1. W

    W220 S class - Changing headlight bulbs?

    Hello all Wanted to change the front side lights of my car to something white and LED as opposed to the normal yellow crap iv got, which doesnt go well next to the xenons, but iv found that the space back there is particularly tight. Well on my car it is anyway. So just wanted to know if i...
  2. R

    HID kits v Xenon-filled bulbs?

    Is there a difference between the HID kit and so-called Xenon-filled bulbs in terms of new MOT requirements? I suspect the 'xenon-filled' bulbs is just an imitation of sort - e.g H7 H1 XENON 55W Hi-Low Bulbs MERCEDES A Class W168 | eBay , but the question is: can I fit these and still be able to...
  3. M

    w124 dash removal tool and dash bulbs

    w124 dash removal tool and dash bulbs wanted please. I can paypal or cheque. Bits would need posting to me. Thank you. Littlehampton, West Sussex.
  4. D

    Merc OEM Bulbs

    So the wife got some headlight bulbs at the main dealer (as Halfords didn't know what type they were according to her reg/data etc). I know they are made by Osram, but does anyone know what sort of Osram? She's commented that their reach and brightness is worse than the bulbs that came out...
  5. Igurisu

    Can anybody help me with LED bulbs?

    First thing, not for my CLK, for the good lady's MX5. The illumination that is behind the heater panel is very poor in the dark. The bulbs used are a T5/286, but I have no idea how this notation works. I guess it refers to a fit/size and brightness or wattage. My question is does anybody...
  6. mobeyone

    LED replacement brake bulbs..

  7. C

    '95 C124 - new (better) bulbs required...

    Guys, My lights are rubbish. I dont want to go down the sort of illegal 'HID' route...but i want some advice on the most effective bulbs I can use to replace the current standard rubbish ones... Both fogs and standard beams. ?? any ideas? MERCEDES BENZ E-CLASS (1993 - 1995) Car...
  8. C

    [parts] genuine xenon bulbs D2S

    Hello MB fans! I would like to offer you genuine xenon bulbs D2S Philips 85122. All bulbs are brand new in original boxes. Our eBay auctions: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/160671306596?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649#ht_3784wt_1185...
  9. S

    D2s 6000k bulbs brand new

    For sale brought them as a spare set for my 04 e320 cdi but have now sold the car £25 posted brand new never used thanks
  10. T

    w210 CLimate illumination?

    I drove the car tonight for the first time and it seems the lights (IF any) for the limate are not working, I have the red ones for which buttons are pushed but the LCD has no backlight, should it? And how easy a bulb to change if so?
  11. J

    upgrade my bulbs

    hi all.. i have a 08 w204 sport.. am looking to upgrade my bulbs, headlights, sidelights etc.. preferably around nothwest england.. all help appreciated...
  12. cellarmerc

    w210 light bulbs upgrade

    I was wondering if it was possible to upgrade the bulbs in the front lights on the W210 E Class 2002 . I realise there will be a max. wattage and also safe working temp for the lens but wondered if a blue type lens with maybe higher wattage was a feasable upgrade without going xenon and using...
  13. flowrider

    Replacing sidelights bulbs in a W164 ML

    Does anyone have any tips for replacing the sidelight bulbs in a 2009 M Class. The manual makes it look easy but I can't get access to the back of the bulbs, do I have to take the headlights out which looking at the bolts would mean removing the front bumper as well. Thanks David
  14. Deuchars25

    Fitting LED bulbs

    Hello Everyone, I hope someone can help. I've decided to upgrade to LED bulbs for my w203 c320cdi. I prefer the look, and have bought the correct canbus bulb's, they have built in resistance. But for some strange reason, some of them are flashing, not all, just the brake and reverse lights and 1...
  15. flowrider

    W164 M Class replacement front bulbs

    I am looking for replacement bulbs for my ML320, I want the bright white type for the dipped, main, fog and sidelights. I have looked on Ebay but there seems to be 2 different kits with different bulb types so I am a bit confused. Can anyone point me in the right direction. Thanks David
  16. P

    osram nightbreaker bulbs cheap at makro

    was in makro wholesale last week in manchester they had osram bulbs in at £2.50 a pair plus vat, std, long life , true blues and nightbreakers all types..
  17. mmerc

    led bulbs

    Looking for good retailer to purchase led bulbs for various locations in my s class without showing up fault on the dash.
  18. Mobb

    Need new bulbs and some info!

    I need some new bulbs for my 208 CLK 55 with factory fitted xenons with washer jets. I have heard that philips bulbs are the best? The bulb I want is a xenon and I want it to have a blue tint, am I right in saying that the higher up you go the bluer the light gets? I.e. 4-6000K lights are...
  19. 2

    w210 estate blowing brake bulbs

    Hi Has anybody had the occurrence of a repeated blowing brake light bulb on a 210 estae car..or am I just unlucky. Its the nearside on by the spare wheel if it makes any difference
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