1. abecketts

    First day back blues

    Heading into the office this morning I can to a set of temporary traffic lights as you drive in to Salisbury, the queue was long and I knew no chance of getting through when they changed. So I was not up and at it when the car moved off in front of me, the car behind beeps me, I move off and...
  2. mercconvert

    Cruise Blues! (& distronic)

    Hi Everyone, Sadly a slightly long winded, unavoidable story to my plight. My cruise and Distrionic don't work, the little orange limiter light works on the stalk, although a limit cannot be set. When I bought the W209 CLK, I was informed cruise was disengaged. The car has Distrionic...
  3. E

    W211 door handle blues

    Evening all. It emerged after a recent bodywork repair that the little brass threaded insert, into which the Torx screw screws, to secure the door handle end cap on my W211, isn't all that threaded any more, and cannot take much torque. Can I buy the insert separately (I bet I can't...), and if...
  4. S

    Transmission blues

    I have a 2007 R63 which I really like but for the past 18 months ( and getting more frequent all the time )I have had issues with the gears sticking and refusing to change, even in manual mode. Only solution is to pull over, switch off and start up again. Does anyone know anything about this...
  5. D

    Almost over the SL55 blues

    Greetings all, As a wary ex SL55 owner, (£110k from new, 41 non scheduled dealer visits - air suspension, electrics, hood etc), I was put off the brand for some time - even if the folks at MB did try and persuade me to get back behind the wheel with a significant head office funded discount...
  6. Druk

    Snake Belt Blues.

    Not a song title but a story of Non OEM parts. Bought in error from a well respected vendor on here a couple of belts for a 300TD. On the left an unworn belt. Centre: after the burning in process...and right...a Merc OE belt. So: fitted the Non OE belt and everything is hunky-dory...
  7. H

    Track control arm blues

    Hi can anybody help please?? We have a 2002 C220CDI and it failed the MOT on the N/S Track Control Arm, (the rear one made of cast steel) Our local motorist part supplier got one, which I fitted and the tracking was so far out the ESR light came on. I removed the arm and measured it against the...
  8. O

    W201 Diesel head gasket blues... :(

    Well this looks like a good forum, just looking at the first page all the posts have replies! Excellent. Well I've just got my first ever MB, an old W201 C220 estate with what should be a lovely reliable non-turbo diesel in it. Now herein lies the rub. I got it home and the head gasket blew. Ok...
  9. sanj517

    Inteior Blues!!

    Hi, can anybody help me?? I need to match a cloth/velour seat!! Can you help!! Rgds
  10. Godot

    If you like "Blues" this may interest you

    Early Blues They show a link to a Polish Blues Internet Radio Station which I'm listening to at the moment...good ole John Lee Hooker if you are using Google Chrome it will ask you if you want the page translated from Polish to English (that is if you have ask...
  11. W

    Blues but no Twos

    Turning right at a traffic-light controlled crossroads I was then faced with a local 'Panda' Police car coming towards me on my side of the road. The Police car had his lights on but no siren. He was still ~50m from me and travelling slow enough for me to easily move to the side of the road. No...
  12. N

    Exhaust Blues E220 Cabriolet

    Hi, I have a 1996 N reg E220 Cabriolet, recently my exhaust back box went, I wanted to replace with an OEM back box but I was surprised when Derwent Bradford told me they are no longer in stock, and Mercedes Germany are also out of stocj and they do not know how long it will take to get one. I...
  13. Gollom

    Colne Blues Festival

    Got my new mobile catering venture at the Colne Blues Festival today, Sunday and Monday Bank Holiday. Come along with hungry friends and sample one on my Panini, some Chilli or maybe a wrap! I am in the layby between the Municipal Hall and the Leisure Centre. Come and support a fellow forum...
  14. robert.saunders

    Fire engine on blues and twos (and very loud horn) takes the side off your parked car

    On its way to a 'shout'. Question is, do you get annoyed or not?! Scenario: Vehicle (not mine) parked up on side of road, very narrow street which is a dead end. Cars parked both sides of road, no off-road parking to speak off. No parking restrictions. Mostly terraced and semi-detached...
  15. andreas_t

    Blues Smoke - Advice Please

    Folks, I hope you can offer me some advice. I just came back from the stealers - I had noticed in the last few weeks whiffs of smoke when stationary (hot or cold engine) and bad diesel consumption. The stealer diagnosed a faulty air temperature sensor and replaced it claiming that this will...
  16. grober

    Key remote blues

    2 years ago I bought two new remote keys from my local MB dealer having had problems with the original one I was using-it stopped working at 11.45 pm on a cold december night stranding me 100miles from home. :eek: At first the new keys didnt work :crazy: but the parts guy took them away for 5...
  17. grober

    Cell phone blues

    Anybody had problems using an old BT Cellnet SIM card in a modern phone nokia 3100. The phone recognises the network. o2 OK :) I can phone to the 3100 with the old sim card and it connects OK. :) But when I try to phone out I get the message "call not allowed". :( I have gone thro all the...
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