1. I

    Extinguishing w126 Rad lamp bulb

    Hi, I recently fixed my leaking cooling system on an m103; all's well, but the blooming rad light bulb is still lit. How can I clear it? Cheers, Paul
  2. benlucas

    E55 W211 front fog light bulb options

    Hi all Per the title, mine are looking a bit yellow and I was wondering what options I have to make them whiter (and match the xenons.) I have just replaced the sidelights with canbus leds which are now slightly brighter than the xenons, but close enough that I'm happy with them. Been...
  3. B

    Changing indicator lamp or bulb in Door mirror

    Hi I have a 2004 S Class 320 cdi and there is a fault with the drivers side indicator bulb in the door mirror, are they easy to change? Thank's Bill.
  4. Castor79

    w204 intelligent lighting dipped bulb?

    Hi, Quick question - my dipped bulb has blown, is this a replacement that I can order and fit myself or do I need a dealer to do it? Anyone done this and could give me an idea of cost please? thanks,
  5. clk320x

    Light bulb size help

    Will a 268 36mm bulb fit in a CLK number plate light? I believe it's meant to be 239 but they look the same and there is a 3mm difference I believe it should still fit in the holder and work right? Cheers Abs
  6. C

    W166 2014 bulb failure warning with led's on caravan

    Hi guys can anybody offer advice on how to stop bulb failure message on command when caravan connected, van has led lights all lights working ok
  7. D

    Sidelight Bulb Change

    Hi I have a 2009 CLC. I have a sidelight bulb that has gone and I was wondering what bulb it is and how easy it is to change. There seems to be 2 sidelight bulbs and the one that has gone is the one circled yellow. It may be called a parking light bulb. Has anyone got a video or instructions...
  8. jonnyboy82

    2010 W204 Parking Lamp Bulb

    My front n/s headlight needs a bulb as it's showing front left parking lamp on the dash. Which bulb in the correct one and do I need to replace all 4 to match both drivers ask passengers side as it looks like there is two of these bulbs on each Headlight. Is there an error free led upgrade...
  9. S

    W212 2013 door mirror indicator bulb.

    Hi all. My W212 E300 Hybrid Estate 2013.( 260,000 miles now ) Just a wee bit of info on replacing no the indicator bulb in the door mirror housing, you can get the bulb separately from the housing, it is held in place by 2 hex screws. If you remove the cover there are 2 part numbers...
  10. CLSMark

    Front fog lights? Which type bulb??

    Can somebody confirm which bulb fits my 2010 cls Is it h7 h11 etc etc? Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. N

    No EML but bulb Ok

    When I took my binnacle out today to change the rear illumination bulbs I also expected to see the EML missing or blown as it never illuminates. Anyone know if the EML has a separate fuse? The bulb is ok when tested with a meter and it seems to be seated correctly so I'm guessing it's not...
  12. R

    W212 which xenon bulb??

    One of my xenon bulbs is starting to go pinkish so looking to replace the pair. Which ones are as close to oem as possible osram or Phillips? And what colour temperature are the oem bulbs 4100k or 4300k? Obviously getting them for merc is ridiculously expensive so not going down that route!
  13. R

    xenon bulb problems w211

    Hello I have bought 55w xenon bulb from ebay. My old bulb was flicking and then suddenly left side blew*the bulb was white( I had installed 55w bulb, but it wont light up. Is that normal, or it might be the ballast. w211 e270 2003
  14. K

    Halogen Headlight Bulb Adaptors?

    On the ML 2007, and probably several other models, there is a springy stainless steel adapter to hold the H7 Halogen Headlight bulb. Their purpose is to hold the bulb and allow a bayonet-type fitting into the Headlight housing, because there's no room for those endearing springy wires that...
  15. SW18

    'Intelligent lighting system inoperative' warning, and one xenon bulb is out

    Any thoughts or advice is welcome! I am hoping it is just that a bulb has gone, but I'd have expected a message that the bulb is gone rather than a message about the ILS. There's also a message that the Adaptive Lighting is inoperative. Funny enough the cornering lamps that are part of the ILS...
  16. C

    How hard can it be to change a bulb?

    So I took the SL out today as it's been sat for a few weeks while I've been away. Cold but sunny so great for a quick blast in the country. On the way home I get an error message from left parking bulb. No problem I think. Plenty of time to take it out, get a new one from Halfords and fit it. No...
  17. M

    W202 Replacing brake light bulb

    Hi Does anyone know of a video/guide for replacing the left/right brake light bulb on a W202? I can't seem to find any. Any help appreciated.
  18. G

    Best bulb upgrade

    I don't drive much at night but I was taking a friend home this evening along country roads and was a bit disapointed with the lighting so I'm looking to upgrade the standard bulbs to something with a bit more lighting ability. My car by the way is a 2013 C180 Blue Efficiency. The ones I'm...
  19. R

    Air vent thumbwheel Bulb

    Hi, doe.s any know the part number for dash bulbs i.e vent thumbwheel bulb? w124 1995. I have googled these, but keeps telling me they are 1.2 w. I am sure I read somewhere they are 0.4w.
  20. K

    Mercedes E350 estate W212 HID bulb fuse low beam

    Hi the dipped beam bulb has gone on my 2012 E350 blue efficiency W212 I have replaced the bulb but no joy. Where is the fuse located should have checked that first. If it's not that suspect maybe ballast. How easy is it to replace Cheers
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