1. AMGeed

    First drive in a C200K

    Took my fathers new purchase, a 2001 C200 Kompressor up to Heathrow T4 today and quite liked it. Down on power compared to my E280, especially when climbing steep hills, but on the flat surprisingly nifty. A couple of times I checked the speedo and noticed I'd crept up to 90:ban: I liked the...
  2. T

    C200K estate W203 rear fuse box fault

    Hi, We have developed an intermittent fault with the fuel pump causing the engine to cut out. The AA discovered there was no power to the pump and after some playing around with the rear fuse box in the boot it came back to life. This morning my wife gave the fuse box a good thump to get the car...
  3. J

    engine misfire 2003 C200K, can anyone help??

    Hi all, Got a bit of a b****r here. You may see an earlier thred about a gearbox problem, seems maybe not. Anyway engine started missing (2003 C200k with 85k on it) on tues (as in straight away) having done 400 or so totally smooth miles on the previous couple of days. You can feel it...
  4. Silverspa

    Recurring check engine light on C200k, no obvious faults, pls help!

    Hi all, I'm a newbie so please be nice! I would be sooo grateful for your help as my MB garage seems to be clueless! I bought a used C200K Evo in December 2008 from a private dealer. 2 days later the check engine light came on, so I took it to MB dealer who produced the following code...
  5. M

    C200K W203 - Supercharger Noises?

    2000 X Reg C200K Petrol W203 110,000 miles I have noticed when the engine is at running temperature a rattlely/tappet type of noise from the LH side - supercharger side of engine, I can only hear it outside the car or with the bonnet open.............my local independent garage say they need to...
  6. P

    w204 C200K discontinued and replaced by C250CGI

    Some "inside" information regarding c200k that most of us think that its still available to order as w204 c-class C200K will be replaced (in late July/early August) with the new C250CGI Features: Still 1.8 litre sized engine like c200k Twin exhaust instead of the c200k single exhaust Turbo...
  7. Mercurial

    My c200K (W203) - really cheap

    Just testing the water here first, really. Having missed out on an E55 AMG on here last week, I really need to get my c200K sold on, to make way for the E55 that I now need more and more badly as each day passes. Here's a very quick couple of snaps I took of her today, just to get the...
  8. H

    squeaky noise under the bonnet C CLASS C200K 1.8 (pls help)

    Afternoon Guys, I just purchased a C CLASS C200K 1.8, unfortunately it’s developed a squeaky noise under the bonnet. The noise only starts after doing a few miles from start, then when in park/idle, it continues to make the noise, but if you rev the engine over a certain rev, the noise turns...
  9. tudu

    W203 C200K C55 Exhaust Conversion

    All done and finished, MB Approved bodyshop did quite a good job, and what a difference the engine seems to be able to breathe a lot better with this set-up plus the sound has quietened down a bit but the Kleemann header and sport cat lets you know that its not stock. I am really pleased with...
  10. J

    M271 C180k v C200k

    I'm in the middle of changing an engine on a C200 K (2007 model). I know the C200k is slightly faster than the C180k am I right in thinking the gains are from the ECU / Kompressor? Basically, what I would like to know is can I use the engine block from a C180k (2005 model) on my C200k (2007...
  11. C

    Possible sale. NOt sure what its worth. c200k W203 coupe 2001 with AMG kit

    Its a c200K 2001 2 litre auto evo panoramic roof with 68K on the clock. -Unmarked leather with powered heated memory seats -AMG kit including staggered wheels -Rear lip spoiler -Full bose stereo with hidden sub -Full service history -MOT'd till november and 6 months tax -Condition is very very...
  12. C

    Thermostat on 2litre C200K. How to change?

    What temp should the car run at? It seems to take forever for the it to get to around 80 on a run and then doesnt go above? is this normal? In traffic it can reach almost 100 Is changing the stat on one of these a DIY job and if so where abouts is it? Im not a complete beginner having changed...
  13. C

    Super unleaded worthwhile in c200k?

    Would i be wasting money by running on super?
  14. C

    which oil for 2001 c200k?

    Hi, I plan to change the oil but not sure whats the best oil to go for? I was thinking 5w40 or 5w30 fully?
  15. C

    my new c200K AMG

    The VIN states my car has the "AMG kit" installed. Does anyone know what differences this makes to the exterior? The obvious ones i can spot are the AMG staggered wheels and the badge but what else?
  16. C

    W203 c200K engine check lamp is on?

    I had to brake hard and now the engine check lamp is on and wont go out? what could this be? Luckily its under warranty so im going to try and get it repaired... also i hope they can look at my cruise control (although it might be the same problem)
  17. C

    Launching c200K coupe

    Hi is there any way of launching a c200k auto other than putting my foot down? It seems pretty damn slow off the line!!
  18. E

    C200k - is the M111 1998cc engine better than the 1796cc ?

    I'm just about to buy a 2001 C200k estate. It comes with the supercharged 2.0L M111 engine and is not the newer 1796cc supercharged variant. I'm a bit confused as to which is the better engine as I understand the newer one is a Mitsubishi sourced one ? Is there anything wrong with the...
  19. M

    help, was I wrong to go c200k?

    I have just put down a deposit on C200k, second hand 2001 model. I love Mercedes and this will be my first dream car. Unfortunately I am also new to this site and the more I read the more I am worried about completing the deal. Has anyone got an early c200k that hasn't had problems?
  20. jwarren

    W0203 For Sale - (03) C200k Classic Manual

    Hi I have my pride and joy for sale. Need an ML as family increasing by two! Full details at my own website www.mercforsale.co.uk and I am asking £7,250 with offers. Please ignore the website price as the car is advertised elsewhere as that! Thanks for looking!
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