1. D

    Blower Fault

    HI all hope you can help I've a R170 o3 plate the heater blower works when it wants to. start the car and its dead then 20 mins later it will come on for about 1 min the go off then 30 mins later back on for 1 min. is it the blower motor or the relay
  2. D

    Aircon blower fan for SLK R171

    Hi all. Does anyone have a recommended source for MB parts such as the aircon blower fan for an SLK? I've found two websites that appear to have the part except that I strongly suspect they are the same organisation and are not a UK source...
  3. C

    fan blower switch work engine off not engine on

    hi all a bit of help please. w201 2.3 16v heater/blower fan works with ignition switched to position 1 or 2 with engine not running it works in all positions until i start the engine then it wont run. stop the engine try again it works in all positions restart engine it stops. so...
  4. 1

    W124 Heater Blower

    The heater blower in my 124 estate gave up the ghost last week so I stripped it down and after bench testing it and condemning it to the scrapyard, I replaced it with a new unit. Annoyingly and quite oddly however, it still isn't working! I'm therefore looking for suggestions as to where to...
  5. A

    Air scarf blows fuse.

    I have airscarf and the driver side works ok, but when the passenger side button is depressed it blows a fuse in the dashboard fuse panel, and this stops both seats airscarf working......everything else is ok. I disconnected both the heater and blower connectors from both seats, and the same...
  6. Wigglesworth

    Blower fan complete failure W202 need help.

    I have a relatively low mileage w202, I should have foreseen these kinds of issues as it's now about 20 years old. Anyway. Today I got started trying to figure out why the twin electric fans never work for the ac.... I wish I left well enough alone now! I found where the relay lives for...
  7. T

    E Class - W212 Fan Blower Modes

    After owning both an E350 coupe 2009 and now an E350 estate (2010) - why is it you can't set the AC to blow on your feet and face simultaneously? A colleagues 2011 E350 can have this setting on the AC (face and feet) so - are the early cars affected? and was there an update by MB? Anyone...
  8. G

    Wanted: 1985 W123 estate blower motor.

    The blower motor on my w123 has gone. Trying to find a replacement part. Just taken delivery of a URO replacement which presumably fits some models and the fan is too large and the electrical connections are different (replacement has 2 not 4). The original part (Behr) is has a taller motor...
  9. G

    W123 Estate: heater blower

    The heater blower on my 123 estate is noisy as hell. I want to replace it out. But I'm damned if I can spot it. I see nothing that looks anything like the drawing in the manual. Help gratefully received. Sent from my Moto G (4) using Tapatalk
  10. G

    W246 Blower Control

    So, I have a 2012 W246 that I bought a couple months back. I've always suspected there might be a problem with the blower controls not working correctly. The blower dial doesn't seem to respond, whilst the temperature dial does. Turning the blower dial doesn't seem to affect the power of...
  11. K

    Blower Fan Drone on Merc ML270 (W163)

    Guys, There's a massive drone noise coming from the cabin when the blower is on in the jeep. If I turn the fan speed down, the drone remains. If I turn AC on, the drone goes away. Really annoying. Anybody any experience with this?
  12. S

    w124.022 heater blower parts number

    Hello guys! Since I am new here at this forum. I would like to thank you all for the great posts. You guys have helped me a lot over the last years. I hope someone might be able to help me outwit some part numbers here. Since my blower fan decided to die on me just as the temperature...
  13. stwat

    Blower motor oddities

    The blower motor packed up in my 1989 300SE. So I removed it to check the conditions of the brushes. They are fine. I fed a direct power feed to the motor and it runs fine. So I checked with my meter and I have power to the fan motor connectors. Here's the odd bit. As soon as I plug them into...
  14. Hawkwind

    Heater Blower Resistor

    Hi Guys, In July the heater blower wouldn't shut off, even when the ignition key was removed. I fixed this issue by replacing the heater blower resistor and all has been well up until last Thursday. I was away from home visiting family, so have only just been able to investigate the...
  15. G

    107 blower motor switch

    After a blower motor switch for a 300SL 1989 107 if anyone has one please get in touch
  16. M

    Help needed changing heater blower motor on W169 please

    Hi all On a mission to change the blower unit on our W169 but failed as I could not take the old unit out due to lack of room. I was able to unlock the old unit and take it off but can't find enough space to take the unit out. Am I doing something stupid here? Any bright ideas? Thanks
  17. T

    Heater blower only working on highest speed

    Hi My wife's W169 **********e has an issue with the interior blower/air con fans. We've only had it two half months and the fans used to squeak on any setting from 1-4. However now only setting 5 works so it's literally all or nothing which is extremely irritating! We have warranty until the...
  18. Palfrem

    W124 heater blower motor

    The blower motor on my E36 is driving me mad with a its (now) constant squeal. MB want £230 for a replacement so I am looking at ECP / eBay When I check compatibility, it comes up with it won't fit my car. Don't tell me it has an AMG blower motor! Any ideas of the correct part number...
  19. R

    w168 heater blower resistor replacment

    Hi again, not posted for a while, but always looking.... My 2003 w168 has decided not to let the blowers work on anything but max, looking around I have come to the conclusion that it is the resistor. Nice and easy replacment, but phoned mercedes and they want nearly 50 quid, ebay around 30...
  20. M

    W169 Blower motor replacement

    A week after the blower motor heater resistor packed up the blower motor started misbehaving. I got Valeo replacement unit from ECP and had a go at replacing the unit but couldn't take the original unit due to lack of room. Anyone does this before? I suspect it would be the same process for...
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