1. brucemillar

    W203 C32 & C55 bumper differences?

    Folks Can anybody advise if the W203 C32 has a different front bumper from a W203 C55? I am looking to purchase a front splitter and a rear diffuser that were on a C32 AMG and want these for my C55 AMG. There seems to be some confusion about whether the front splitter will fit onto my C55...
  2. Grovsie31

    C55 at Oulton Park

    Hey guys, had an awesome day at Oulton Park today. Went on a MSV novice track day, and it was really really good. There weren't many cars out on track, and it was a lot of fun. I was put on the sessions with the more exotic stuff, I had a brand new V10 R8 with me, and Nissan GT-R, a McLaren 650...
  3. Blue Moon

    2005 amg c55

  4. Blue Moon

    Amg c55

    Hi all Time to move on. Business expansion plans need a wee investment, so reluctantly this is up for sale. Nice car, never had any issues with it. Resonator delete, wheels refurbished, and s/wheel paddles are only mods really. Asking £7,995, but 'sensible' offers considered ;)...
  5. Grovsie31

    C55 OEM rear brake pads

    As title, bought from Stafford Merc. Brand new, never used as I went for a big brake option off CLK63 instead. Comes with sensor and 4 new split pins. Asking for 40quid. Would be 70quid from dealer.
  6. Grovsie31

    C55 AMG front calipers

    Hi. I have my old C55 4 Piston Brembo front calipers for sale. Ive cleaned them up and gave them some paint here and there, they are in excellent condition. I upgraded my brakes, so have no use for these. Also have 2x shims, 4x spit pins, 1x sensor and 4x bolts to mount them. The rears were...
  7. Grovsie31

    CLK63 brake upgrade on C55, clearance issue Help please

    Hi guys, well I finally went for it, and bought the CLK63 brakes for my C55, that ive read fit ok, albeit close. Ive seen these brakes, on other cars with the stock rims, and they fit ok. Now mine do you fit ok. The wheel, rubs ever so slighty on the inside, where the calipers is embossed...
  8. brucemillar

    C55 Estate's How many owners on here?

    Folks I own a 2004 - Tanzanite Blue, Black Leather - C55 Wagon. Any other C55 Wagon Owners on here. I am told, there are/were only 15 Wagons in the UK? I see a fellow member on here is selling his beautiful black one. So with mine that would leave only 13 remaining. I knew they were "rare"...
  9. B

    Checking transmission oil level on C55

    Hi. Anybody know if it is possible to check the transmission oil level from within the engine bay? Hoping it has a dipstick hidden under there somewhere to save getting it checked by a dealer on a car lift. Cheers. Sent from my LG-H815 using Tapatalk
  10. E

    C55 Brake pad fitting kit

    I've not taken the brakes apart yet but I'm assuming the ECP listed brake pad fitting kit is one per axle? Also are the old ones re-useable? | Car PartsRetailer
  11. B

    C55 centre resonator removal

    Looking to be able to hear a little bit more from that lovely V8 so took my car to my local exhaust centre for a chat. I didn't want to remove the secondary cats so got a quote of £70 to remove the middle box and replace with a section of stainless steel pipe. Thing is, he reckoned it wouldn't...
  12. 350_Coupe

    C55 on Autotrader - bit expensive ?

    MERCEDES-BENZ C CLASS 5.4 C55 AMG 4dr Saloon for sale in Woking | Auto Trader does that seem a touch excessive ? .... and keyless go, on a 203 C-Class ?? also crap photos
  13. B

    C55 amg

    Autotrader rather than eBay. But blimey. How much? Mercedes-Benz C Class 5.4 C55 AMG 4dr
  14. Mr Fixit

    C55 Estate For sale Black with Black leather

    For sale is my stunning and rare (i of 15 in the UK I think) AMG C55 estate in Black with black leather. This is a very reluctant sale as I have only had her for about 14 months but I now have kids (students) at Norwich, Dundee and Plymouth so we need to rearrange our cars !! She is virtually...
  15. P

    C55 Oil Consumption

    Newbie here, seeking some advice on where to start looking for the cause of very high oil consumption on a C55. My CLK55 uses around a litre every 2000 miles but it has done a LOT of miles and not had an easy life. In comparison the newly acquired C55 appears to have been positively pampered but...
  16. Grovsie31

    C55 on track

    Hey all, a friend of mine has bought to my attention a novice only track day at Oulton park with MSVT. Im really interested in going, it will be my first time on track. Now my main question is the brakes on my C55. Its probably going to need new pads on the back and the discs look like there...
  17. B

    Looking for permanent 12v feed from Comand w203 c55

    Hi. Today I needed to find a permanent 12v feed for an accessory in my car. So I stripped everything out that I needed to in order to remove the head unit. Using my multimeter, I found a 12v feed on the back which was red with a stripe. Used it and put everything back together again. However, it...
  18. B

    Rare C55 AMG Estate spotted

    Looks really nice. Mercedes C55 AMG - Immaculate, beautifully built muscle-bound small estate! | eBay
  19. Mr Fixit

    UPS Stall 3000 TC upgrade for C55

    Some advise please. I want to change the TC on my C55 and have been looking round, the UPS stall 3000 gets good press. What is the implications of changing, has anybody done it, are there alternatives and whats it like to drive when the TC is changed. I've always thought that Mercedes...
  20. A

    Wanted - C55 Front Bumper

    Yep, still looking as life got busy a while back! My existing bumper is FUBAR and I need a new one. The part code is A203 885 5225 (bare front bumper with holes for washer jets only).
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