1. R

    C200K - "A" Service due.....

    hi, my 51 reg C200k is now due for its "A" service nad has done 92k miles. can anyone shed any light to what needs doing? Thanks again
  2. R

    Thirsty C200K

    Hi All, my C200k, 51 plate seems to be drinking too much petrol lately. short and long drives brings 24-25mpg as its giving me approx. 30 miles for £10 petrol. Any advise will be appreciated cheers
  3. J

    W203 c200k coupe stereo change

    Hi, I have been reading through the forums and I get the general idea that changing the head unit over to an aftermarket one is a bit of a pain in the bottom when dealing with the canbus system... What sort of problems would I expect to encounter? Thanks for the advice, james
  4. M

    W203 C200K Estate for sale

    Silver,classic.Good runner.Regularly serviced.Little rust on front wheel arches and bootlid. 2800£
  5. N

    C200k (2001) Starting Problems

    Well I had to sell the C180 (1995) for a "family car" but now i'm back with a C200k (2001). The car has developed a starting problem that is steadily getting worse. It cranks but doesn't start. At first it would only do this a couple of times before starting but now it takes 5-10 min to...
  6. O

    2003 W203 C200k Avantgarde SE Auto Saloon

    Two owner from new C200K Mercedes Avantgarde SE This is the model with the lowered AMG suspension and brake kit, and AMG front sports seats. I am the second owner, the first is a good friend of mine, so I have known the car all its life, and I can say there have been no body repairs or...
  7. BlackC55

    Cheap C200k

    I am selling a C200K for a customer. Its pretty cheap too. eBay - The UK's Online Marketplace
  8. R

    C200K 51 Reg Tyre + alloys wanted

    Im looking to buy tyre + alloys for my C200k 51 reg car. Ideally some like: Mercedes alloy wheels | Genuine new 16" Mercedes 5 spoke | fits Mercedes C Class Saloon W203 | Alloy Wheels Direct Ltd Willing to pick up from essex or east london or u may delivery if price of right. Thank you
  9. O

    Early warning - W203 C200k Avantgarde SE

    My C200k in silver will be up for sale as soon as the private plate is transferred. In brief: 165000 miles, 2 owners FULL mercedes service history except last service which I did with genuine parts and Mobil 1 Folding rear seats, leather with the amg type front seats, single CD, auto, partial...
  10. R

    C200k revving...........Please Help

    Hi All, Ive owned my Mer C200k 51 reg over a year and since then had NO problem until recently. First the engine light showed up, code suggested to change MAF sensor. That changed and running good, until lately that ive noticed on a cold start the engine revves upto 2000rpm and then slowly...
  11. flango

    W203 C180k & C200K

    Currently looking at the above for a friends wife, looking for the estate variety, can anyone tell me if the Valeo rad issue affected these cars and if so what were the years and Chassis number ranges? I thought I had seen it on a thread somewhere but can't seem to find it using the search...
  12. benzakita

    C200K Discs and pad replacement

    can anyone tell me what I should pay for new front discs and pads (supply and fit) for my 2003 C200K, Thanks
  13. U

    C200K engine warning light!!

    Have had this c200k 2002 model for three days and though have hardly driven it as it was bought for resale,have noticed that engine management light is now on. took to a local indy who said that fault codes were for a air mass sensor and for oxygen sensors. have changed air mass sensor but...
  14. S

    Fuse 8 Blowing C200K

    I have a C200K and have had a problem of the last couple of weeks that Fuse 8 has blown twice (over a few days) and now seems to blow instantly it is replaced. I am looking for a wiring diagrsm as I believe this fuse is used for the antenna booster and Anti theft alarm (which also uses fuses...
  15. P

    Multimedia Kit on standard LCD display on C200K W204

    Hi All.. Does anyone here know any garage that able to install Universal Media Interface (UMI) for converting standard LCD (not the big SatNav retractable panel) into media interface? Thats means, we can have SatNav, USB/ipod port, watch TV and play DVD through this standard/basic...
  16. U

    c200k knocking / tapping noise at idle w204 2009

    I have an 2009 w204 c200k. I am getting a tapping knocking noise during idle or when i come to a stop at traffic lights. The noise can only be heard inside of the vehicle, and mercedes said it was EGR and have replaced it and the noise is still there. The noise doesnt seem to be coomig from...
  17. R

    WANTED - rear and near side mirrors - Mercedes C200K -

    had both of my side mirrors broken over night, need them replacing asap. automatic folding, year 2001 - silver in colour second or new will be ok. cheers
  18. NW_Merc

    Mercedes C200K with AMG kit (designed by barry)

    2001 MERCEDES C200 KOMPRESSOR SILVER on eBay (end time 19-Mar-11 16:15:15 GMT) Fully professional fitted 'AMG' kit apparently :rolleyes:
  19. T

    2002 c200k engine management light

    Hi All, Can anyone advise me upon a re-occuring engine management light issue? My car is a 52 plate c200k with 56k miles. Been serviced by an independent and well looked after. Recently the EM light came on. I took it into an Independent where I normally get it serviced etc and he told me there...
  20. R

    C200K 'B' Service.......

    Hi all, this is my first ever 'B' service on a MB and need to know what needs to be done and what i need to buy for the service??? can anyone kindly list the parts i need/ repalced thank you inadvance Rock
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