1. T


    Can anyone recommend a decent convertible soft top brush, someone had a bonfire close to us and the ash that was on my soft top was a pita to get off, also the bird cr*p is a problem as well, the car lives outside so this doesn't help.
  2. Ronan1982

    Replacing C204 Brush Ali Door Trim

    Hi Guys, On my C204 as you can see in the pictures I have the Brushed Aluminium Console and door Trims. I have noticed the door trims have a few marks, and was wondering if its a simple DIY job I can do myself? Does the door cards have to come off to do this? or is it a simple pop off...
  3. Robfen100

    AG Wheel Brush

    Hi guys, has anyone used the Autoglym high tech wheel brush? Is it worth it (£13 Amazon) I treat my wheels with poor boys wheel sealant but still have to use a bit of rubbing in the 'corners' and don't trust brushes on diamond cut alloys Would it get into the little holes and recesses around...
  4. C

    Alloy wheel brush

    Hello all I've always used auto Glym wheel cleaner And a microfibre cloth but it's becoming a pain!? Anyone recommend a good cleaning brush? Regards
  5. CLA180SPORT

    Sweeping brush.

    Just given the car a quick wash to get rid of some winter grime. Fella across the street must've been inspired and was quickly out with a bucket of soapy water etc. I finished drying the car off and started clearing up and I noticed he was using an actual sweeping brush to scrub down his car...
  6. Godot

    Brush With Death

  7. Matt32AMG

    Wash and brush up

    I washed waxed and polished my 32 this last weekend, between it throwing it down with Hail, Sleet, and yet more Rain. The local forecast had indicated I had a four hour weather window, (Wow break out the brass bands). So, duly excited, I took advantage of the opportunity, and broke out the...
  8. mark.t

    wire brush and dettol

    :devil: been advised today by a very reputable source that after the current eskus for corrosion have been assessed the others will be passed but get the wire brush and paint over job as it is costing mb thousands,,,,,,,,,,just letting you all in on it
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