1. N

    2-EHN, 99% 2-Ethyl-Hexyl Nitrate, Cetane Booster offer

    From the boys at the UK's leading Biodiesel site - 5 litres of pure 2-EHN for under £29 quid. Turn all your diesel into super diesel for a few pence per tank. Hydra Fuel Cetane Booster, Ultra Pure >99% You're welcome.
  2. N

    Limited time 2-EHN Cetane booster offer courtesy of the BioDiesel forum

    The Bio Diesel making boys over at have negotiated a cracking deal on 2-EHN. It's a limited time offer, good for 2 weeks from 4.3.16. Registration is required to see the page. Login
  3. B

    CLS 320 CDI on Biodiesel?

    Hi all, new to this forum! I'm interested in buying my mothers CLS 320 CDI off her but I need some advice... I make my own biodiesel, well made stuff and not produced half heartedly that's for sure. However I run it in a Golf IV (2002) at the moment and these are fine on it. My concerns...
  4. pnevesfoto

    is Biodiesel bad for our CDI engines?

    Hello you all, there is something bothering me lately... everytime I fill up my tank in a dealer nearby, that has great fuel prices, in which diesel fuel has a 7% biodiesel percentage in its composition, my W203 Station loses power at low rev, below 2000rpm... Today I filled up at a different...
  5. S


    Hello, I have a 1 month old e250 sport CDI. I am just reading interesting articles about bio diesel. Everything I read seems to be very old though. Can anyone advise if I can use bio and if I can can I do it without modification? ( using a mixture maybe)??
  6. B

    C class engine stalls and misfires using Biodiesel

    The fuel tank was almost empty and I put 2 gallons of biodiesel (C class 220 cdi 2003); the engine stalled, misfired and run rough. I have filled the tank up twoice since so there is no biodiesel left in the tank, but the car has not been able to recover. The biodiesel that I have used works...
  7. J

    E320CDI or E300D + Home Made BioDiesel

    Hi everyone, hoping some of you experts might be able to help me with a dilemma. I had a Merc E320 CDI before and loved it to pieces. Unfortunately fuel costs forced me to change vehicle. BUT - i am just getting rigged up to make biodiesel out of used or neat veg oil. I am just a beginner but...
  8. S

    190D w201 Biodiesel

    Hi anybody got any experiance running one of these on beautifull bio. I assume that its simply fill her up, and keep a spare fuel filter lying about? Thanks Matt
  9. I

    Biodiesel in a 320 cdi, my noted experience!

    Been using bio (b100 quality fuel) in my w210 320cdi for about 2 months now, I have noted the following, performance is ok and idle can be smoother as normal diesel has higher ignition qualities giving a very very slight vibe at idle probably due to the torque. But one problem I have noticed...
  10. I

    w210 e320 cdi running biodiesel

    Wandering if anybody running bio on their cdi like me can give me some feedback, I have been running it for about 1000 miles (done 86k) and I think that has maybe been the cause of my lumpy idle at times? I have changed an injector with slight improvements but starting from cold is an issue...
  11. T

    A very quick biodiesel question.

    I have got a 97 E 300 td am i right in thinking that if i have got half a tank of normal diesel and fill it up with bio diesel from a garage, the car will be ok ? Cheers Paul
  12. Donza

    Biodiesel in a 53 reg E320 CDi and a 1.9TDi?

    I have literlly just stumbled upon this Biodiesel by chance. Having read up on it, it seems plausible that the W211 could be ran on this stuff. Are the seals strong enough? Anyone run their on this? Whilst driving through leeds i think i also saw a fully fledged biodiesel outfit.. I also have...
  13. compress ignite

    Bio-Diesel Fuel Price Manipulation (By Yanks)

    This is just the tip of the Speculator's Iceberg(AND it ain't just "Bio" they're playing around with)[For Speculator you may substitute:Oil Company Executives, Elected Officials,Any member of the usual group of un-indicted co-conspirators] The Guardian Today 4/1/2008 The EU is being...
  14. BTB 500

    Bus company comes unstuck with biodiesel

  15. B


    hello, i'd like to hear about anyone's experience with running merc diesels on the above. i've been running a 190D on high-grade B100 biodiesel but have encountered a few problems, like engine cut out after running for an hour or so, and refusal to start when engine hot. there are differences of...
  16. P

    Wow, no more duty on biodiesel commencing 30th June !!!

    Wow, no more duty on biodiesel commencing 30th June !!! Had a look on the hmrc website and its true !! its in the whats new section for 8th June. So basically, for own use below 2500l per year you no longer have to pay a penny :D
  17. B

    Biodiesel in a 220 cdi

    Probably not a new question but can it run on 100% biodiesel the supplier is reputable his product meets the standards laid down but will the car like it?
  18. O

    Running on Biodiesel

    I noticed that in Oxford a small outlet has started selling 100% biodiesel that apparently conforms to the new German standard. (I forget the number). To my mind bio-fuels are a no-brainer:- -almost no carbon dioxide emmissions -no dependency on foreign oil -provides agriculture a much...
  19. M


    Hi, Just surfing thru a website where biodiesel is promoted. Have any of you used it? On thier website they say that MB's C200,C220 and E220's are ok with biodiesel..anyone care to highlight? Cheers.
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