1. KOPE

    What cc is my C200K 2002

    Hi, all I have a query about the cc of my engine, engine number is 11195532402718 variant R044F0 version TBAAA50 according to the V5 it is 1998cc is this correct or is it 1796cc with a bigger blower on than the C180K or did this happen with the later models?:dk:
  2. Gazzdid

    towing with c200K?

    hi this is probably going to seem a strange query, but Im interested to see what peoples thoughts are on towing a caravan with a c200K auto? Obviously it wouldnt be the first choice as a tow-car but I have recently purchased a caravan (bargain from a friend needing a quick sale) and although I...
  3. G

    C200K SportsCoupe idle problems??

    Hello guys, Just got a 2001 C200K SportsCoupe with Sensotronic gearbox. The car is lovely to drive and really nice and solid. With no rust!!! lol well only a couple very minor spots, when I switch it on from cold... the revs will hunt ie 1200rpm down to 800rpm up to 1200rpm down to 800rpm and...
  4. J

    mp3 to C200K

    Hi I'm new to the forum so hi to all. I have a 04 C200K and I would like some advice please. I need to hook my mp3 player (phone lol) to the sound system in the car. Is there a way to do that or even better some kind of conversion kit available? Many thanks!
  5. P

    Advice for buying a new mercedes

    Hi guys, new forum user here :o I have had enough with buying old bangers and then getting rid after 1 year or so, so was looking to put some extra money to buy a new Mercedes and one that I can use for a few years. I've not had much experience with Mercedes so was just looking for some advice...
  6. M

    C200K Coupe purchase

    Looking to purchase a C200K Coupe - 2003 plate with with around 46k on the clock, auto box, think it's an Evo Panorama, but so many version it's confusing! - anything obvious to look out for??
  7. C

    W/S Button problem, stuck in W. C200k Coupe 2001 automatic.

    Hi all, I hope someone is able to help. I have an 2001 C200K coupe Auto. It is stuck in W mode. I know pretty much nothing about cars with this being my first car. This is also my first post so be gentle on me if I say anything stupid please :D I have seen dieselmans post on this subject...
  8. charliewade

    C200k noisy wheel bearing

    Hi everyone ive a noisy rear wheel bearing and am going to tackle this but looking at buying another hub to swap the bearing out in so my car is off the road as shorter time ive got new back plates and brake shoes anyway the question is this Are saloon rear hubs same as coupe rear hubs ...
  9. C

    W203 C200k engine management light with 2 codes

    Hi, Today my engine management light came on so I went to my mechanic and he read the codes and it came up with 2: P2008-004 M16/6 (throttle valve actuator) Actual value potentiometer 2,Comparative error to actual value potentiometer 2. P2038-001 G3/1 (O2 sensor down stream TWC), Short...
  10. M

    Mercedes C200K Coupe 2001

    Hi, my boot light hasn't worked since I've owned the car. The bulb is fine but despite a good look around the tailgate I can't see a switch of any type - am I blind! I'm assuming if not the bulb then it must be a switch somewhere, any help/pointers greatly appreciated :) Thnx
  11. M

    2001 Mercedes C200K Auto Avantgarde Silver

    My 2001 X reg Mercedes C-Class C200 Kompresser Avantgarde Automatic is unexpectantly up for sale due to an offer of another car that I can't refuse from within the family. I also bought this from my brother 6 years ago who had owned it from new. It therefore has had only 2 owners and I know its...
  12. D

    C200k cam pully damage

    Hi all, I'm new to this site and know as much about cars as I know about nuclear reactors.. next to nothing. Anyway 8 years ago I opted for a new merc c200k petrol as I wanted a quality car that would last. I loved it from the start and have had a few problems along the way ( reconditioned...
  13. J4MRU

    C200K W204 Wheel Refurb

    The car is booked in on the 16th of September and I need to decide on a finish before then. They are Diamond Cut just now, but I won't be going that route for refurb mainly because it won't last as long but also because its a lot more expensive. I wanted a silvery chrome to 'recreate' they...
  14. C

    W204 57 Plate c200k Oil Filter location

    Hi all, I am considering carrying out a oil and oil on my car. I'm trying to locate the Oil filter location, can anyone help? Its an early 57 plate petrol version, I have lifted the casing with the badge off already, cannot seem to find the Oil Filter. Also if anyone has the know...
  15. M

    W204 C200K SE Fuse chart

    Hi, I have a C200Kse (07 plate) and Im getting device unavailable and a repetitive beep from Audio 20, it looks like the CD drive is playing up, CD wont play and ejects itself several times. Tried a system reset with no joy, next step master reset by removing fuses, trouble is the fuse...
  16. J4MRU

    First time Mercedes owner

    Hey Chaps, I have just put down a deposit on a 2007 C200k Sport. Was a bit out of the blue and never seen myself owning a Merc, but i've done it and im pretty happy about it :bannana:. Look forward to utilising the information on here!
  17. kg9

    Chaning seats from W202 ( 220 cdi yr 2000) to a W203 ( c200k 2003)

    Hi guys I'm about to buy ay C200k estate (2003 model) to replace the W202 C220 estate. The former has cloth seats and the latter leather. Can these be changed over with major modifications Thanks in advance for any advice
  18. P

    C200K low temp & Engine management light

    Hi! Newbie here. Just picked up a 2004 C200K and wanted some advice. Main car is a Volvo XC90 which is..., well, a lot of fun! C200K is very clean, but on drive home, I noticed a few little things. The temp gauge - the max temp it reached was 60 C - surely too low? From reading on...
  19. B

    W204 c200k m271 engine video opinions please

    As some of you might know i get clicking noise when I start the engine on a cold start for around 20-30 seconds and then goes away but flawless when engine is warm. Here's the link to the video when then engine Mercedes c200k kompressor m271 engine noise - YouTube Does the engine...
  20. B

    Which oil ? M271 engine c200k

    Which oil do you use in your m271 engine and which one is recommend ? Been told mobil 1 0w 40 is too thin for m271 hence bit of clicking and clatter on cold starts as it leaks out of the tappet valves overnight. So when the engine is started in the morning the valves have to repressurise...
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