1. clk320x

    Clunk when going over speed bumps

    I seem to have a clunk noise coming from the near of the car... This only happens just as I have come off a speed bump, i.e the rear of the car has just driven over the speed bump and as it returns to level road... (very hard to word this sensibly LOL) Basically as the rear bounces slightly...
  2. Taipan

    2005 A209 roof clunk and dong noice when going over bumps?

    Hi All, When i go over something like a speed bump I get a "dong" type noise, which I assumed was th exhaust hitting the body. So I took it into a garage and got them to check the exhaust mounts but they are all solid with no more play than they should have. Also when my roof closes right...
  3. D

    GLC Creaking from front when going over speed bumps.

    New GLC has developed creaking noise from front end. Am told there is a fix for which involves packing the bumper stops with a special grease. Has anybody else had this problem?
  4. K

    722.6 autobox bumps into Neutral from Drive/Reverse

    When selecting Neutral from either Drive or Reverse it bumps into Neutral. Also when cold it will reverse and drive on level ground but it will not reverse up a slope until it is warm as the engine will not rev. Put it in neutral it revs fine. The box shows no fault code. Does anybody know what...
  5. J

    C250 W204 Thump under centre console area over speed bumps

    Anyone had a thump/noise from centre console area on speed bumps? It's not a heavy knock, but noticeable non the less. It's under the car and not interior based. :doh:
  6. F

    Speed bumps

    Maybe a silly question but the C63 is 25mm lower than a standard C class. Obviously take speed bumps slowly but is there going to be a chance of scrapping the car on any speed bumps? I believe UK law says they cannot be any higher than 100mm but councils have been caught out for going higher on...
  7. OneForTheRoad

    rattling over small constant bumps.

    are any of the suspension parts common /easy to identify lads for wear and tear . im getting a rattle over small bumps , nothing on flat roads or over speed humps, ( silent ) only seems there on longish stretches of small bumpy road / pot holes etc . much obliged for any help .
  8. U

    CL500 ABC light flashes red on hitting bumps

    So I recently bought a CL500 without knowing any of the related issues to look out for such as the ABC system, the car looked and felt great so I bought it but after driving for several days I heard the computer beep at me after hitting bumps but nothing was ever displayed on the dash or at...
  9. smoothcoupe

    E55 creaking sound over bumps.

    Hi, all is fine apart from when going over speed bumps and crappy road surfaces there is a creaking sound coming from the osf. This is evident ehen driving at slow speeds but not when driving normally.. any ideas guys?? Sorry its a 2004 ,E55k 63,000 miles.
  10. RattlerRattler

    steering column knocking over spped bumps, SL55

    There's a distinctive knocking in the steering column when driving slowly over speed humps, I've not sensed this any other time, maybe it's the relatively slow speed and direct / even pressure on both front suspension that's causing this? I've tried a search here but found little info. Is this...
  11. G

    Suspension Knocking over bumps.

    Dear All, I have a late 2006 E280 Sport saloon. The car has done 105k miles. Due to the age/mileage/state of the roads, I have changed in the last year/15k miles: outer track rod ends; upper and lower ball joints; drop links. There is still some knocking/rattling from the front over...
  12. A

    Creaking suspension over bumps 2008 ML320 with 62kMiles -

    Hi I have ML320 W164 year 2008 before facelift. Noticed creaking noise on uneven surface or over speed bumps. This is only at the back - front is ok. Can hear also when parked when coming in and out of the car. During driving its OK in the cabin - to hear it I need to be at low speed...
  13. Palfrem

    Russian drivers vs Speed bumps

    PPnm7CVWX5A They work well then....
  14. kusanku

    A class and speed bumps

    My wife has an A180cdi avant garde, nearly two years old. No real problems with it (other than a persistent rattle from the dash), but I have noticed that whenever there are passengers in the car it seems to scrape the bottom when it goes over speed bumps. Some of these are really quite small...
  15. C

    W230 350sl knocks over bumps

    Hi All My sl has a knock from the front end when going over bumps I have adjusted the wheel bearings as there was slight play in them and that made no difference I did not expect it to really It passed its mot today with no advisories I rather hoped something would show but no everything...
  16. Gh3382

    Squeaking and creaking on bumps fixed

    When I bought my clk I could not believe the creaking when going over the bumps. I have now sprayed all roof (cabroilet) and door seals with silicone spray and it has made hell of a difference. Just thought I would pass this on. (hopefully in the right section). gh3382
  17. T

    My R107 SL doesnt ride the bumps very well. Please help & advise

    Hello all. So, my SL.... Doesnt seem to like going over bumps / potholes / undulations in the road. Doesnt feel very merc like or smooth when it does. It's an E reg, 300SL and it's done about 84k. I dont know if it is the shock absorbers that are past their best, or the suspension top...
  18. T

    Loud squeak from FNS over bumps in road

    Car FNS squeaks everytime I go over a bump in the road, annoying. Going into get sorted by PCS on Thursday. Anyone had a similar squeak, Ollie believes ball joint issue. Anyone else had similar issue, was it a ball joint issue? Did it get solved?
  19. S

    C230K Clonking (front?) suspension over bumps

    As title really. Over bumps etc, right as rain on normal roads. Pretty certain its from the front left, but not 100%. Even with it jacked up I cant see anything obvious, but is there something common on these that causes that? Thanks
  20. Noodle-Pulp

    Speed Bumps

    Now I bet you never saw this one coming... After several near misses VERY close to home, I'm now more than a little wary (read "weary" if you must) of the local "traffic calming measures" - known as Speed Bumps (sleeping policemen, pah!). I don't mind slowing down for them, no not even a...
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