view online. I've never bothered because the Powergen site is soooo sloooow. Just checked now to...
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