1. A

    2004 C55 AMG in Cubanite Silver - 96,700 miles

    All done up now with a new front bumper (original caught on kerb) and rear quarter panel sorted too. Fantastic job from Andy's Autobarn :) I have it up on eBay for £9,200. PM if interested .. I'll knock a little off for any MBClub member with a reasonable post history behind them :thumb...
  2. S

    C55 vs E55

    Im in the market for something a little more powerful than what I currently drive and have my eyes on the C55 and E55. How much smaller is the C than the E? I can see the measurements online but how do they both feel? Does it feel like youre driving something much bigger when you are in the E55...
  3. Mr Fixit

    Wanted 2005 C55 front bumper

    Please can you let me know Nick 07825056048
  4. merc85

    Another nice c55

    Seem tobe alot of nice c55's about for sale lately, And they seem tobe kept better than most of the e55's i've seen advertised. 2006 Mercedes C55 AMG 5.4 v8 Tip Auto | eBay Very close to me this one
  5. Mr Fixit

    C55 stock ride height

    I have a C55 and it seems to be riding lower than standard but the springs etc are standard so i'm wondering if the springs have been cut down as a stupid way of lowering the car!:eek: Does anybody know what the stock ride height is for a C55, Ideally with a point of reference say from the...
  6. Mr Fixit

    C55 W203 Splitter

    I'm looking for a front slitter for the C55, seen a ffew and like to look. I'd also liek to tidy up the front meshes as they are loose (as always) perhaps with some LED fogs or running lights, or even a different design front bumper with a different mounting for the fogs;- has anybody seen...
  7. R

    Goodbye C55

    Well with a new job on the horizon the C55 has today been sold. Tied in with the fact I'm going to be doing more mileage, the muffler delete I had done on the C55 ruined my experience of the car. It was just too loud and I preferred the muted tone of the original C55 setup. Anyways here is...
  8. Mr Fixit

    Amg c55 sv05 otk

    I'm now back in a C55 and have the SV05 OTK. I'd like to speak to the previous owner as to what has been done as it looks like she has been lowered but the springs seem to have the Eibach label and the oem AMG labels printed on them under the eibach label. I'm not sure if these are oem...
  9. Mr Fixit

    2005 C55 interior rear light

    I needa cover for the rear courtesy light that houses the reading lights and the parking indicators;- does anybody know what the part number is?? Thanks
  10. merc85

    Attention Dodgy advert Merc c55

    This car is advertised on Piston heads up North, think it may be a forum car. This is the add on ebay Rare 2005 Mercedes c55 AMG | eBay This is the Piston heads add Used 2005 Mercedes-Benz AMG C55 AMG for sale in Western Isles | Pistonheads
  11. A

    C55 AMG 2004 96k miles Carbonite Silver

    Ok, holidays are over, so my much loved C55 is officially for sale! Except I don't have pics .. yet .. since time at the weekend has been rather elusive. Some pics in my profile which are representative though. I will follow up with a fresh post this weekend hopefully :thumb: Right now...
  12. E

    C55 AMG, 2005, 87k miles

    I've only been a member for a little over a year but with regret my C55 AMG is up for sale. It was bought as my practical car but now it needs to make way for a practical car suitable for a learner. It's covered just under 5k miles in my ownership and has previously been owned by member of...
  13. S

    C55 rare colour?

    hi heres my c55 had it a few years and its been spot on! good all rounder! never seen another this colour, anyone know of any?
  14. KillerHERTZ

    C43 AMG With C55 Engine (One Take)

  15. A

    C55 to CLS55 "cross"grade ..

    Coming up on 5 years owning my C55 .. hard to believe! Love it, and early on replaced just about every fault it could have (thank Olly!!), but now looking for a change. C63 touring would be perfect family wise, but they just ain't shifting in price so something will have to jump the gap...
  16. Grovsie31

    My C55 done by my freind

    Hey all, thought id put some pics up, last week my friend detailed my car for me, took him from 9am am till 5pm lol. Full machine polish, clay, etc, etc, wax sealant. I think it looks amazing. Black is a real pig for swirls, but when its sorted, looks awesome.:cool:
  17. Blue Moon

    Amg c55 2005

    Reluctant sale of my blue / black C55. A great car, runs really well, but needs must. Mine since April 2015, 145,000 miles, checked over in May 2015 by PCS at BOTG, and ATF changed. Rear springs replaced recently, and new genuine Pagid front brake discs and pads just fitted. Oil and fliters...
  18. Grovsie31

    18" AMG Style IV Rims off C55

    Hi all, as title, 18" rims off my C55. They are gunmetal grey with a silver lip. There isn't a mark on the spokes, 1 is perfect, the other 3 have tiny damage courtesy of ****ers at tyre fitting garages, and a tiny bit of kerb damage. Ive repaired it to a average standard, you can barely notice...
  19. R

    C55 amg

    If found a lovely looking 05 plate C55 AMG with 127k miles on the clock. I know absolutely nothing about these cars. Can someone tell me what sort of things go wrong on these cars and what I should be looking for? On the whole are they reliable or are they best avoided?
  20. brucemillar

    Pop & Bang map C55?

    Is there such a map and at what cost please? Car has had secondary cat & resonator delete. Sent from my iPhone using MBClub UK
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