1. M

    Genuine body panels

    Folks, can anyone advise me what identification marks are stamped on wings and bonnets to identify them as genuine parts. I am goin to look at some spares for my w123 and ideally want to put genuine parts back on it. Thanks
  2. K

    Wanter AMG body kit for w208

    Guys, if somebody selling full amg bodykit or separately please contact me. Thnx!
  3. S

    seeking for w126 brabus body kit

    hello! i'm very ineresting in w126 lang BRABUS body kit? or bumpers for this model, may by replica! may be anyone knows, there to find? thanks
  4. Darshan242

    190e AMG Body Kit

    Hi guys, I'm looking for a AMG body kit for a 190e.
  5. H

    W124 grey plastic body panels paint code?

    I have an arctic white '92 300TE - 24 with the light grey plastic side panels/cladding. Does anyone have the paint code for this paint?
  6. N

    Fitting throttle body M103? 300SE

    I've ordered a second hand throttle body inc fuel distributor for my W126 300SE. Is it going to be a fairly easy DIY job to fit or should I really be getting a garage to do it? Is there any fine adjusting that will need done?
  7. K

    W124 ZENDER body kit

    mercedes W124 ZENDER BODYKIT very rare genuine ZENDER bodykit complete W124 | eBay wonder what is that worth guys??
  8. D

    C124 300CE engine and body undertrays?

    Maybe a bit of a long short question this one! Does anybody know if the engine undertray and the belly undertray on all 124s are the same? I'm looking for both of these trays...amongst some other parts as well...for my C124 300CE. I've seen someone selling the pair on Ebay but from a...
  9. OjBlack

    Throttle Body Issues?

    Hi there, :) I have a 2004 C180K WDC203 with 100,000 miles. Of late I have experienced- 1. A heavy judder accompanied with an diesel like engine note for a few minutes when the engine the car is on D and R gear. 2. High idling revs. 3. Slow acceleration. 4. Excessive smoke when...
  10. O

    Throttle body required for W124 E320

    Hi All, I have W124 320 Coupe and need an new throttle body - idle actuator. Part number is 0001416525 If anyone has one for sale please contact me asap. Many thx, Ollie
  11. G

    CL500 ABC Active Body Control Drive Carefully ...

    So I moved the CL500 off the drive as I needed to change the ABS sensor from my Lexus IS300, changed that and really pleased as it worked a treat... then brought the Citroen C5 2.2HDi just for a typical service oil, filters etc... finished that and really pleased too. I then went to move the CL...
  12. The Boss

    good custom body shop in middx

    Hi Guys i know a few bodyshops here and there, but i want to open this to the panel. im looking to do a few mods to one of my cars. Mostly genuine parts etc, but does anyone have any recommendations for bodyshops that can do a : - custom bumper fit and with whom you have had good experiences...
  13. B

    Hello every body!

    Just bought a w210 diesel in rusty elegance trim!! I live in London and would love to learn more about this car as it does some funny things! I will get busy with the search function and read up on stuff before posting any questions! Cheers
  14. R

    South Manchester body shop??

    Any recommends - need my hard top corners sorting and the front bumper could do with some tlc... Who will do a good job?
  15. s2oty

    W124 ce amg body kit - where should I start looking for one?

    So, as the winter draws closer I'm planning on retiring the car and preparing it for some body work repairs. In doing so and having scanned this site I'm thinking a nice amg body kit would be a perfect addition to my classic toy. So, where should I start looking and is it acceptable to buy a...
  16. design guru

    W220 S320 cdi re-spray

    I have just purchased a s320cdi on a51 plate and the bodywork has small areas of rust and I was just wondering what sort of cost would I be looking at to sort the problem. Its the usual wings and the bottom of the doors and the bonnet could do with a coat to get rid of the stone chips. the...
  17. M

    Koenig wide body r129

    This ones in Abu Dhabi, but thought I'd post it for novelty value. Someone who works for Koenig actually designed this monstrosity and went home thinking he'd done a good days work. Frightening. Dubizzle Abu Dhabi | SL-Class: 500SL "KOENiG SPECiAL" Wide Body 1992 Very Rare Car - More Pic !
  18. SPX

    Silver W202 Wanted For Body Parts

    I'm after a silver donor W202 for my C36. Mechanical condition unimportant, good bodywork is. Or if you happen to have a silver bonnet, boot lid and two front wings, get in touch. Thanks.
  19. 300CE

    Mercedes-Benz 300 Saloon (W124) With Brabus Body Kit

    Mercedes-Benz 300 With Brabus Body Kit | eBay
  20. Mblinko

    SEC AMG body kit

    Hi I have one of these for sale, genuine article, front spoiler, side and rear skirts. PM me if interested and I'll send photos. Cheers Mark
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