1. SMed08

    82mm Throttle Body

    Anyone know if a LHD TB will work on a RHD car? I can get a fairly cheap 82mm TB from the states. Just wondering if it will work and if any modifications need to be done to make it so. Can't seem to find them less than £320 (new) here. But can get one for about £100 (used) from US. Can't...
  2. M

    vaneo valve body removal

    hello,every one,i am trying to remove the valve body from my vaneo 1.7 automatic,but it does not move at all. i have removed all the screws but cannot get it to budge at all. What am i missing? many thks
  3. B

    Active Body Control 2013 SL63

    i have got an R231 2013 SL63 with 40,000km When i bought the SL there is the ABC malfunction warning but it comes on and off. In the center display screen showing the ABC and G force, during driving i can see the ABC indicator beside the wheel will have the red column showing ABC is active...
  4. Peter Michaels

    Black rubber pipe hanging loose under body

    Hello i noticed to day a finger-thick black rubber pipe hanging down underneath the body, just next to the left of the right rear wheel. I haven't noticed this before, the pipe is about 1/4 of an inch thick and hangs down maybe 6 inches. But i cant see where it connects. I hope its nothing...
  5. A

    Best place to by body panels c220 w204

    Best place to buy body panels c220 w204 Hi guys Where's the best place to buy new genuine or good copy Front Wing for a c220 coupe w204 2012 & does anyone know if the xenon headlight lenses can be replaced without changing complete unit ? Thanks
  6. lfckeeper

    Teesside Body shop recommendations

    Can any body recommend a dent repair/ body shop in the Middlesbrough/Stockton/Billingham/Hartlepool area? My neighbours daughter kindly reversed into my car leaving a lovely big dent in it. Thankfully they're happy to pay!
  7. Z

    AMG body kit W202 95 year

    For sale AMG body kit for W202 Price 500 eur +shipping More information PM
  8. Sonny Burnett

    Paint and body work suffolk

    Hi Guys, I finally got around 2 getting 2x new wings for my 55, I'm in Ipswich and looking for some one to paint them hopefully someone who knows what they are doing. Can anyone make a recommendation. Thanks Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  9. zoros

    body repairs

    Had the rear offside trailing wheel arch rust bubbles removed in August 2015 by a so called word of mouth panel expert (who does police cars). What was forecast as a week long repair turned out to be 3 weeks. He made excuses but it was obvious he was busy. I now find the rust has returned with a...
  10. T

    Body Panels on CL500

    I understand that there was a change to the body panels on the CL500 for model year 2004 to much lighter materials. Can anyone tell me what panel materials were changes and how much weight was saved? I'm sure I read some reviews a few years ago but can't find any information now! Thanks Tony
  11. G

    W208 430 vs 320 throttle body and injectors

    Any idea if they are compatible??? Need a new s/h TB and hard to find a 430 one that isnt stupid price... but easy to find a 320 one around £30 Also are the injectors the same??? Im doubtful that they are the same... but you guys seem to know what i dont so thought i would ask! Suns...
  12. brucemillar

    Chassis and Under Body Cleaning

    Does anybody have any suggestions to clean properly under the car? I have a Karcher and wondered if there is some kind of flexible attachment? What do other people do (apart from just not bother).
  13. E

    1994 SL500 Throttle Body - part number required

    Could some kind person with EPC access find the time to look up the throttle body part number for my '94 SL? The VIN is WDB1290672F103359. Thank you in hope and anticipation...
  14. L

    Clk 320 w208 body work alignment issue

    Hello , I've just picked up a Clk 320 last week , I've been doing a fair amount of work (she's certainly in need)! When I purchased of assumed a front end collision as the bumper / bonnet didn't align on the right side . After fixing a sticky bonnet latch the bonnet is now down properly...
  15. B

    4 months old and in the body shop

    So, my Saturday was going quite well. Visiting a friend of the wife's in Worcester, had a walk round a bite to eat and all was ok with the world. Sat down back in her house and I here a loud scraping noise, I look out the window and my car is shaking. I get up just in time to see a silver ford...
  16. Fozzer

    lower body paint

    Hi I have a 1999 slk 230 which is slowly starting to show the ubiquitous rust on the sills and wheel arches. mine has had the bottom section sprayed silver over the origional black. i would like to go back to origional to stem the tide,any recommendations as to what to use Thanks
  17. M

    Body kit & Rims

    Hello everyone ! I'm new here and also new on a forum. I'm looking for some nice 19" or 20" Alloy Wheels for my MB CLS 320CDI from 2007. If anyone have for sale, please send some photos and details. Thank you !
  18. merc85

    AMG wide body

    Right house is up for sale lol 1989 Mercedes-Benz Sec Series 6.0 2dr | eBay
  19. merc85

    e55 w211 Y intake pipe to throttle body

    Havng a route around and noticed one of the retaining clips have been broken sercuring the Intake Y pipe to throttle body. So if you have a undamaged one for sale please pm me.:thumb:
  20. A

    Valve body A1683705506

    I am looking for a new gearbox valve body/ecu for my A160. Part number A 168 370 55 06. Thanks
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