1. jdrrco

    Spare bulbs in France

    We're off on our annual pilgrimage in a couple of weeks and, going through my checklist, I was reminded that it is compulsory to carry a spare bulb kit at all times. My W212 has LEDs everywhere including the ILS set up at the front, so a "universal" spare bulb kit wouldn't contain any bulbs...
  2. O

    Foglight bulbs for '01 W210/S210 E55

    olks, silly question, but which website has more accurate compatibility information: Pelican Parts or Amazon? The reason I ask is because my foglights are circular (AMG styling package, 722 since it's a '01 W210/S210 E55 AMG wagon), but Amazon continues to recommend H1 foglight bulbs. I'd...
  3. C

    H7 Bulbs

    Just fitted some Philips X-tremevision bulbs to my SLK R172. Am I correct in thinking the tab on the bulb goes to the top?
  4. clk320x

    Error Free LED bulbs thread

    As a lot of people on here often search for error free LED bulbs I thought we should start a thread where people who have them could post links to the ones they have... I'll get the ball rolling W5W Sidelights - https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/322120185485 I should have a set of 239 festoons...
  5. Cymruambyth

    Fog bulbs.

    Just a quickie....are the front fog bulbs H11? I`ve seen some sellers state H11 but others state different!
  6. clk320x

    Error Free LED Sidelights or Number Plate Bulbs

    Has anyone ever found some LEDs for sidelights and number plates that don't throw out the annoying error on dash.. The Halfords ones worked in my cousins SLK, but after much wasted time even their 'canbus' options don't work in the CLK. They won't even switch on! (Tried both ways) Does anyone...
  7. C

    ML/W163 Bulbs

    Hi Is there anywhere a list of the bulbs for a 2002/3 ML270 cdi (W163)? I've done a few searches but can't find a single list of what bulbs are used. Cheers
  8. Davycc

    LED bulbs for mirror indicator

    Hi all, After reading write ups on repairing the indicators etc on the auto fold mirrors I went ahead and had a go at fixing mine. Job was easy (hardest part was indeed getting the door card back on. Anyway both worked for a couple of days then the passenger side failed today. I checked...
  9. mcshape

    W212 OSRAM upgrade bulbs! (XENON HELP!)

    Hey All I have read on a number of forums that in November 2010 Mercedes changed the HID bulbs in the EClass from Philips 4300K to OSRAM 5000K for increase brightness and overall awesomeness. As my car was delivered in July 2010 its has the older 4300K bulbs, One of my Xenon bulbs just died...
  10. S

    Wanted: Killerhertz LED Sidelight Bulbs for W211

    Evening fellas, I'm after side light bulbs for my W211, specifically ones that are the closest colour match to the headlights. Been doing some digging through the forum and it quite possibly seems to me that Killerhertz is a specialist in this area. Many thanks!
  11. CLSMark

    Removing 501 bulbs on CLS 2010

    I can get my fingers to wobble them, but I can't seem to get any purchase, Anybody know any magic to get them out?
  12. brucemillar

    W124 bulbs?

    Hi Please can somebody tell me what are the correct bulbs for the fan speed knobs on the dash board. These are the capless push in type. Bulb number and voltage would be lovely thank you. Sent from my iPhone using MBClub UK
  13. S

    W166 - Changing Headlight bulbs to match the daytime running LEDS

    Hi All The standard headlights on our ML are far too yellow for me and i'm thinking of changing them for a brighter white colour. Has anyone done this on their ML? Is there a how to guide on this? Anyone know which xenon bulbs i'd need to buy? Many thanks Suraj
  14. Palmer

    W124 Heater bulbs

    Does anyone know if there is a suitable led replacement? Make it white and a bit nicer to look at i think? Ordered some generic 286 led dash bulbs but where just too long. Cheers Chris
  15. oldmedic999

    Changing bulbs on W219 to LED's

    Can someone please help me with working out the bulbs to change to LED's on W219 2010. Its the model with the LED lights on the back. The will include interior bulbs and all interior lighting. thanks All :ban:
  16. C

    LED aftermarket headlamp bulbs

    Hi, I'm considering options for improving the light from the dipped/main beam lights on my CLS W219 which is decidedly average. I am currently running with some generic halogen bulbs. I have considered HID however this has proven too difficult/expensive to implement properly (i.e. safely) so I...
  17. E

    Led number plate bulbs

    Hi all Can anyone recommend any aftermarket led number plate bulbs please? Thanks
  18. S

    57 E320CDI dipped headlights pink - what bulbs and whether DIY

    Hi, One of the dipped headlights on my W211 57 E320CDI Saloon turned pink. What is the best bulb to buy - I want it to be as bright as possible and long lastting? Is it a DIY job? What would be the time for the job at a (reasonable) garage? Are the bulbs sensitive to being touched/knocked a...
  19. M

    W211 HID bulbs. What you got fitted?

    I'm looking to replace the his bulb. I'm between Osram night breaker and Osram cool blue. Has anyone fitted them? What's the light output and which ones would be better? Thanks
  20. N

    LED bulbs

    Hello. I'm new here. Just bought a 2008 R class. I hate my standart sidelight bulbs and number plate bulbs. Already bought few expensive can bus sets,but they all blinking,when the engine is running. Can you guys help me,please. Sent from my HUAWEI MT7-L09 using Tapatalk
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