1. O

    whats a w203 C200k worth

    Just trying to make a quick decision whether to buy a newer C200k - i have a 2 owner FMBSH 150k mile C200k C class avantgarde SE (the one with the lowered suspension and amg brakes etc) first reg 11/2003. MOT until I think Nov. silver, pretty good condition bar the small dent on bonnet caused...
  2. S

    c200k magnet loom

    when replacing the magnet due to leaking oil. do you recommend just plugging the modified loom section onto the end or chopping off the old plug and splicing the new one in?
  3. benzakita

    C200k ????

    I bought a late 2002 c200k with only 40000 miles and fsh a couple of weeks ago, and it seems it has nothing wrong with it at all, drives like new and I love it! Thing is after browsing the forums it seems the w203 of this age has so many serious faults and problems I don't know what to think. Is...
  4. benzakita

    C200K mpg

    can anyone tell me if 20/25 mpg is o.k. ? Is there a sport and eco mode somewhere in the menu that I don't know about? not complaining too much though, this is my first MB after years driving escorts and corsas and other xxxx, its awesome
  5. benzakita

    C200k a lemon ?????

    Hey everyone, just bought a C200k with 38000 miles MB FSH, mint condition, build date december 2002. No warning messages, everything perfect. I heard this build date has the mod's correcting all the serious oil seal and rad problems,is this true? Hope so, some of the horror storys I've read here...
  6. benzakita

    C200k bit worried!!!!

    I just bought a C200k yesterday. Its build date is late 2002 so I think it should be clear of the really serious problems of earlier cars, does anyone know of anything that could scrap the car if I dont catch it in time?
  7. P

    c200k wont start

    Hi, Ive a 03 reg c200 kompressor auto. After driving all day yesterday I stopped to get out of the car for about 1 minute to go to a bank machine. When I got back into the car and turned the key the car would not start. I tried turning the key again and again nothing happened. No noise, no...
  8. C

    My W203 C200K thinks its foreign! HELP!!

    Hi. Hope someone can help me with this bizarre problem. I have just upgraded my rather tired W202 C200 estate to an 02 C200K Avantgarde estate. All is good with the car apart from 2 glitches: 1. When i switch on the lights it is displaying 2 malfunctions which are F/L Marker bulb and F/R Marker...
  9. P

    Hesitant C200K

    After seeing me spend all weekend tinkering with my recently purchased E270 Estate, (see previous threads) my wife was keen for me to have alook at her C200K Coupe as it has been playing up since we bought it about four years ago. Before getting out the 'lucky' hammer I thought I would ask...
  10. J

    2003 C200k estate in Jasper blue

    FSH, 98 K mikes, looks and drives great, anyone interested drop me a PM and I will send some piccys
  11. U

    c200k knocking

    Hi I am new to the forums, but just wanted all mb members to know i have had this knocking from the steering when i drive on rough ground and when i brake. Been to a number of garages ALL have told me something different ie the struts need replacing,steering rack need replacing, anti roll bar...
  12. S

    my C200k AMG Sport

    hi all, from a noob. heres my lovely motor in all it's glory :bannana: She is really lovely to drive and surprisingly economical for such a big car. Unfortunately, she has to go soon, but i'm sure i'll in the market for something special soon. she is on autotrader at the moment too...
  13. O

    W203 c200K Starting issues

    Hi Guys My C200k is taking more turns to get started - it happens in both warm and cold weather - its had new plugs about 15k ago. Is this a common problem or should i be checking compression :confused:
  14. P

    2005/2006 Model Yr Differences? (C200K)

    Hello Chaps, First post here so I'd better say hello to start with, so Hello! I'm off to look at a low mileage C200K at a main dealer this morning and quite possibly buy it. However, doing a quick check with Glasses Online it says that the car is a 2006 Model Year, although the registration is...
  15. D

    Which car? C180k or C200k W204 08/09

    I'm in a dilema. Not sure which car to buy. Both cars are Tenorite grey. The C180k has light grey leather interior with 25k on the clock. C200k has 5k on the clock with black half leather/cloth interior. I put a deposit on the C180 but dealer has lost the logbook so it means waiting till a...
  16. franey

    C200k 2001 W203 Engine Warning Light.

    I bought a C200 kompressor for the GF. The engine warning light was on at purchase, seller informed me a new MAF had been fitted (VDO) Tried a replacement MAF and temporarily cured for about 3 miles. GF took the car to Mercedes Sheffield and they replaced the cam sensor at the front of the...
  17. simon22

    2004 Engine Problem C200k

    Hi Im Having a problem with my engine c200k petrol 6 speed manual Estate not my clk cab Start the Engine after running for 10mins it is only running on 3 cylinders instead of 4, any ideas is this an expensive repair....Thx :wallbash:
  18. V

    missing spoiler on c200K sport edition

    Guys, Newbie here... i'm about to purchase a 2007 56 plate C200K Sport Edition and it does not seem to have a rear spoiler. Were these available without the spoiler I'm confused as I thought they were standard. Also no electric folding mirrors. Can anyone shed any light Much...
  19. P

    URGENT! w203 c200k starting problem

    Hi there guys, just tried to start my car today, (it's a 2001 c200k) first try it started but the instrument cluster was not displaying anything, fuel/speed gauges weren't working either. So then i removed my key and I thought maybe the immobiliser kicked in or something or the other because I...
  20. A

    newb: woohoo just bought a w204 c200k

    Hi guys, ive just joined. just Purchased a 2007 c200k se in black, with a 6 speed manual!!! ;-) only done 21000 miles...looks and drives great. pick it up next tues! woohooo cant wait. im already looking at replacing the standard 16" rims for these: they are 18" 8j et44 can some one...
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